Thursday, May 31, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Here's another tag I received over the past few months -- I hope this will pass for some Rach-ish Reading Material while I'm waiting for my monthly Flickr bandwidth limit to reset!

This one is the Versatile Blogger Award, in chronological order in which I received it from Courtney, Chelsea, Kaki, and Wig Wam. Click on the links to learn more about these super ladies and visit their blogs!

I'm going to be a dork for a second and say that in all honesty, this award is the more perplexing of the ones I've gotten. If you're versatile, that means you're competent (even proficient?) in different areas of knowledge or skill sets. I think of myself as an A-list pop culture freak with an aptitude for C-list beauty blogging ... but I'm not totally convinced anyone buys that.

RULES: Share seven facts about yourself, then award this to fifteen other bloggers so they can do the same.

1. I LOVE "Masterpiece Theatre" and I'm excited when people get as into it as I do, but I hated "Downton Abbey" halfway through its second series. I've no doubt of the talent or of the production value involved, but I find "Downton" beyond ridiculous and too soapy for my taste. (If you're interested, I can refer you to several FAR more outstanding costume dramas that do not beat you over the head with attempts at social mores and messages every five fucking seconds.)

But one of the best things about "Downton" is the Dowager Countess Violet, played by Dame Maggie Smith. However, the character I identify with the most is her middle granddaughter, Lady Edith. (THIS TERRIFIES ME TO NO END as Edith is a needy, bitter twunt for the entire first series.) Both ladies are pictured below.

(source: the brilliant Downton Abbeyoncé)

2. Among my many first world problems is my fear of being a bad tipper. There's a very limited amount of math I can do in my head, and when I have to multiply a certain percentage to my bill, my eyes start going in different directions, not to mention that despite the number of friends and family who have worked in food service, I never can calculate the appropriate amount to tip in a timely manner, PERIOD.

I will say that I once left an extravagant tip for a waiter in D.C. during my last semester of college because he bore an extraordinarily striking resemblance to actor Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen on "Friday Night Lights").

3. It takes forever for me to wake up and get moving in the morning. One thing that's helped me is to wake up and sit in bed for a few minutes solving sudoku puzzles on a cell phone app. (I think the app is simply called "Sudoku" and you can download it for free.) There are different skill levels, and the app gives you one new puzzle per level every morning (around 4 a.m.). Now if you're a sudoku master, you'll probably find these a joke, but doing these puzzles helps me get my mind right in the mornings much in the same way that some people favor morning crosswords.

4. If Leslie Knope is my spirit animal,

(source: Pitka)

... then Donna Meagle is my spirit guide. I could not find a .gif for what I wanted (the Season Three episode "Fancy Party" where she and Ann go speed dating -- probably my first favorite Donna moment ever), so this is what we get instead. Still pretty good.

(source: heyitsthebrownguy)

5. I took seven years of Spanish from middle to high school; my IB Spanish exam score exempted me from language requirements in college. (I wound up taking a semester of French and a semester of Brazilian Portuguese just for the heck of it and to fill up some credit hours.) I have serious regret about the Spanish ... I wish I had studied French instead! Spanish isn't really pertinent to most of my interests, outside of Julieta Venegas lyrics, a handful of Spanish movies, and those "ME GUSTA" memes.

In addition to shoes, TV on DVD box sets and polishes, I acquire novelty mugs. I have WAY too many mugs for one person. Here are three of my owl mugs. The polka-dotted ones were part of my Christmas present from my friend Krysi, and the other is a mug I bought with my friend/evil twin Pip. My mug's name is Cable. (Hers is named Deadpool.)

7. If I ever became famous (Heaven forbid) and had to be interviewed exclusively by anyone on U.S. late-night television, it would be TV's Craig Ferguson. His tenure on "The Late Late Show" has more than surpassed my expectations! I love all of the bits he does, from his opening monologue to Geoff to the e-mails to the TARDIS on his desk to the mouth organs. He. Is. Awesome. I feel like he can talk about anything and make it epic. That's more or less my goal in life. (This admittedly doesn't say too much about my life, but there you go.)


Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to do this! :) I'm not tagging anyone either, mostly because almost everyone has gotten this by now, much like an office cold. Also, I'm a horrible person, but you know that now. (Please see the beginning of this post if you've forgotten.)


  1. A tipping tip: I just double the tax. I don't know about Virginia, but in Washington it's 7.5% so if you double it it comes to 15% and there is minimal math involved!

    1. That's right, your tax is waaaaaaay higher there! Thanks bb. I will try to keep that in mind. (I hope you are getting some very nice tips!)

    2. We're unionized so NO TIPS. :'( crying forever

  2. I too have a collection of novelty coffee mugs. It's a lifestyle, really. Also, it makes moving an assignment from Hell.

    1. Ah, that's the easiest stuff for me to pack! My DVD collection and books used to be the worst, but the idea of packing an overflowing Helmer is making me want to curl up in a fetal position, hahaha.


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