Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink Wednesday: OPI India Mood for Love

Another Pink Wednesday, another pink creme!

I wore this polish to my ex-roommate's wedding over Memorial Day weekend. Not only did this pink accent my shoes (which were hawt, btw), but the name of this polish also reminds me of the bride -- we used to watch Bollywood movies in our apartment after work (one of our favorite movies was "Kabhi Khushie Khabie Gham," thank you very much). I also remember driving us from Richmond to a Bollywood movie theatre in Falls Church one winter afternoon to watch "Billu," where we were definitely the whitest people in the joint. When we exited the theatre, several inches of snow were already on the ground, and it continued snowing furiously all the way home down 95, only for us to find that the power in our building was out, so we just drank wine in the dark and buzz called friends ... as you do.

For the record, I would like to say "Billu" is probably not the best movie out there, but DEAR GOD it was so ridiculously amazing. We loved us some Shah Rukh Khan in Apartment 2 like I cannot even tell you.


Anyway, here's two coats with SV.

And this is after four days of wear! Not too bad.

This pink is definitely blue-based, which you may be able to see better in natural light than you will in most indoor lights. The formula was really great, and you can get this opaque in two coats. (I would have done a third coat, but I was running low on time!) This isn't by any means the most unique color, but I got so many compliments on this mani, including being asked by a clerk in the City Treasurer's office if my nails were Shellaced because they were so nice.

As far as I know, India Mood for Love is still part of OPI's core collection, so it's still easy to find. This polish was from the OPI India collection back in Spring 2008, which is right before I got into nail polish.

2008 also was when my ex-roommate and I started living together. I don't think I'm ever going to live with anyone with such highly comparable and compatible tastes in pop culture again! We actually met at a "Serenity" premiere meet-up in college, and found out we liked a lot of the same TV shows, old and new, cult and popular shows, trashy reality, BBC game and quiz shows, Masterpiece Theatre productions, Bollywood movies, HBO and Showtime programs, comics titles, NPR podcasts, stand-up, some Broadway classics and Hollywood musicals, '90s movies, Internet memes and gossip sites ... basically, everything in every fucking genre ever. We went to so many midnight movie premieres over the years, and even went to New York Comic Con together in 2009!

She and her now-husband (that is so weird for me to type) also share a love of movies, so their wedding was movie-themed. (I'm not big into themed weddings, but it wasn't MY wedding, so I'll let it go.) All the tables had placecards with small movie prints and name tags with characters from each movie. My friends and I sat at "The Dark Knight" table -- that movie was HUUUUUUGE when my ex-roommate and I lived together (we even had a "WHY SO SERIOUS" poster in our living room). My name tag read "Scarecrow." Cillian Murphy, heyyyyyyyyyy.

I don't have any pictures of myself at the wedding, but I would like to shout out my buddy girl Tara at Tara Loves Colors for putting my face on before I left! She gave me adorable cat eyes and introduced me to foundation -- not that I'm going to be adapting either anytime soon, but if anyone was going to do this to me, I'm glad it was her. I learned a lot about myself that weekend, and I have to say that one of my more pleasant discoveries was my love for coral lipstick. I'm going to hoard the shit out of coral lipstick when I start wearing lipstick, I know it.

I wore a blue dress and basically channeled Latrice Royale the entire afternoon -- that is to say, I "looked sickening and made them eat it." Here is a shot of my decidedly un-Latrice but still very amazing necklace. It's much brighter in person, and for $24.99 at TJ Maxx by Natasha, it was worth every penny!

Thoughts on this pink creme or the OPI India collection? Friends' weddings? I'm a liiiiiiittle hypercritical and while I can be very affectionate, I'm generally not a lovey-dovey person (unless there's a puppy), so weddings are a mixed bag for me. What about SRK movies? He's such a ham ... I love it.

I'm closing this post with a clip, the eponymous number from "Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham." Perhaps it wasn't the most memorable sequence or song, but I have some seriously fond memories of watching this movie with my ex-roommate and it's also a good introduction to SRK's many ridiculously amazing movie entrances.


  1. I adore this shade and never tire of it. The formula is perfect - least my bottle of it.

    1. Yay! Glad someone else loves this polish too :)

  2. Lovely shade! & it is so durable.
    I followed you on BlogLovin & GFC.
    Stay in touch,
    P.S. Follow back, maybe? :)

    1. Thanks for the comment and the follow! :) Hope you stay in touch too.

  3. What a gorgeous pink--I'd love to see the hawt shoes that went with! Sounds like an awesome wedding too.

    LOVED the movie clip, Rach! Such beautiful colours and the singing and so much love and affection on everyone's faces (not to mention, the excellent entrance ;p). I gotta find a copy of this film! :)

    1. Weddings are such a mixed bag for me, but this one did give me an opportunity to break those shoes out! :)

      Thanks! The movie gets a bit (VERY) silly but it's one of my favorites. :) Hope you're able to get a hold of it. This was such a great comment to come back to, I hope you know how much I appreciate it.

  4. I love reading your silly stories about your drunken evenings. Reminds me of bad in the day. I'm not a pink fan-so I won't comment

    1. LMAO I was never that much of a lush but I certainly enjoy a drink when I can! Awww come on, I'm going to start posting more pinks JUST FOR YOU. ;)


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