Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zoya Paz, and my new guy ... sort of?

First, a tale of how it took two people to help me pick a polish:

You might be familiar with how very "your nail polish smells funny" guys can be sometimes. Until this past weekend, the last time I saw my BF was the weekend I wore China Glaze Aquadelic (which stayed on past that weekend), and when I jokingly asked for a color family for my next visit, he opted for orange.

Actually, his exact words were "Oh, you have all the colors. I could ask for a green with purple and brown and you would have it." Smart mouth. Also, I don't have that anything in that color ... ew.

What I DO have, however, is a bunch of untried orange polishes. I skittle swatched a few, texted a picture to Janice and asked her to pick one. (See, I am horrible at making decisions.) She chose one of her favorite oranges, Zoya Paz. And after wearing it, I now can say that Paz is one of my favorite oranges, too.

Note: These photos are best when viewed on Android.

Three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.


Paz is neon orange perfection. A common color description (and a highly accurate one, at that) is "traffic cone orange." Oh yeah. It's a little more red-orange than neons like Essie Bright Tights and China Glaze Sun Worshiper, and lighter than something like Color Club Hot Lava. The closest dupe I can think of as far as bottle color would be China Glaze Japanese Koi, but I'm willing to bet this has the better formula. Depending upon your lighting, Paz can look like a redder neon orange as seen in this post, but it also can be yellower in some lights. Either way, it's still terrifically bright.

Speaking of formulas, neons can be tricky sometimes because they dry to a satiny-matte finish and you have to work quickly. At their most difficult, most neon formulas are either too watery or too sheer -- think of the Essie neons of yore, and most of the China Glaze neons prior to their current Summer Neons offerings. Well, there's none of that with Paz. Zoya's formulas tend to be a bit gummy (know what I mean?), and while this was no exception, it went on the nail remarkably well for a neon. There were no bald patches, no pooling, no slow drying. Of course, I waited between coats as I usually do with neons; this also dried matte, but top coat will fix that in a jiffy.

I had this on for four days and the only reason this chipped was because I had submerged my hands in water quite a bit over the weekend. To be fair, the chipping only occurred on the corners of two fingers that have been known to chip previously, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Paz was from Zoya's La-Di-Da summer 2009 collection, along with fan favorites Ali and America. I got my bottle in last year's Zoya exchange, but you can find it at the Zoya/Art of Beauty site here. I can't recommend this one enough!

And now to address the latter half of this post title ...

I have to backtrack to Memorial Day weekend, specifically, the night of my roommate's wedding. I returned to my BF's house (I stay there when I visit), tired, hot and starving ... when I walked into the living room and saw a kitty scratching post standing by the coffee table.

He had finally broken down and adopted a one-year-old little boy cat from the local Humane Society, which is great for him and the cat (to quote my gal pal Lizzard Van Reptile via text message, "the boyfriend is easier to re-home"). As the dog lover in this relationship, I didn't know how to feel about it. I like babies only a little more than cats (because you can tickle their feet), and I really don't like babies. Just puppies. All the puppies. There are only three cats I can think of who I like and who liked me. The night before the wedding while I was having dinner with Tara, he texted me a cat picture taken during his dinner break. Although he'd phone me in the past to tell me about the kitties up for adoption, he had never texted me a cat picture before. That was how I knew his resistance would not be intact for long.

I gotta admit the sight of that scratching post was enough to make me briefly entertain the idea of turning around on my heel and leaving to find something to eat on my own. When I saw BF cradling the little creature like a baby, and I asked him why THIS cat in particular, here is the answer he gave me, accompanied by a sheepish smile: "I didn't want anyone else to adopt him!"

Well, okay. That logic works for my boyfriend. I've never cohabitated with a cat in such close conditions before, so I decided to keep an open mind and see how Little Boy CatTM Shawn Spencer and I got on. The amount of pictures you're about to see should show you that we get on just fine. He might even be my other boyfriend, given how cuddly and affectionate he can be towards me. I also had a hand in naming him, so that helps.

The first night home ...

Sleeping on me the next morning after being locked out of the bedroom

Nosy neighbor.

Napping on his favorite afghan (purr-fect for making bread)

"O gud morning Rach, I herd u luv doggies, dat's hilarious"

Kitteh derp

Watching "Too Cute" puppies on Animal Planet with me Saturday morning

As of today, little Sterling Meowlory Archer has been home at the Danger Zone for exactly one month. Apart from the cat hair, his fascination with eating plants and wanting to dart outside every time the front door opens, he's a sweet little guy and doesn't give us too much trouble ... so far. So we're pretty happy about that. And I think as long as he gets his eatins and lovins, he's pretty happy, too. :)

Thoughts on Paz? Kitties? Ironically, "paz" means "peace" in Spanish ... I wonder if little Sterling Meowlory will help me make my peace with kittehs. (DO YOU NOT LOVE HIS NAME?!?! *cackle*) And cat owners, maybe you can riddle me this ... why do people affectionately refer to their kittehs as "boogers"?!!! I've never understood this. Maybe I'm being too literal, but I'm not overly fond of touching actual boogers, let alone picking up anything that is called a booger. No, ma'am.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, that's a seriously adorable tabby. No wonder you've come onver to the Dark Side!

    1. I wouldn't see I've come over to the Dark Side ... I'm still so emotionally needy that I need a dog! ;) But Sterling Meowlory is so darn cute and sweet.

  2. I do not refer to my cat as a booger. I refer to my cat as my feline counterpart and the Impending Bringer of Doom.

    You know, that orange is surprisingly juicy for a neon! I am quite surprised (also, new lemming mayhaps?).

    Also when I have no idea what to wear, I shove a Melmer drawer towards BF and go "here, pick one." He is usually pretty good about picking colors, but sometimes I may add a glitter in myself.

    1. LOL "Impending Bringer of Doom."

      Duuuuuuuuude I think you would like this one a lot. I really do!

      B is indulging me more and picking colors ... before, he would just be like "... blue?" He stumped me with "goose poop green" two years ago ... MUST BEAT THAT.

  3. Paz is such a gorgeous orange, I love it!

    But I love that cat more. What a fabulous animal. So happy he's out of the shelter and into a loving home.

    1. Thank you, Faith! Yes, he's so spoiled ... it's just a terrible life of loving for him. :)

  4. WANT TO TOUCH THE KITTEH!!!!!!! And you know I don't call my kitten a booger, just a Butt ;). COME VISIT ME MORE.

    1. LOL if you want to drive across town, you totally can touch the kitteh. I am sure he would enjoy it. :)

  5. I am obsessed with:
    A) That polish.
    B) That adorable cat. (NOT a booger.)
    C) The fact that the aforementioned cat is named STERLING MEOWLORY ARCHER. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    1. A) You SO should try it.
      C) I need to get him a collar with a bow tie, fancy spy kitteh going to the danger zone!

  6. Your new baby adoptee is adorable - he is lucky to have such a good home. Thanks for picking a non kitten from the Human Society...most of those are put to sleep I am sure you know. I adopted years ago a Main Coon. She was about 4 yrs old. When I took her for her vet check up, my vet had tears in his eyes that I had picked this cat..he said he rarely sees anyone adopt adult cats. I won't ever forget how moved he was and it lead me to adopt more adult cats from then on.

    China Glaze Japanese Koi has more red in it than my bottle of Paz - in fact 'Koi' is (I think) the most bright - nearing obnoxious - polish I own - it looks ridiculous anytime other than summer where as Paz I can wear other than just in summer.

    1. While he loves kittens, my BF actually wanted to adopt an older cat for as long as I've known him (they're usually more housebroken).

      Thanks! I didn't know that about Japanese Koi ... I'll have to try it although I think Paz is staying in my stash permanently. :)

  7. Orange and kitteh. Possibly the most perfect blog post I've seen in a looooong time :D

  8. I have never called my babies booger. Can't say I've ever heard that before. And it's stupid! Your new baby is gorgeous! Am so glad you now see how cuddly and fun cats can be! Love that Paz as well! Have to go, my cat is walking on my chest!

    1. LMAO thank you Fingers! He's a good boy. I guess it also helps that I don't actually live with him ... who knows what I would be like if I had to deal with cat hair on a daily basis. @__@


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