Monday, July 23, 2012

Cos Bar at Target Bronze

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What? Another metallic? I know. I have a problem. I've never been so into metallic anything in my life. I used to think mixing metallics with clothes the way Stacey and Clinton want their "What Not to Wear" subjects to do it was tacky, until I realized it was no longer tacky if you had the right accessories. In some weird way, that's how I've been feeling about metallic polishes.

Today's post is all about Cos Bar Copper, a limited edition polish I rescued from the Target clearance bin a few weeks ago. I know Target has been rotating products from smaller, less well-known brands in their The Shops beauty section, so I figured that's what the whole Cos Bar business was about. It turns out that this Cos Bar is a "luxury cosmetics" store based in Aspen, CO (and has since expanded with 12 more stores). You can check out the store site here.

I didn't really pay much attention to the Cos Bar products at Target, mostly because I only care about nail polishes, and the reviews for two out of the four polishes weren't calling to me during their time in the store. A few weeks later, I responded to the call of the almighty clearance bin. You know how we do, boo.

Yeah, I just typed that last sentence and that sounded WAY better in my head, where Brad from "Happy Endings" was saying it.

Three coats with SV.

Yeeeeeeeeees. This is probably the most bronziest polish I've ever worn. It actually doesn't detract me from trying bronze again, but I don't know that this is MY bronze. See, while the color is wonderfully deep and vivid, it's also got enough of a brownish-red tinge to make it unwearable for me. Sad panda.

Which is too bad, because this polish applied wonderfully! It's been a while since I swatched it and I didn't take any notes, so I don't remember anything weird about it. I think you can get it nice and opaque with two coats, though I used three.

Although the Cos Bar products are long gone from my Target (and possibly at yours as well), you still can find it for $3 online at the Target web site.

Did you spring for any of the Cos Bar at Target polishes? What do you think of Bronze? Better yet, what is your favorite bronze nail polish -- do you have any recommendations for me? And what the fuck is the difference between bronze and copper in terms of color??? Isn't bronze (as a metal) supposed to be mostly copper, anyway?


  1. Reminds me of an older OPI I have from a holiday collection that was all music related names like Opus in Amber. This one is more modern finish with a blend of glassfleck and high shimmer it seems. I don't have a Target near me - a good 2 hr drive each way to get to one so I never go unless I am passing by one and have time to stop and look...but those kind of shopping trips can be dangerous to the pocket book. Wish we did have one. I can find things there that are often seasonal.

    1. That blows that you're so far away from a Target! I've lived near one for the past four years and yeah ... it does get pretty dangerous, but that's what shopping lists and strict friends are for. :)

  2. Oooh baby! What a stunner. I'm not really a metallic person either, but I gravitate towards "unique" metallics, like this one. Gimmie!

    1. Right?! I really have no idea why I'm obsessed with metallics right now. But this is a lovely one!

  3. Love the WNTW reference! This looks great on you!

    1. LOL thanks! Glad you spotted it. :) I love that show when I get to watch it. I've learned so much from C&S!


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