Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July: OPI Warm & Fozzie + some Sterling Meowlory Archer glamour shots

Another day, another metallic.

I wasn't sure I wanted Warm & Fozzie back in December, but I am no stranger to holiday collection, limited edition OPI regret (some of my girlfriends might remember my quest for Smitten with Mittens last year). This looked so beautiful on so many of my blogger and MUA friends (*cough* Anna *cough*) that I decided to pony up the $8.50 and order it on AveYou while I was ordering some other OPI Muppets shades for some friends' Christmas gifts.

As I typed this post, I realized I must really love Fozzie because I have two OPI Muppets polishes named for him.

Anyway, Warm & Fozzie was super confusing for the old Droid cam -- which is interesting to me, because it was on point for Cos Bar at Target Bronze! Please keep in mind that W&F is one of those polishes that looks different on everybody -- it usually looks darker on most of my friends and other bloggers.

Three coats with SV.

These pictures outside might give you a little more feel for the duochrome.


The other day when my father was providing me with tech support services (as fathers do), he looked down at my nails and asked, "What color is THAT?" Even I'm not sure how to describe this one. (My reply: "Awesome?") It's composed of little glittery gold, copper and pink foil particles with green and brown duo tones suspended in a slightly smoky base. Warm & Fozzie is a foil all right, albeit a thin one. It blends into my skin tone a little, but not enough to worry me, and it looked horribad under my office lighting, although everything does.

The formula for this polish was better than I thought it would be. I've seen several bloggers' swatches with two coats. I wanted to see if using three would provide additional color depth and more opacity, and it really does make a bit of a difference if you're using thin-medium coats. Because the base of this polish is a bit smoky (swatch it on paper if you don't believe me), I figured it would need to be built up.

Warm & Fozzie was part of OPI's The Muppets collection released last year as both a holiday collection and a tie-in with the Jason Segel movie. Since it was limited edition, it won't be showing up in the core OPIs, but you definitely can buy this on Amazon and eBay. I showed you Wocka Wocka! last November, and while I have Rainbow Connection, I'm still not totally sure what to do with it -- though I think Steff's jelly sandwich with Sally Hansen Parchment might be in order.

Did you buy Warm & Fozzie last year and fall in love with it, too? Any other OPI Muppets polishes you STILL haven't worn for whatever reason? (I think this is sad, considering we are fast approaching the OPI James Bonds.)

And although he is not a bear, let me share some pictures of Sterling Meowlory Archer, the closest thing I have to a little fuzzy baby. --We went through his adoption papers last month looking for his estimated birthdate before BF took him to the vet (we thought he might have ear mites. He didn't). This was when I discovered his estimated birthday is August 2011, and his name at the Humane Society was "Curly." He's not especially curly per se, so we're thinking he had brothers named Larry and Moe.

In any case, Sterling Meowlory Archer is clearly the superior name. You're welcome, kitty! Tomorrow makes two months since his adoption. :) Janice says I should get him a little kitty turtleneck for his birthday (if you watch "Archer," then you understand the significance and the hilarity of the "tactleneck.")

All of these shots were taken last week while I was in town, so they're quite recent.

For some reason he really likes sleeping next to BF's pants.
 Exhibits A and B:

I DON'T UNDERSTAND., but darn if he doesn't look like the happiest little thing.

And if you think this was a ridiculous amount of kitty spam ... you'd better be glad I don't have a dog yet. This blog would be taken over by SO MUCH PUPPEH.


  1. That is THE BEST name for a cat, ever! Holy crap.

    And uh, I haven't worn most of my OPI Muppets *ducks* but I had to get the whole collection because it's the Muppets & OPI Holiday. I know I'm gonna do the same thing with the Bonds, because IT'S JAMES BOND! and it's OPI Holiday. So....I'm screwed.

    1. LOL Julie, my friend's brother named one of his cats "Pounce de Leon," which I think is EXTREMELY rad!

      Oh dude. I totally forgot I had "Designer ... De Better!" So there's that. Oop @ me.

  2. Love that polish. Now I want to bring it out again.

    1. Take it to NYC with you maybe? I think you could get a lot of mileage out of it.

  3. It's so lovely on youuuuu. Would you believe it's the only one I have from the Muppets Collection? Also, Gonzo was my favourite.

    That was completely random information.

    *hugs kitty*

    1. Thank you dearie! Your pics made me pull the trigger. :)

      And yeah, I wasn't too into that collection, but I think W&F was the star!

      Sterling Meowlory says meow!

  4. Oh such a gorgeous baby! So funny how he lays next to pants! Must smell like the BF. Such a cutey!

    1. Thanks Fingers! I know, he can sleep anywhere on the bed he wants (including on me) and he goes for the PANTS??? Silly baby.

  5. I really like this shade. A lot!
    But what I like much more is this adorable cats.
    My two four-legged roommates Benedict and Leopold agree with that.



    1. Thank you! It's a gorgeous color ... if you can get it in Austria, you should go for it. And I LOVE your kitties' names!


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