Monday, July 16, 2012

Shopping my stash: China Glaze Passion

How was everybody's Friday the 13th? I had an amazing day! I got an incredible quote on my car insurance and got my first grown-up, individual policy -- I know this sounds silly, but this is a huge deal for me ... adulthood is hard -- my new bank account was successfully linked to my card, I got my blog sale order from a good online friend and former blogger, got my laundry done, made dinner for my parents, and my sister bought the two of us tickets to see Beth Orton in concert in September. The fact I just typed this out for the whole world to see is a testament to just how awesome the day was!

And now for some swatches: 

Occasionally, I'll take a peek at my blog traffic sources via Blogger Stats to get an idea of how people are finding Stuff. (For the record, Google Analytics > everything). I'm particularly intrigued by the "search keywords" subsection, and according to Blogger Stats, recently I've been getting a few hits from people searching for Essie Good as Gold from Essie's Mirror Metallics collection. (I think it must be from the image search with my swatch of Essie Shift Power.)

I've been doing this thing for the past month where I'm trying not to buy any polishes unless they are on clearance or crazy LE (key word: TRYING), so I haven't gotten around to any of the Mirror Metallics. Besides, the only one that intrigued me was No Place Like Chrome, the silver chrome ... and I already have two silver chromes I haven't even tried.

It's okay, though, because of course I checked my Helmer to see if I had anything in a gold chrome. Here's China Glaze Passion, from the Spring 2009 Romantique collection.

  • This first picture is my favorite. I wish I could have gotten it in the sun but it's been drizzly and overcast for the past few days. After this heat we've had in VA, though, I'll take drizzly and overcast.
  • My bottle seems to have gone missing in my room. I took one swatch photo, then put my bottle down and was interrupted when my aunt arrived for dinner. I never did locate it after that, so I grabbed the top coat I used with this mani. (I later located this bottle ... in my purse.)
  • Also, these pictures make Passion look a bit more foily in texture than it truly is. It's much smoother.

Two coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. No particular reason for choosing this top coat.

I love this polish. Yeah, I have three of these cool, pale yellow gold FOILS in my stash, but I think if you're not doing any nail art and wearing it as a full manicure, a chrome is excellent for when you don't want the full-on bling of a foil or a glitter. Part of the reason I also love these golds is because I think they make my hands look longer. BTW, I also think everyone ought to have a gold or silver chrome.

The formula of this polish was pretty good! It covered well in one coat, but I used two to smooth out the first one. It dried really well with Wicked Fast and I wore this for three days with no tip wear or chips! I don't think this is terribly brushstrokey -- if you're careful, that won't be an issue. Because this is a chrome, I would advise you to use a ridgefiller or a thicker, gel-like base coat before you polish.
All I remember about the Romantiques from the MUA nail board is that these polishes are excellent for stamping. I don't stamp (I'm thinking I might use this more for half-moon manis ... maybe), but back when I decided metallics were not in fact the enemy, I decided I needed a gold chrome. So I bought China Glaze 2030 (Khrome collection) from a massive online e-tailer (again, I always get my old Head2Toe and 8ty8beauty orders confused) and wound up swapping it because it was too warm for me. I placed Passion in my next order, and as you can see, it was a much better fit.

I don't know if Passion is a dupe for Good as Gold, but since I'm not buying any Mirror Metallics, it works for me. If anything, I bet Good as Gold is smoother and frostier-looking, if that makes any sense. Passion is in the core China Glaze line at Ulta.

Lastly, here are the swatches that convinced me I needed Passion (the polish, not the emotion): Check out Scrangie's and The Polish Addict's. Scrangie's post is a riot, btw.

Thoughts on Passion (again, the polish, not the emotion), or gold chromes? Did you buy any Essie Mirror Metallics? When was the last time you shopped your own stash?

There's still a little over two weeks to enter my blogaversary giveaway, if you haven't done so already! The rules and info are here.


  1. I am usually not a fan of gold metallics or chromes. They are too Christmas looking for my likes. Many are too 'heavy' looking - hard to describe what I mean by that. I like and look for a SOFT gold and not a bright, glaring - holiday kind of gold. Hard to find that kind of shade so typically I just pass over all gold metallics/foils. If I need gold, I put a gold effect or sheer gold topper on. I was iffy on all the Essie Mirror Metallics - I find it odd that the one that I see goners from the 3 displays I have seen is the Penny Talk one. I would have thought the blue and lavender would be the ones to go first. I picked up the blue and now hate it despite I have not used it but to put a drop on a sheet of white paper. It's too frosty looking to me as are all in the Essie 4 piece collection. I wore frost finish for years - that's what was in fashion - I did not really love it 'then' and since the comings of OPI in the late 80's and very early 'shimmers' that OPI used to indicate with an S next to the names on their advertising if it was a shimmer (C, cream - F, frost), I would look for the S because you could not always tell a shimmer from a frost in the early days of shimmer finish by looking at the bottle. Found it odd there is another collection (thinking it's Nails Inc) that has a collection coming out called Mirror Metallics! Oops!

    Glad you got a good insurance quote.

  2. BTW - thanks for encouraging folks to shop their own stash. I have soooo many untrieds it's not even funny - and now I look through many of 'em and wonder what the heck I was thinking when I bought this or that untried shade! I am putting them into a whole new stash category of 'need to get rid of, yet not dupes and still brand new. Do I really have the oomph to sell bottles of polish on eBay? UGH - if it were not for all the goofy buyers out there I would not think 2 times about going that route. I just gotta thin down big time!

    1. It is taking me FOREVER to sort through my stash. I think I need to come up with more ways to try things more quickly!


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