Sunday, July 29, 2012

And Stuff's First Birthday Giveaway Winner is ...

... Sarah at Starlight Radiance!

Sarah said she would like to see more hand poses, a change in my blog background (done!), and more layering with glitter here on Stuff. This has all been taken into advisement. Thanks, lady! As far as her favorite Summer 2012 movie went, she said she loved "Men In Black 3" ... DUDE, THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME., and it might be my favorite of the franchise. The time travel plot was not particularly inspired (I watch too many movies/TV with time travel, I guess) but Josh Brolin's portrayal of young Agent K was worth every penny of admission.

Congratulations, Sarah! Please e-mail me within the next 24 hours to confirm your win.

Thank you to all of you who participated and spread the word about the giveaway! I appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions I asked in the original giveaway post -- those questions were a way of getting feedback about the blog to see what's working and what's not. I can only blog for myself but so much. A certain degree of transparency is important to me, so I plan to share some of the suggestions I received as well as some things that have helped me during my first year of blogging. Since you left your e-mail addresses, I'll be e-mailing you back within the next two weeks to say thanks and to respond to any comments and suggestions you left for me. You took the time to throw me a bone, so it's only fair.

I've also loved reading your responses to my "Magic Mike"/summer 2012 movie question! Apparently a lot of you would love to see Ryan Gosling get down in a "Magic Mike" movie, and that made me laugh. But you know what will make you laugh? The fact that I would like to see Christopher Meloni (Detective Stabler) in a "Magic Mike"-ish movie or sequel. MELONI YES GOOD DO WANT.

Thank you to my readers, old and new -- I hope you stick around. This first year has been quite a ride, and I'm hoping bigger and better things will follow!

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  1. Heck yes! Another thing I loved about MIB 3 was that Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords was in it (as Boris). My bf and I were trying to figure out if it was him or Tim Curry. Haha. :D

    1. Thanks for playing, Sarah! :) And YES. I remembered seeing his name in the trailers so I wasn't expecting him to make an appearance in the movie as early as he did!!! Our favorite library ogre ... a bad guy? ALMOST DID NOT COMPUTE.

      Also, thanks for the background suggestion -- I got a few of those -- I'm not good with design but you all were right about the book background.

  2. I Love that you said you said you would like to see Christopher Meloni in Magic Mike - I did laugh when I read that. Sorry! lol. P.S. Congrats Sarah!

    1. LOL don't be sorry, Stephanie! But I honestly think he could do it. He can be goofy and I know he has the bod. :-P

  3. YAY it's a brown background! I love it-my favorite color of all time~


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