Thursday, August 2, 2012

NEW: Nicole by OPI Mer-maid for Each Other + Low Buy (For My Life) 2012

I'm really bad at posting new polishes, so I have to say that two posts in one week is a record for me. I chanced upon this NOPI at Target almost two weekends ago and have been sitting on it ever since. I've been carrying on about my latest low buy on Twitter, but since I can't decide whether I want to link my Twitter to Stuff, now you know: Low Buy (For My Life) 2012 -- you have to say "for my life" like RuPaul on "RPDR" -- officially started on July 20. This low-buy has been going strong for two weeks now; however, I somehow and very unwisely wound up at Target the next afternoon and ran into my aunt, who was looking for a new lipstick. Long story short, she ended up buying this one for me, which technically means I did not break my low buy! Thank you, nice Tita. :)

I don't post them often enough, but when it comes to NOPI Target exclusives, I am like a moth drawn to the proverbial flame. I'm usually not much for duochromes, so the fact that I was really into Mer-maid for Each Other was kind of a big deal. I also owned Chanel Peridot for a hot minute until I tried it and its gold to green duochrome was extremely not a good look on me. Mer-maid for Each Other is cooler in tone, the duochrome shifting more gold-green to turquoise. MUCH BETTER.

The fact that this is a mermaid polish I can get behind doesn't hurt, either.

Three coats with SV. Two would be okay if this brush wasn't ridiculous. More on that in a few.

I wonder if this might be a dupe for China Glaze Unpredictable from the brand-new New Bohemian collection. I haven't seen those polishes yet (I am avoiding Sally's like the plague ... thank you, LBFML '12), so I can't say for certain. In the meantime, let me link you to an excellent comparison post for this polish and OPI Just Spotted the Lizard on This comparison perfectly illustrates my difficulty with Chanel Peridot and its many dupes. (Bonus linkage: Frances at Polka Polish has the first swatches I found of this NOPI the day I got it. Her bio says she is studying to be an opera singer. I AM INTRIGUED. Follow her blog -- her outfit of the day photos are pretty rad, too!)

The formula on this polish was fine and not terribly brushstroke-y, but I think the wider broom brush NOPI adopted last year really puts a cramp in the application, especially when you're dealing with borderline frosty metallics. The scary part was that the brush for this particular bottle was one of the less deformed broomy ones, so be careful if you find your brush in need of surgery. I recommend waiting maybe two, three minutes in between coats to avoid dragging due to the stupid, stupid brush. The payoff is totally worth it.

Other than that, I had no complaints. It dried quickly with SV and I wore this for three days with minor tip wear (I think my bottle of SV is dying).

Mer-maid for Each Other can be found exclusively at Target along with some new fall NOPI shades with a $7.04 USD price point. If you haven't seen it yet, I'm sure you will soon, as it seems like it'll be in the core Target NOPI display for at least until the holidays, or next spring. I've also read that some people are finding this polish at Ulta, so check your nearest store too!

What do you think? Mermaid-y enough for ya? When was the last time someone helped you work around your low-buy?  Is this a better fit for you than any of the Peridot dupes? Do you know if this is comparable to any of the New Bohemians? I don't think I need Unpredictable, because I really did love this -- if the insane amount of pictures isn't enough to convince you, here you go.

(source: Tumblr from AGES ago, but the URL is no longer valid)

BAM. The obligatory "surprise favorite" .gif I use to accompany my surprise favorite polishes.

Also sort of relevant to this post, I saw this little guy? gal? outside when I was trying to take pictures. I'm guessing it was hoping to inspect either the bucket of stuff we put out to compost the night before, or my mom's small veggie garden. There was a groundhog last year who wasn't fond of the eggplant -- he took a bite and moved on.

Work has been crazy bananas and this is all for me until next week, so have a good weekend! I'm off to a wedding on Saturday and I still haven't decided what I'm wearing (or re-wearing, as the case may be). :/


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne! I hope you can find this one :)

  2. Beautiful!! Target is kryptonite for low buys lol. I am always on a low-buy myself as I try to only buy the polishes from my wishlist. But then I keep adding more polishes to my wishlist so I guess I'm not really the best low buy person, now that I think about it....

    1. Target is the WORST. In my case, I tend to see things I passed over on previous visits and then I walk around the store trying to convince myself to take them home.

  3. It's not a dupe for Unpredictable, but I think I like this better. So pretty!

    1. Thanks for sharing that, good to know. :)

  4. Aaugh! Now I wish I'd picked this one up when I was in the States. Really like the colour and finish. I actually like it better than the swatches I've seen for Unpredictable too--it's not as brightly green, I don't think, but it's so very much less brushstroke-y.

    Other things I should have done in the States? Seen 'Magic Mike'! >_<

    1. It very recently came out so you might have JUST missed it! :( Hope you can get a buddy to find it for you though! Not sure if it's less brushstrokey than that ChG or if I'm just super careful, haha.

      GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURL. When you do get around to it, I suggest making a night of it -- rent it and have some drinks, maybe even some girl friends over. It's more fun that way.

  5. I also have trouble pulling off these green to gold metallic looks. Odd too as I wear typical fall colors in clothing really well. When Peridot first came out, I think I was the only one who was not totally enamored. The lean to a full gold top on it in some angles just was not a good look on me (but then I don't look good in all gold polish shades typically either). I had to make a Target run last Sat when I had to shop FAST for a new phone when mine just up and died. I looked for these new Nicoles. The Target I was at was completely picked over royally. There was 1 only on the shelf and not a shade I would have wanted. And yes, agree with above commenter - this is not a dupe for Unpredictable. That and No Plain Jane would be the only 2 I probably would buy from the Bohemian collection if I were going to buy any of 'em. I looked and played with them all...came home with no of 'em...I am getting way better at a no buy thing as time goes by.

    1. They're just too warm on my hands. Maybe it's the same thing with you???

      Yeah. My bottle was the last one of this polish in the store, and our display was half picked over as well. I think I can pass on Unpredictable since I do love this and got good wear time out of it, though.


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