Monday, August 13, 2012

Sinful Colors Olympia

I'll get back to my two Fall of Surprises polishes this week (I hope), but I feel like it's been forever since I've worn a creme. And you know how I love my cremes. I've been wearing colors like this one on my toes all summer, but never on my fingers for some reason.

You also might know about the kerfluffle with Sinful Colors using bloggers' photos in their promotional pamphlets a few weeks ago. I'll comment on that at the end of this post, but I want you to know that this will not prevent me from posting about the other Sinfuls in my collection. I haven't bought any since then, though that's partly due to Low Buy (For My Life) 2012.

So, Olympia. This was a late purchase for me because I already had Essie Navigate Her, which is widely considered to be a close dupe for this color and vice versa (read Karen's Olympia and Navigate Her comparison). But in all fairness, it's not like $1.99 would've set me TOO far back. Also, my friend Madeline lives in Olympia, WA and considers this color to be reminiscent of green tea ice cream -- which I also love -- so there's that.

Three coats with SV. Sorry for the tip wear. I didn't have time to take photos by the time this had dried to my satisfaction, so I had to wait a few hours ... a few hours that included the task of washing dishes (I know, I need to get new gloves).

I'd read that the formula on this polish was not so fun to work with, and it really wasn't. As with any pastel, it was thick and a little streaky, and I needed to use three coats to get this to look halfway decent. I used SV as a top coat in the hopes that this pastel would level out and dry a little faster. It did, but it was slow going for me -- another reminder that Olympia is one of those "YMMV" (your mileage may vary) polishes, for sure.

The color payoff was worth it, though! I love these light, almost pistachio shades so much because they're more wearable on me than some mints. I'm on the second day of wearing this polish as this post goes up, so let's see how many days it will take me until I crack or this chips. EDITED TO ADD: I wore this for four days -- no chips and only a little bit of tip wear. I could have kept this on all week, but my nails had grown out and it was irking me!

Olympia was part of Sinful's Cast Away collection that was out this spring at Wags and RiteAid. I bought four other Cast Aways and I have no promises as to when exactly I'll be posting THOSE, so let's shoot for before April 2013. That collection was like catnip to me ... I had a minor Greco-Roman mythology obsession when I was 10. I was home-schooled that year, and the curriculum was fantastic -- I honestly think I learned more about art history, literature (I read an abridged version of Lorna Doone), and European history than other sixth-graders in my area.

As for the hubbub over Sinful Colors using uncredited and edited bloggers' photos in their display pamphlets, I didn't know this had happened until I saw the small uproar online within the nail blogging community. The thing is, I didn't bother reading the pamphlets because I don't do nail art and I tend to skip over most nail art-related things (more for you!). Briefly, here's what I have to say.
  1. I think it was a bad move on Sinful's part. On some level, someone had to know what he/she was doing, because I'm pretty sure Jeanette and Mary had watermarks on their photos and those were edited out of the pamphlets. It's their work. What's more, the polishes both ladies used in said photos weren't even Sinful polishes! As a fledgling blogger, I think that kind of move from a company not only is dishonest but also devalues our hobby. But Revlon has issued an apology and the pamphlets have been removed, so that's a good start to reparations.
  2. I don't know that boycotting Sinful Colors would have made an impact outside of the nail blogging community. I know that there are infinitely more nail blogs out now than there were say, three years ago, but the rest of the world and the majority of Sinful shoppers have no knowledge about something like this.

Moving on and wrapping this up ...

Did you buy Olympia, Navigate Her, or both? Now you know what I think re: the Sinful "controversy," so does anyone else care to share some late thoughts?

What about the Olympics, now that they're over? I don't want to be TOO harsh in the unlikely event that I return to the television industry, but wow. WOW. NBC's coverage of the Games overall was good for their ratings, but in the future, I think the network needs to come up with a better way of televising events that occurred and were streamed earlier in the day. Since we know how these things turned out, it makes no sense to pretend to air them in real time. And did anyone else find some of the commentators and interviewers just awful? (Also ... how do you have a London opening ceremony without a Doctor Who reference ANYWHERE? I just want to know.)

At least we got this meme out of the Olympics ...

What about Olympic/Olympian nail art? Are you over it? (I'm over it.) I'm not much for sports***, so I was just happy that a couple of native Virginians came to London and medaled (namely, Gabby Douglas and Kellie Wells), and that Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings won their third gold. USA, USA.

***After flunking a test on volleyball in seventh grade, I decided any sport was beyond my comprehension. A friend from a former job was going to help me find an NFL team to root for, but he left before we got to do that.


  1. 1) I love pistachio colours.

    2) YES YES & YES. Missy Franklin needs to go to PR camp, stat. I get she's 17 and all. Blah blah blah blah "she's so real" and "she's so effervescent". No, she's a 17 year old that can't interview to save her life.

    And the equestrian commentators are always twits. I don't know what hole they dig these people out of.

    3) I love you for using that McKayla meme.

    1. 1) Me too, girl. Meeeeeeeeee toooooo.

      2) I only saw one Missy Franklin interview and I thought she was qt. From a TV person perspective, I don't expect ANY 17-year-old to be good on TV, especially if that's not her line of work/fame/whatever, so that's probably why I'm not as irked as you are. But even then, she's an athlete, so I also don't expect that sort of thing to be among their chief concerns, if ya know what I mean.

      3) Best meme evah! <3


    I watched the Opening AND Closing Ceremonies and all I got was ONE stupid TARDIS materialization effect. Way to go, guys. Doctor Who has only been around since the 60's. ASDFJKL;

    1. BOOOOOOOOO as my friend put it, she knew what GB was capable of and they didn't really deliver, hence the disappoints.

  3. I have the Essie Navigate Her and it turns my hands to lobster hands - too much chalky in it - this one is a tish more vibrant and less chalky - wish I had picked this one up - might have been able to wear it. My eyeballs are drawn to these kind of shades but rare I can pull one off - that chalky white in so many of 'em from peach to powder blue and all shades really just are not a good look on me.

    1. Oh and yea...I am over the Olympics - was sad I did not get to see the US men's Basketball. The coverage was Ok the first week - but I tired of the fact in the US - NBC really made it so one sided all about the US and any tight meets the USA had. I know in yrs past this was an issue and NBC tied putting on more coverage of other countries and their ratings I think they need to LIVE broadcast as much of it as they can between the net and the various channels they own - let the viewer decide what they want to watch. The tape delay is just not going to work anymore with social media and the internet. I had the news in my inbox soon as it happened. I could watch hrs later and admire but I knew the outcome - takes a lot out of it when you know who wins. Now we kind of go into sports withdraws - too early for me to get all hyped over baseball and football when it starts it's just too early for me.

    2. I wonder if Navigate Her's formula is as annoying as this was. You might be better off.

      Yes, the coverage was really messed up in terms of "USA vs. _____." Some viewers would like to see other countries perform without the broadcast cutting away when Team USA is done, NBC!

      Aw come on, you're not ready for football? SEPTEMBER 5, BRING IT.

  4. I've been boycotting Sinful for ages. I guess I'm the only one, but it seems hypocritical to me for so many bloggers to start boycotting Sinful *now* for stealing blogger images, when they've been happy to give them publicity in the past for stealing OPI's entire collections along with their marketing/promotional themes.

    When a company like Sinful (now owned by Revlon, who I also boycott, for blatantly ripping off Chanel or Lippmann collections time after time) demonstrates that they have no respect for the intellectual property associated with developing and producing an entire seasonal collection of polish, so many bloggers applaud them and document their "dupes" for the world to see. How can these same bloggers be surprised that they won't hesitate to steal a few photographs off the internet?

    1. First of all, I LOVE your blog name (I saw it on your Blogger profile).

      You know, I'm glad you brought that up -- I honestly hadn't thought about it that way. (Also, don't forget that NYX Girls changed their bottle design into something that is FAR too reminiscent of a Lippmann bottle!) It's never an open-and-shut thing. I like dupes as much as the next person, but for the most part, I tend to buy shades I don't really see much of from other companies.

      Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it. You've given me a lot to think about.

  5. I love, love this color!! seems like it's the only green that looks somewhat good on me!!
    I actually liked the olympics! I think even thought the commenters were sometimes silly in what they said, I think the faces of the Olympians (who won and who lost) said it all!! Just like McKayla's! they're all kids after all, and they trained SO hard!! (I can sorta relate... I'm no olympian obviously but I climb highest mountains of the world and if I don't summit after months and months of training I am visibly disappointed too..) I just think that they show true emotions, and I really felt it for them..

    Sinful Colors... aaah.. yes, they're filthy thieves... I may be naive, but I think some person in charge of display, design and marketing did this and now is surely fired... Revlon issues an apology so let's hope that won't happen again!! I still like their polishes! ("Cinderella" anyone? )

    1. Whenever people look for mint colors, I usually point them to jades or shades like this! I feel like jades and pistachio shades are less tricky.

      I don't know, maybe I'm being harsh on the commentators, but they could have done better. But I agree with you -- sometimes people forget some Olympians are basically kids, and when you're disappointed you lose all your poise. I know I would've.

      Yeah, I have WAY too many untried Sinfuls and Revlons at this point so no matter what happens ... I still have to swatch and wear them! Eek.

  6. Love the color! I already have Navigate Her or I would run out to get this one, actually I want it anyway but I'm supposed to be on a no buy!

    I thought I was the only one who flunked a sport in school! I don't care for sports either, but I watched a tiny bit of the gymnastics.

    1. Thank you, Susy! :) LOL as you can see, I decided to get both. (But I only can keep one ... grrrrrrrrr)

      LMAO the funniest thing is that no matter how many tennis clinics I did at the Y or with the county rec department, I still sucked. I was on the tennis team during 9th and 10th grade, but only ever played exhibition doubles -- IMO, the best thing about being on the team is that I stayed more in shape than I would have on my own.

  7. Every time I see a display with Navigate Her I tell myself I don't need it, then I see swatches like this gorgeous one-and think I do need it! If it's at Target later when I go today-I'm buying it!

  8. *sigh* I love your nails. I love this colour. I love this colour on your nails. :D

    1. Awww, thank you! Your nails are great, too. :)


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