Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dior Aloha + new fall TV: "The Mindy Project"

I'd apologize for the lack of blog posts since last week, but blogging is hard when you're moving and didn't bring your computer. (Also, there were a few days when I didn't think I'd brought pants. THAT'S how scatterbrained I've been.) This post originally was scheduled for yesterday morning, but I wasn't happy with it and didn't have the means to tweak it to my satisfaction. However, I will have at least two more blog posts to tide you over until October.

And since fall is officially here, I'm delighted to see that the bright orange trend from this spring and summer is sticking around. Burnt and pumpkin oranges are a seasonal shoo-in, but bright and bold? Yes, please!

You know I love a good bright orange polish.
You also know I really love fall.
More than both of those things, you know I LOVE television.

Not to exaggerate, but I can't trust people who say they hate TV. Like Kenneth from "30 Rock" and Abed from "Community," I love it too much. That being said, you really have to take the bad with the good because there are so many deliriously fantastic shows out there and it's just a matter of finding them. And if you don't have time to find them, then you're lucky you have me! Well ... that might be a stretch, but I'm just saying.

One new Fall 2012 show I've been looking forward to debuted last night: FOX's "The Mindy Project," created by and starring Mindy Kaling, whom you might know from her role as Kelly Kapoor on NBC's "The Office." I liked Kelly, but I LOVE Mindy so much more. Her wit, sense of humor and writing style are so up my alley, I can't even. (Mindy's beloved blog Things I've Bought that I Love lives on through her official site.) There's also the fact that as a young lady of color, it's beyond wonderful for me to see a woman like Mindy at the helm of her own primetime show on a major network. But it's not enough for me to simply support these ladies -- I also have to like what I'm seeing.

The pilot aired last night at 9:30 EST, but was made available online briefly last month on the FOX site, Hulu, AOL, Yahoo!, and Xfinity. You know I watched it! (Three times.) I'll have some thoughts on that after we get through the swatches and "review" for Dior Aloha, a polish that reminded me of the bright orange polish Mindy Kaling's character wore in the pilot. --Because obvs, OB/GYNs wear bright orange nail polish, too. They're just like us. I feel like Mindy (the real-life lady as well as the character) would pay enough attention to designer labels that a polish like Dior Aloha would be something she would have bought and loved.

Three coats with SV.

For what this polish originally cost, I was under the impression that it at least would have to give me super powers or come with the phone number of a gorgeous Canadian TV actor. (Pick one. I feel like they grow on trees.) It's a classic Dior creme with Dior's classic hidden shimmer, bright but not quite searingly neon; based on all but one the swatches I'd seen, I was surprised when this pulled more yellow and less red-orange on me. This shouldn't have been a surprise, because Aloha wasn't quite so red in my self-proclaimed NB skin tone twin Flinty's swatch. As you can see, the bottle also was tinted orange -- I'm not sure what the point of that was now. Was it to protect the neon pigment from exposure to sunlight?

The formula on Aloha was excellent. I usually detest the huge broom brushes Dior adopted in the past two years; however, I found that this one was crazy easy to work with and I barely had to do any clean-up. I think I applied my base coat combo kind of weirdly on my left hand, because the polish on that hand did not really level out. Since my last top coat experiment with a Dior polish was a fail (I think it was Essie Good to Go), I decided to use SV and hope for the best. I'm very pleased with the Dior + SV combo -- it dried a little slower than SV's normal time, but the good news was that the polish leveled out and neither was it tacky the next morning, nor did it shrink horribly. I'll have to try it again with a darker Dior creme. I wore this mani for four? five? days.

Aloha was part of Dior's limited edition Electric Tropics duo from Summer 2011. The other polish was Paradise; both Aloha and Paradise were each packaged along with a bottle of special Dior top coat in what I think was an approximately $30 set. I pounced on the Aloha/top coat duo when it went on sale for something like $15.

What do you think of Aloha? Did you get this one or Paradise, and if you tried using the top coat, did you notice anything different/special about it? I'm so curious. Are you a Mindy Kaling fan? Did you love reading Things I Bought that I Love as much as I used to? (I haven't gotten around to reading her book yet as I've been "book ADD" this summer.) Did you also watch the pilot last month or did you watch it last night?

I have high hopes for "The Mindy Project." BF (who likes TV just as much as I do) and I have decided that there's no such thing as a 100% perfect pilot -- too promising, and its promise fizzles out leading up to the series' end because it either doesn't work or can't sustain itself (not a half-hour sitcom, but OMG, "Star Trek: Enterprise"); signs of promise, but it takes at least a season to find its feet, if it's given the chance ("Parks and Recreation," "Happy Endings," "Cougar Town"). It doesn't matter whether it's a half-hour comedy or an hour-long drama, but it's a rare thing when a series maintains good storytelling and pacing within the course of its run. I really think this show can do it!

... as long as it finds a balance between fantasy and straight-up delusion. Without spoiling anything, it becomes clear that a huge part of Mindy's character stems from her love and fascination with the contemporary romantic comedy. I don't care for the genre as we know it now -- give me something like "His Girl Friday," "Bringing Up Baby" or "The Princess Bride" -- but this fixation is a highly relatable one. I think it could work, provided the tone of the show isn't overly self-aware.

I commented earlier about how awesome it is to see a female actress of a NOT white ethnic background headlining her own show. While the concept of a professional woman looking for love is pretty universal, I admit that I'm curious to see whether/how the show will address the race element. (In the past few months, it's been a bit jarring to read some of the racist comments about Mindy and "The Mindy Project" on message boards and article threads.) I've always had a tough time identifying with some of the "mainstream" ethnic TV characters or finding one worthy of being my "spirit animal," but I'm confident in Mindy's ability to win me over. It's just a little complicated for her because even if she's breaking the mold, she's not exactly aiming to represent everyone, and -- well, I'm going to stop talking and let this Mindy Kaling quote from a Fresh Air interview say what I want to say:

"When you are the only Indian-American female lead in a television show, you seem to be making sweeping statements about that person simply because you are that person and the only one, whereas, for instance, Steve Carell — he's not making sweeping generalizations about white American men on his show because there's so many different white American men on different shows.

 "So I get worried by doing this character that people think that I'm saying that about all those people. And I just have the weight of that on my shoulders, which is something that I do envy other performers for not having."

So there's that.

But if you are not convinced that Mindy is worth the faith I have for her, here, look at this picture. The color of her dress is gorgeous, I'm in love with that sofa, and do you see the nail file, scissors and nippers on the table?

(source: hitfix)

I think it's safe to say I want her to be my older sister and indoctrinate me in the ways of more lady-ish pursuits, even if I don't love romantic comedies as much as she does.

Tuesdays. 9:30 p.m. EST on FOX. If we're not lucky enough to meet a man with "the wealth of Mayor Bloomberg, the personality of Jon Stewart and the face penis of Michael Fassbender," I hope we're lucky enough to see this show get the run and the praise it deserves, if the pilot is any indication!

(Still not 100% satisfied with this post, but I don't think my mindgrapes are going to bear better fruit, know what I'm saying?)


  1. Damn, I forgot to watch that. I have been going through Mad Men and yelling at my TV because everyone is being such gigantic sexist pricks. (And all the ladies put up with their men's hypcritical bullshit OH MY GOD IT INFURIATES ME)

    I don't think there are very many relatable characters (or actors/actresses) of color because they are typecast out the wazoo. "ho ho me so funny" and all that stupid bullshit. Thanks, Hollywood! I am praying so hard that this doesn't become the case with The Mindy Project, though since she created the show she has a lot of pull in terms of how her characters are portrayed.

    1. It's like ... you're not breaking any barriers if your show is just like all the others out there! But then you're not in it to break barriers -- you just want to run a solid, successful show, you know?

      Part of the trouble I have with "Mad Men" is that I can't distinguish whether harkening to attitudes of the past is being edgy and artistic in the present. My other two problems with it ... well ... I can tell you if you're super bored :)


  2. I love Mindy Kaling and I have this fantasy where we are BFFs and there are a lot of montages of us, like, going bowling or watching "The Princess Bride" or drinking frozen alcoholic drinks out of bags or whatever it is that friends do. (Braid each other's hair & talk about boys? Better start growing out my hair.) I watched the pilot of her show and I never judge a TV show by its pilot but I'm excited to see more episodes!

    1. I laughed so hard at "Better start growing out my hair." JSYK. <3

      I missed last night's episode but I heard good things!

  3. Aloha looks gorgeous on you, it's the perfect summer-into-fall orange. I only caught the beginning of the Mindy Show last night and you reminded me that I have to watch the rest!

    1. Yes! You should catch up! I think you would enjoy it. :)

  4. I love TV as well-but I'm more of an Investigational Discovery channel junkie-I love almost all the shows on that channel. I don't watch too much regular TV since I'm always on the other channel-I do love me a bright orange and this is gorgeous! Oh and The Princess Bride??? I am so in love with Cary Elwes it's not even funny!

    1. I think I was expecting more from this polish, but I'm pretty happy with it for what it is.

  5. What a gorgeous polish!!!
    I gotta admit, I watched maybe 10 min of the Mindy show and changed the channel... Maybe I'll give it another shot :))

    1. Thanks Gosia! I think it's worth at least four episodes. ;)


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