Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NEW: Sinful Colors Super Nova + Stuff on Facebook

I know I said I wasn't going to be around much this week, and originally I had no plans to post between Monday and Friday, but two things:

(1) After months of hemming and hawing and using the word "experiment," I threw my hat into the ring and created an official Facebook page for Stuff. Please give it a peep and a like (thank you)! I'll consider it your early birthday present to me. ;) ;) I'm kicking around some ideas for Facebook-exclusive content, and those ideas won't see the light of day if you're not interested! --But seriously, let's make my "experiment" successful by having some fun on the page! I think it could be a good time.

(2) I'm kind of glad I didn't say I was never going to buy another Sinful Colors polish again, because frankly, this happened. (Oh me, of little scruples.) I wandered into Walgreens on Saturday looking for ... something (I forgot because it wasn't polish, obviously), saw this on sale for 99 cents, and bought it because I am weak.

Plus, I love this song, this album and the studio albums immediately preceding and following it because it is/they are the epitome of '90s girl rock perfection. More importantly -- and feel free to laugh at me -- this song was on a Buffy/Faith fanmix a friend made on LiveJournal back in the day AND I HAVE VERY. FOND. MEMORIES. OF THAT FANMIX, DAMN IT. (I burned it onto a CD and it is in constant rotation in my car, it is THAT amazing.)

The official music video is [HERE], but they censored a line in the second verse, and censoring isn't very rock and roll to me, I'm afraid.

I detoured by the polishes last Saturday and stumbled upon a new Hot Flash Metallics display of colorful metallic chromes and foils. Here's a link to the display on Steph's Closet. Zinc-ing of You would have been a better match for my skin tone, but my love for '90s Liz Phair prevailed, and Super Nova came home with me. I admit a polish named Hot Hot Heat also was quite tempting. And for the record, I liked "Elevator." That was a decent album.

I'm also afraid I have to admit I didn't listen to "Supernova" on the way home. I rocked out to No Doubt's "The Singles" album. (Still '90s, so there's that.)

Three coats with SV.

Super Nova isn't a straight up gold polish -- it's more of a very pale, very cool rose gold on me, and the most rose gold of any polish I own. I don't own Orly Rage, so I can't say how these two polishes would compare. Additionally, I can't find my bottle of China Glaze Swing Baby right now and I can't compare these, either. My room's been a disaster since I've been packing for my move on Friday, but I will say that I think Swing Baby is a pinch more pewter and more rich in color. But as LeVar Burton says, you don't have to take my word for it.

The formula on this one seemed runny yet workable. I think I would have had an easier time with the application process more if it hadn't been for the brush. Sinful brushes are on the thin side compared to OPI and the bevy of broom brushes out there, but they're also a little flat and almost tapered. Foils tend to dry a little slowly, so wait in between coats to avoid dragging and brushstrokes. Super Nova is opaque in two coats, but I opted for three. It had an average dry time; I woke up with sheet marks on three fingers on my left hand, though in all honesty I turned out the light and went to bed as soon as I finished applying SV. I wore this for three days with no chips and minimal tip wear.

Again, I bought Super Nova on sale at Walgreens for 99 cents, and I'm not sure if this sale is still going on, but if you haven't sworn off Sinful and you want it (or the other polishes in this collection), you should get on that. As much as I enjoy metallics, I'm not keeping this one -- rose gold and my yellow skin don't play well together. (***If you are in the continental U.S. and want to swap, please e-mail me!)

Will any of you ladies giving Super Nova or any of the Hot Flash Metallics a pass or a go? Is Sinful Colors still in your nail polish doghouse? Do you love fanmixes? Any faves? Who or what is your favorite '90s girl rock icon? If you've got any recs, I'd love to hear them -- maybe you can rec an artist or band I don't already know!

Are you also of the opinion Madeline and I share in which '90s Liz Phair is the only one who understands us sometimes? I will leave you with this piece of advice: Do not sing "Fuck and Run" in front of your significant other, ever, because she/he will either start laughing at or worrying about you, and you might not end up with all that stupid old shit like letters and sodas.


  1. I don't think I need to even utter who my 90's superhero rock girl is.

    Obvs it's Gwen. I'm conflicted. I want her to be my big sister and mom at the same time.


  2. This is gorgeous!! And ahhhh Liz Phair. Oh the memories!!

    1. Thanks lovely! <3 A FLYING GIANT FRICTION BLAST of memories!

  3. You know I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LP 4eva. My other 90s girl rock icons are Carrie, Corin, & Janet from Sleater-Kinney, Courtney Love (I don't care what anyone says, Hole is a REALLY GOOD BAND and anyone who disagrees with me can go suck an egg).

    I want several of these metallics but I haven't been to Walgreens in a long time. This is one of the ones I want so I think my new rule is "If Rach hates it on her, I will love it."

    1. Also worthy of praise: Shirley Manson, yes? Awww, Sleater-Kinney! I remember when they broke up, sad times. Also, I LOVE "CELEBRITY SKIN." It's not even a question.

      HA. I think my new rule is "if it looks good on Madeline, it will look bad on me." <3

  4. This one reminds me a lot of Orly Rage. This collection is not in my Rite Aide and probably won't be as we never get the collections -just a rack of the regular shades...and it's 60 miles to the nearest Walgreens. The few Sinfuls I have are pretty thin.

    1. Late, but I feel like Rage has more depth, if that makes sense. I think it depends on what looks good on you!

  5. OMG this colour is perfect on you, for real!

    1. Super super late, but thank you Kristy! <3


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