Thursday, October 4, 2012

NOTD catch up: butter LONDON Sloane Ranger

I wouldn't say having some extra birthday money last month completely obliterated my low-buy. The only non-"limited edition" polishes (a term I define fairly loosely) I purchased were blog sale finds, and butter LONDONs from the Ulta B1G1 free sale that fell on my birthday, which pretty much gave me a free pass.

However, this particular shade isn't available at Ulta. I bought Sloane Ranger last month at my salon after eyeing it in early August -- I won't lie to you, I originally found the place because it was near my old apartment and it sold butter LONDON, which was kind of a big deal in late 2010 -- I felt guilty for derping and running late to my appointment. Fun fact, guilt is a kind of a default setting for me. Wanna get me to do or not do something? Make me feel guilty about it, or act like you might make me feel guilty. BAM. As you can imagine, this has fucked me up royally over the years because I beat myself up about a lot of shit, especially when I can control situations ... just like being late on someone else's time.

As it turned out, the salon had a cancellation which enabled me to get an appointment, and I'm really glad I bought Sloane Ranger, which has the distinction of being the first polish I used in my new apartment! I'm sure I would have got it eventually, so both the guilt and the lemming died a premature yet happy death. I'm also pretty sure this is one of the few occasions when a premature death is a good one.

Also, my apologies for the hangnail grossness on my ring finger. Ugh.

Three coats with SV.

According to the butter LONDON site, a Sloane Ranger is a yuppie from the South West London area, "near Sloane Square in Chelsea. Also known as 'Sloanies.'" Nice. Is it bad that I understand this term a little more than I understood Scouse last month?

I don't know if Sloane Ranger is a real yuppie color, but it's pretty fashion forward (and has been since Spring 2010, to my knowledge). Although it fits well with the whole "military" trend, it's not the most unique shade. When I first saw it in person, it reminded me of RBL Diddy Mow, Essie Sew Psyched, and Revlon Colorstay Spanish Moss -- I have no idea how it compares to any of those colors, though, because my stash got divvied up during the moving process. (Sorry, all!) It's a dusty military, mossy grey-green creme with silver shimmer that isn't obvious in low lights -- which is just how I like it with these colors. This can look grey with a green tint in some lights, and green with grey tints in others.

The formula on this one was good -- on the thick side for a butter LONDON, but I think it was the shimmer. Two coats are enough to get this opaque, but I went with three. It flowed and applied well on the nail, and dried super quickly with SV. I didn't have noticeable tip wear until three days out of the four during which I wore this polish, so that made me pretty happy.

Like I said, I bought Sloane Ranger for the usual $14.00 USD at my salon. If you're in the U.S., you also can buy it directly from the butter LONDON site, where it states that Sloane Ranger is a U.S. exclusive. (International friends, see if you can get a swap buddy to find this for you!) I don't know if this is limited edition, but if you love these khaki greens and you love butter LONDON, you shouldn't wait a whole month to snatch it up, like I did.

Would you throw down for Sloane Ranger, and if you already own a near-dupe (or two, in my case), would you consider getting this anyway? (I love and have Diddy Mow, but I'm too afraid to wear it because it's long-discontinued.) Any actual Sloane Rangers reading this out there? Do you do anything weird when you are feeling guilty? Do you have any suggestions for how to manifest your guiltiness into something more ... constructive? Tell me all the things.


  1. Am not a Butter London fan so I shall pass on this one. No one would have noticed your hangnail had you not pointed it out. I proved that on a couple of blog posts back when-

    1. Ugh, I totally notice these things. It's just this thing I do.

      I think the thing with butter LONDON has to be its marketing -- I have some polishes I wouldn't have purchased otherwise. But I do love this one.


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