Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Morning Java

First of all, this is SO MUCH LATER than I wanted to post. I had internet connection issues throughout the day, and when I eventually got it back I spent two hours looking at shoes and job ads before watching TV. I'm a mess. (The good news is that I already wrote tomorrow's post!)

I tried to think of a polish that would work for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," but until I own something called "Day Man," "Night Man," or "Electric Dream Machine," I'm SOL. Instead, I decided to go with something "Parks and Recreation"-ish today and made the somewhat unoriginal decision to roll with Pretty Serious Cosmetics Morning Java.

See, most everyone is powered by coffee most mornings ... but Leslie Knope REALLY loves breakfast food. Breakfast foods are kind of a big deal on "Parks and Rec," so it would stand to reason that morning coffee (java) is essential. Take a moment to smell the bacon and peruse the hilarious coffee vessels on the show's official shop. --I desperately need a "Ya Heard with Perd" mug -- I swear they used to have one until a few weeks ago! If I had known I was going to have an unofficial TV week on Stuff, I would have ordered it and taken my NOTD shots holding it. Oh, well.

Three coats with SV.

I'm still figuring out how I feel about this polish. It's comprised of a lovely golden brown (bronze?) metallic shimmer base with little specks of microglitter thrown in. I am not totally crazy about the microglitter -- size-wise, I think it's smaller than the microglitters you'd see in a BB Couture polish, for example. For some reason it doesn't pull as warmly on me as it did when I let Tara borrow it. Maybe it's the lighting? IDK.

The formula was a little thick on this one, but quite workable. Two coats are all you need to get this opaque (but three coats are optimal for me), and it dries quickly to a smooth, glossy finish with SV.

I picked up Morning Java during a Pretty Serious sale at the end of September, wherein everything from the Hello World! collection was half-off. Founder Kaz's blog (Pretty Random) was one of the first nail blogs I read back in the day, and following the growth of her own polish brand has been a lot of fun to watch! I have nothing but great things to say about the customer service I received from Kaz, but I'll save that for another post. :) You can snag this polish from Pretty Random HERE for $9.95 AUD. Pretty Serious Cosmetics are B3F, vegan and cruelty-free.

Any thoughts/opinions re: Morning Java? Do you own this polish, or any other Pretty Serious-es? (Seriously, what IS the plural form of that?) Do you also really love breakfast food? (I hate it so much. Well ... I'm okay with breakfast foods, but during breakfast hours, it's just forced feeding as far as I'm concerned. I know eating breakfast is healthier for you but my body cannot tolerate it that early in the morning!) If you are a "Parks and Rec" fan, do you consider yourself a "Perd-vert"? And if you saw the end of tonight's episode, do you think it's sad that I teared up more over it than I would if I saw something like that happen to someone I knew IRL?

I'm running out of fuel and I have an early appointment tomorrow, so (1) catch "Parks and Recreation" on Thursday nights at 9:30/8:30c on NBC, and (2) stay tuned for my last TV post of the week tomorrow. Or don't. It's kind of lame. And a photobomb.

Thanks for reading, and goodnight!


  1. I love this one & it looks divine on you Rach

    1. Thank you, Kristy! You're such an enabler, LOL. <3

  2. Love, love, love this! I'm so into browns and coppers right now. I think it looks good on you!

    1. Thanks so much, lady! I am SUPER into bronze and copper, too ... I have no idea where that phase came from, but I'm not gonna fight it.

  3. Breakfast foods are my absolute favorite. I love going out for breakfast more than for any other meal because sometimes it's nice to just sit on your butt at 8 in the morning and have someone else make your food and bring it to you. P.S. Always give your breakfast waitstaff a big tip because according to waitress friends, breakfast is the hardest shift of the day but with barely anything in tips. Especially do this if you live in a state where waitstaff is paid like, $3 an hour and expected to make up the rest (to reach minimum wage) in tips.

    Sermon over.

    I love Parks & Rec, I love breakfast foods, I haven't seen this week's P&R yet but I went on Tumblr this morning so I know what happened. :( :( :(

    Anyway, I think that I would like Morning Java way better if it was a darker brown, you know? I feel like this lighter brown isn't flattering to a lot of skintones but a darker brown would be. But maybe I am just biased because this color would look bad on me. ANYWAY.

    I didn't get anything during the Pretty Serious Cosmetics sale because I decided to be responsible with my money and buy new winter boots instead of fun nail polish. :( But at least my feet are dry and warm and they kind of look like Han Solo's boots so bam, I have new winter boots and I am on my way to next year's Halloween costume.

    1. See, the way you talk about going out for breakfast makes it almost sound enjoyable. (The only way I'm getting out before 9 these days is if I have a haircut at a nice place, which I haven't in oh, three years. :/) Anyway, my sister and I went to an IHOP at around 3:30 a.m. coming home from a concert in D.C. We left a nice tip in cash.

      Tumblr ruins almost everything. :(

      I'm with you too. I like it but I feel as though something is slightly off about it!

      Man, I want new winter boots. But maybe I should get wide calf rain boots instead. Just the other day, I looked at my Helmer drawers and felt REALLY OVERWHELMED by all my polish ... time to purge, I think.

  4. Gorgeous brown polish! I need something like this in my collection!

    1. TY, Jennifer! Yeah, you do. :)


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