Monday, October 22, 2012

¡ECHA PA'LANTE!: Zoya Yara

As Craig Ferguson often says, today is a great day for America. But why today?


(click the sparkle text to go to the LOGO site)
(yes, I HAD to use sparkle text just this once today)

To say that I am excited is an understatement. I just want these fierce mamas to TAKE IT and I will be enjoying every. blessed. minute. of this miniseries.

I chose to wear Zoya Yara today in honor of Yara Sofia, one of my favorite contestants from Season 3 and Miss Congeniality (I loooooved Alexis Mateo but at the time, homegirl could not pad to save her life. Yara's look was more put together):

(source: fuckyeahdragrace)

Yara may not be as fishy as Season 4's Kenya Michaels, but she is SO GOOD at this "freaky Miami glam" drag look. (Is there an ~official~ term for that? Because I would like to know what it is.) Yara's catch phrase is "Echa Pa'lante," which translates to "work it out," according to the hispanohablante I consulted (a.k.a. my sister).

SO PERFECT. Does this assessment apply to this polish? Let's see.

Three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

OH YES IT DOES. This is one of those "ugly pretty" colors that is more pretty than it's ugly, though it truly depends on how olive colors look on you. I happen to think it looks great, but I'm not sure if I'm 100% in love with it yet -- I haven't worn a true olive polish in a really long time so I have to get used to it. The golden glass fleck shimmer is a fantastic twist and makes Yara one of the most unique polishes I've got! The formula was great; it applied well and dried quickly to a smooth finish with Cult Nails Wicked Fast (which I never tire of saying has worked wonders with my Zoyas, so if you're having Zoya troubles, I suggest you go get some).

Yara was one of the stunners in Zoya's Mirrors collection, released last fall. It retails for $8 on the Art of Beauty site, but Zoya frequently runs promotions and you can get a good deal on this if you buy a bunch of other polishes, too. Maybe you can make up your own little RPDR collection ... they have Pandora, Raven, Nina, Bebe ... well, you get the idea.

Since I don't have anything else original to say re: Zoya Yara, let me pimp RPDR All Stars one more time: It begins tonight on LOGO at 9/8c, and if you're in the U.S., I'm sure you'll be able to catch the episodes online at the network's site. I hope the lip syncs, the team ups, the costumes, and the wig snatching will be everything I dreamed of AND MOAR.

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow to see how I'm celebrating the return of another favorite show. :)


  1. I finally watched a full episode from season 2 on Netflix this past weekend...needless to say, I was incredibly amused. I loved RuPaul's one liners because they apply to not just drag queens, but everyone and life in general. I have always liked this color, but I can never bring myself to buy it.

    1. LMAO "Drag U" is far more uplifting, I think, but my Monday nights are incomplete without "Drag Race." :)

      This color is worth it if you can get it on sale. I think you'd like it, and you'd have some cool layering possibilities as well.

  2. BRB teleporting to VA so I can watch this with you. No one ever wants to watch RPDR with me. :(

    1. My sister will totally watch it with you, too. Just saying.

  3. I hope to get Yara eventually! I've been wanting it for a while. It's such a unique color and quite pretty too.

    1. I hope you get it! It's sooooo awesome.

  4. Werrrrkkkk! I LOVEEEE RPDR. I am so excited for tonight. Have you watched the 1st episode on FB? Squeeeeeeeeeee! Yara is gorgeous. (Both the polish and the queen. Heh) All we need now is coordinating colors for the rest of the AllStars. The Shade ... the Shades of it all!

    1. I don't know who you are but we should be friends. You had me at "The Shades of It All."

      A+ because reading is FUNDAMENTAL!


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