Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 and Dior Shadow

O HAI. Did you have a good Thanksgiving? My mom is probably arriving in the motherland any time now. :( In the end, my uncle ordered a turkey and some side dishes, so we were okay ... in addition to the FIVE PIES and other baked goods that were on the table. Plus I made mac & cheese in my dutch oven, and I think it turned out pretty baller. My sister dubbed our celebration "A study in carbs," which sums it all up.

(L): My sister's second pear and almond tart with blackberries. She baked some walnuts into the crust. Recipe from Smitten Kitchen

(R): My second zucchini coconut bread. Recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod

Sad-looking shih tzu

I haven't worn purple in a while, so after polling my Twitter friends, I went with this one; unbeknownst to me, elbee also had this polish on for Thanksgiving! Dior polishes are probably my favorite high-end ones. I love them. I love purple. So when I first heard of the Les Violets Hypnotiques collection, I knew I NEEDED this one like the burning.

I also think of this Shadow. Don't hate. DON'T YOU DARE.

As far as seven-year-old Rach was concerned, if you were a kid or a parent of a kid in the '90s and you didn't get violently upset at least once during this movie, you had no heart. I mean, between this and "The Brave Little Toaster" ... GOOD GOD. I caught the end of "Toy Story 3" on the Disney Channel last Saturday and cried a little, much to BF's amusement, because how do you not?!?!

If Dior Shadow makes me cry, it's because it's the The shimmer on this one isn't as WHAM POW in most lights as I was led to believe, but we all know how I feel about cremes.

Two days of wear, three coats with SV.

Y'all, I'm so sorry about my cuticles. My skin has gotten drier as it's gotten colder, and no amount of moisturizer will do anything right now. Maybe in another week, they'll be back to normal.

Depending on the light you're in, Shadow will look either like a smoky purple creme (think a blend of OPI Siberian Nights and Essie Smokin' Hot) or a reddish violet. As I said, the shimmer isn't the most apparent one -- admittedly, Dior is pretty excellent at making polishes with "secret shimmer" -- but DOES glow a little bit in artificial light and does come out to play in the sun, so yay. If you decide to keep this on for a few days, make sure you refresh your top coat, because I felt like this dulled after two days. (Also, I was slaving in the kitchen yesterday ... so that could have had something to do with it.)

If the edges of my nails look jankity, it's because I hate the Dior broom brush. This one wasn't cut perfectly, and polishing fails are easier to see with darker colors, no matter how neatly you try to clean them up. At least the formula and dry time with SV were nothing short of perfection.

Shadow was the crown jewel of this fall's limited edition Les Violets Hypnotiques collection. Although this is probably long gone from your Dior counter, you can snag it (and Orchid and Poison) on the Dior site for $23 USD. I actually bought this bottle online from Dior when conducting a mini-haul in September with Tara.

Tell me about your Thanksgiving! Did you make anything yummy? What polish(es) did you wear? Did you brave Black Friday shopping? Did my "Homeward Bound" reference just blast you to the past a little? Or we can talk about Dior ... have you tried any? What's your favorite high end brand? Did you spring for any of the Violets polishes?

I'm out to try my luck at Target and Best Buy for DVDs, and then I'm going to see "Lincoln" with my sister and my dad. SO EXCITED, but so angry that almost no one I know had any Lee Pace sightings when "Lincoln" was shooting in Richmond last year. Boooooooooo. Speaking of "Lincoln," I'm going to cackle when I see Sally Field. I always do. She'll always be Sassy the Himalayan cat to me.



    brb, sobbing. I love those movies <3

    I baked Joy the Baker's s'mores brownies for yesterday and am making her pumpkin creme pie (for the first time) for a celebration tomorrow. SO GOOD.

    Black Friday was mildly nutty. I didn't go out until late morning but I snagged 2 for $20 candles at B&BW and fleece at Joann's to make a blanket for DBF.

    1. LMAO I totally want to watch that movie right now. I never saw the sequel but I don't think I want to.

      Oh God Anna, pumpkin creme pie. WANT.

      I scored a bunch of TV on DVD, but I'm hoping I can nab "The Good Wife" Season 3 after Christmas for the cheaps. Black Friday for me is all about DVD sales, hahaha. You'll have to take pictures of the blanket when it's finished! (Will it be blue?)

  2. Sally will always be Gidget and the Flying Nun to me (oh and Burt Reynolds side kick in Smokey the Bandit as the one I remember her from in her first grown up roll)...then there were her 2 great Oscar winning performances in Norma Ray and in Places in the heart - who would have thought that she would end up with 2 (and maybe 3 they are talking now about her Mary Lincoln role) Oscars. She seemed so unlike that category of actor from her early work! But she was very face type cast then and that face still looks very young - she has what we call in a guy a 'baby face.' You will like Lincoln - I have been in chemo and was treated at the hospital I have been having to stay at with screenings of new movie releases from someone who is a contributor to the hospital who has movie ties...I cannot sit in a regular movie theater right now nor shop because I am too immune suppressed from treatments. I got to see Lincoln one night and Skyfall the next! I don't own any Dior polishes - and only a few Chanels I try not to fall hard for the high $$$ end lines! My mom made me see Homeward Bound when I had graduated from college and was out being a working woman - I would never have seen it were it not for my mom...but I did love it then and have seen it a few times on TV since. It still holds up! Now you have me wanting to go shopping!!! I guess I can hit the internet - the packages will be waiting for me when I get to go home (which maybe this week for a short 1 week break - then back again for check ups x2 in Dec and back on treatments in Jan. I will try to bring lots of polishes with me that time...or maybe I will be better and can go out to see about new lines after they start to hit in mid Jan. However so far not interested in the ones I have seen that will release - none of the OPI sets look like me. However I am giddy like many for the 2013 China Glaze holo collection - have a feeling I will need to have an 'in' with someone at Sallys to save me bottles or need to order it in advance on line.

    1. You know who has a baby face? JGL. I cannot take him seriously when he goes dramatic because of it. Sorry to hear about your hospital stay, but I'm glad you have access to movies! "Lincoln" ran a little long and it was shameless Oscar bait, but it was so cool to see glimpses of my city.

  3. Dior Shadow, I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

    Homeward Bound is the ABSOLUTE WORST. MY EMOTIONS. When I was a kid, I had this babysitter who was the best, coolest old lady in the whole world but man did she have awful movie picks. Between HB and The Labyrinth, I am traumatized for life. Every movie night ended in tears, whether from FEELS or from terror.

    1. UGH IT IS SO GOOD. Maybe some company will come out with an affordable dupe???

      "Labyrinth"? Awwww. And OH MY GOD. I just remembered reading "Where the Red Fern Grows," "Bridge to Terabithia" and "Tuck Everlasting." WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL KIDS, 3rd AND 4th GRADE READING TEACHERS?!

  4. that's such a gorgeous color! ugh, my cuticles are getting drier and drier too :( i hope you had an awesome thanksgiving. your sister's pie looks good btw, thanks for sharing the recipe! i'm gonna try it one of these days :D

    1. Thanks, Eileen! You too? Ugh. And I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Of course I had to share the recipe ... I don't know how many good ones I would have missed if not for my online buds. You'll have to let me know how yours turns out! :)

  5. I never saw Homeward Bound because I knew--I just KNEW--that I did not possess the emotional fortitude to endure it without drowning in my own tears. So, when I see Sally Field I pretty much always think of Soap Dish.

    Dior Shadow is fabulous! The shimmer is subtle but still all kinds of gorgeous, and I love that deep, raisin colour! I think I'm actually having the opposite problem with my cuticles right now--I've been so aware of winter coming that I've been Lemony-Flutter-ing my them like crazy, and now my pinky is perma-shiny from all the moisture. It's weird!

    1. OMG, I have never seen "Soapdish." (Should I?)

      Thank you! I didn't know it was wintertime in your neck of the woods. Huh. And that IS weird. I've never tried Lemony Flutter ... the closest LUSH near me is in freaking Tysons Corner in NOVA, so I've been slathering Burt's, Badger and even freaking AQUAPHOR on my hands because ughhhhhhh. This is gonna be a rough winter. I can feel it.


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