Friday, November 16, 2012

OPI Live and Let Die

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You've probably seen this polish a few hundred times already, but never on me. I wore it when I thought I would be able to watch "Skyfall" last Saturday, as per Madeline's suggestion. However, I suddenly succumbed to Gomez Addams "swing low, sweet chariot" levels of illness that night, so I didn't get around to watching the movie until Wednesday, but YES ...

All the awards.

Right now you're probably all, "GIRL. Are you talking about the movie or the polish?" I think my assessment can be applied to both. I have nothing groundbreaking to say right now about Daniel Craig's body Live and Let Die that everyone else hasn't already said, so ... here are pictures.

Three coats with SV.

The good: This polish is everything I wanted China Glaze Smoke and Ashes to be. The smoky dark green base is teh sex. I feel like the glass fleck isn't nearly as prominent on the nail as it is in the bottle, but then again, the base color is one that gets lost in my skin tone. It does sparkle something fierce in low light, though. I had no issues with the application, formula (this is perfectly opaque in two coats) or dry time, and I wore this for five days.

The "bad": The sparkle dulled on the third day of wear. (Granted, I am not a top coat refreshing kind of blogger.) The longer I wore it, the more I realized I would rather have worn Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, which, admittedly, is a completely different animal (MAXIMUM SPARKLE) ... but the heart wants what the heart wants. So really, if that was the only bad news I could drum up about this polish? Consider it a win.

Live and Let Die is currently available at Ulta, OPI retailers and beauty supplies along with the rest of OPI's Skyfall collection, this year's limited edition holiday tie-in. Get what you want while you can! I haven't been so grabby hands-y about an OPI holiday collection since the Holiday Wishes collection in 2009. That collection still makes me die.

If this polish were a Coldstone size, it'd be Gotta Have It -- but only if you're into vampy green polish, OPI holiday polishes, or anything Bond. Do you agree, or do you care to dispute this? I know you're not going to dispute the awkwardness/awesomeness of a certain "Skyfall" scene. You know the one.

BF says: "What color is Moonraker?"
Me: "Silvery grey."
BF: "Okay, that makes sense. What about Octopussy?"
Me: *facepalm*

Guys. Seriously.


  1. Buahahaha, Octopussy!!!! My dude is the same :)))

    Love this color, glad to hear about its longevity, sparkle or no sparkle!

    1. WHAT IS IT with guys? The formula on this one was wonderful, too! I just didn't like it on me.

  2. I keep trying to pull up more of the 'green goodies' inside this one - it's in there and I know it but it's not quite as fierce as I wish it was. I might try to mess with a little of it and add some kind of micro flakie to it = then shaken (not stirred)& see what I can come up with to give it more guts - Sorry to hear you got the sickies - but sounds like it was a fast mover - here and then gone in a few days. Go see Lincoln - it's really good. I cannot wait to see Anna Karanian too.

    1. I feel like every other person in Richmond was in or knows someone who was in Lincoln. I have a few acquaintances who were extras in it. :)

  3. This polish is sooooooooooooooooooooo perfect. I can't wait to see Skyfall, either! I'm waiting until I go home for Christmas so I can see it with my Mom & Dad because, well, they will buy my ticket for me.

    1. Movies are ALWAYS better when they're free. B and I don't really do fancy dinner dates out, but we go to the movies an awful lot. It's more essence of us.

  4. I'm not a fan of this polish but love the swing low illness reference-LMFAO right now-of course most of the time your blog always makes me chuckle! So thank you for that! What kills me is that Daniel Craig signed up to do 5 Bond movies back when he was a nobody and now that he's a somebody-is acting like a stuck up ass and doesn't want to do the rest of the Bond series. Really? WTF dude-this movie made you and now you're too good? That's just messed up to me.

    1. It's funnier because it's true. I felt pretty deathly. Thank you!

      Maybe it's because I watch a LOT of things, but I don't know that he was a "nobody" in his pre-Bond days. Certainly I don't think he would have had the exposure and offers that he has now, but he could have carved a nice little "British character actor" niche for himself.


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