Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Essie Luxedo

Whoa. Happy December, u guise.

I didn't mean to dip on you. It's just that we've been dealing with internet issues at RachQ (Rach + HQ ... you know you love it) since last Thursday. To put it mildly, Comcast is ridiculous and you have no idea how much my dad and I wish we could get FIOS here. While this outage has put an estimated two-post dent in my blogging routine, I'm not half as irate about the whole thing as my father, who lost a weekend of work (he takes some of his work home).

After most of what was a trying day at the office, we came home to discover our internet and TV connections were back. I decided not to take any chances in case I'm SOL this weekend, so here are some swatches to kick off my holiday polish + Christmas movie feature. Today is all about the vampy goodness that is Essie Luxedo because sometimes you realize you have a whole month to wear red, green and gold.

Three coats with Essie Good to Go. Also, horrible, HORRIBLE cuticles. No amount of Aquaphor will save my hands this winter.

True (and derpy) story: Luxedo was so glossy without top coat that I almost applied a fourth coat of polish -- I'd forgotten whether I'd done it! In my defense, I also was watching the Stanksgiving episode of "Happy Endings" and snorting into my glass of water at the time, sooooo. Anyway, this definitely isn't the most original color. It looks black almost all of the time, but you can see the plum tints in bright sunlight or some artificial ones. I had no issues with application, formula or dry time, and wore this for four days with average tip wear. The only chip was on the corner of my right index finger, the finger with the nail breakage, if you remember my last post.

Luxedo was from the 2010 A Winter's Tale six-piece holiday collection, one of my favorite collections that year. Although Smokin' Hot is an unblogged favorite and Silken Cord remains untried, I blogged Hot Coco, Masquerade Belle and Going Incognito last year.

Part of the reason I'm blogging Luxedo is because there's no other choice when pairing it with the 1990 Whit Stillman movie "Metropolitan." I was stalking Redboxes in my area last month looking for "Damsels in Distress," Stillman's newest movie, when it occurred to me that "Metropolitan" totally counts as a Rachel Christmas Movie. I watched it a few times mostly because I haven't seen it since college and took three pages of notes in my tiny Avengers notebook, but ... this is a nail blog ffs, so I'll try my best to condense.

Based on events that occurred in the director's life, "Metropolitan" takes place during one "Christmas vacation, not long ago." Princeton student Tom Townsend, home in New York for the holidays, falls in with other upper crust students one night after a deb ball. These young people are known in their social circle as the "S.F.R.P.," or the Sally Fowler Rat Pack. As the movie continues -- and it reminds me more of a play than a movie in that the dialogue does most of the heavy lifting -- it's interesting to note how each member of the group feels about Tom. The characters aren't supposed to be super likeable, but who in their early 20s is, especially when considering disappointment for the first time?

Glancing at the cover art for the Criterion DVD, you wouldn't think this movie was set in the late '80s or early '90s, would you? I sure as shit didn't. But with the exception of '80s/'90s fashions, I think it helps "Metropolitan" achieve some of the timelessness Stillman wanted the film to exude. For what they were at the time, you have to admire the puffy deb gowns. And I think the late '80s and early '90s were the last time -- at least in my lifetime -- that fashion trends actually aged people in NOT an immodest way. The 20-somethings in this movie are all dressed like little adults until you see them WITH adults, and then if you're like me, you think, "Thank God I was a baby in the late '80s."
To my understanding, Stillman cast mostly unknowns and newcomers in "Metropolitan." (Dork fact: If you put on the Criterion DVD features, Stillman recalls conversations regarding the, ah, taboo of casting a redheaded actor in the lead, rather than a blond or brunette. No one loves gingers.) The most recognizable cast member is probably Chris Eigeman, who plays Nick; people my age probably remember him as Lionel Herkabe from "Malcolm in the Middle" (Malcolm's bossy, mouthy teacher). Here's a clip of both Edward Clements and Eigeman as Tom and Nick, having one of several telling, subtextual conversations about clothes:

There's also a great scene that takes place prior to this one where Tom has to return his rented tux to A.T. Harris, only to find the shop closed. And since this is a nail blog, it would be remiss of me not to tell you there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene where Audrey and Jane give themselves pedicures. You can't really see the polish, but it's some variety of frosty mauve grossness.

If you want more of a glimpse of what "Metropolitan" (and any other movie) has to offer visually, you should check it out Design*Sponge's "Living In" feature. It's so perfect.

So, Luxedo: Can you live without it, or are you a vampy hoarder like me? What about "Metropolitan"? Have you seen it? After reading this post, would you like to? (It's available as a DVD rental from Netflix. You're welcome.) I have no idea why I don't own this. Are there any other Whit Stillman lovers out there who can tell me anything about "Damsels in Distress"? Fun note, I discovered Stillman's work in college during a weird "I should have majored in film studies" phase after watching Noah Baumbach's movie "Kicking and Screaming," also starring Chris Eigeman (which, for better or worse, is one of my favorite movies).

I'm so sorry it took me forever to write this post. Thanks for sticking with me! I'm also sorry if this was wordy -- either I had more to say than I thought I did, or I'm making up for lost time.

P.S. U.S. readers, there's still time to enter my 2nd ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway!


  1. I can empathize with your Comcast issues. I am stuck living in a rural area where the only option is Charter cable - period - or you can do Dish or Direct TV - but the latter most folks have major problems due to weather and cannot get speeds needed through any internet from a satellite service. I have to pay through the nose and they still cannot get me a basic 30mbs speed. They have to open the gate to 100mbs to give me maybe 19 and then every month I have to call and spend 30 mins at least and often another home call to get them to credit my account from the 100 speed charge down to the 30 speed charge! I have about had it going though this ever month for a yr now. I am waiting for the DVDs to allow me to record and edit then save so I can edit out the commercials and save a show to watch again. There just is not enough space on the DVD to record at HD. I end up forgoing the HD a lot just to get things recorded. Folks who live in big cities don't realize how lucky they are with many choices for TV service or just getting what they can through the free broadcast TV that of course where I live I cannot even pull in a little local station that is 12 miles from me! If DSL could keep up, I would change out the Internet. But the ATT DSL (only one in my area available) cannot get the signal to my house - they need a new hub I am told. I cannot even watch YouTube! So DSL is out. I hear of folks watching their things on their mobile devices. We have lousy wi-fi anywhere outside of the home and even 2 dead spots inside the home. I am in the hospital right now and delighted to have what everyone else is saying is cruddy wi-fi connection! 3G in my area for phones is also not anything that works well. We need satellite cell phones and those are really too expensive for most folks.

    I remember Luxedo - thanks for reminding me - it is one of those that Essie hits on now and again - a fabulous cream with amazing shine. I see a tish of brown in it but not an ugly brown that I cannot wear. I am one of 'those' who cannot wear plain black creams - I have to have some blue, brown, red -...something in it to pull it into a color that looks right on me. Good call to pull this one out and show it. I don't feel right about wearing major holiday bling yet. I am in a pretty conservative environment and in cancer treatment so low on oomph as is set up for this Jan and am going through a ton of new docs on my team this week to get ready as everyone 'discovered' they set all my pre op for the week right before Christmas and half of them will be gone. Looking like I have to stay here through the weekend to get with a few more docs first of next week - then home and then back again for the 17th - 21st. Tons of stores loaded with polish around me - even about a 40 min drive is an ULTA I hear...and never been in one before but no oomph to go. I barely made it to a Walgreens to get eyemakeup remover I forgot to bring and replace a broken nail file - then it was back to my little on campus apartment. I am going to ask if they will give me some kind of PT. I need to work on approved exercises to get some muscles back. They have a Yoga for cancer patients here and thinking that and a few other courses I can maybe sign up for with MD approval when I am here the 4-6 weeks post op. Thanks for pulling out this beauty - lovely to remember it again.

    1. Sorry to hear of your internet troubles ... I can't imagine watching things on mobile devices. Too damn tiny, if you ask me.

      Luxedo's not so red/brown as much as it is plum, but I think OPI William Tell from the Swiss collection definitely has that red/brown tint going.

  2. Oh you have to try Silkened Cord from this collection - it's been a fav of many folks in the past. I need to pull that one out again soon I recall it was a good shade out the door from holiday because it's not a real Christmas expected red.

  3. Wow that's a long comment! Anywho, I am definitely a vamp hoarder and I do not own this one. Everytime I see it, I think I really need it, but then I pass-so gorgeous! Next time I'm buying it!

  4. Oh and PS, I live so far in the woods, there is NO high speed internet unless you pay a butt load for satellite. I have to use my iphone as my internet and with the woods, it's slow and spotty coverage. Just in case you HAD to know this!

    1. IIRC, your neck of the woods is pretty far out so your internet situation isn't surprising, unfortunately. There are certain areas where one of my friends lives that can be pretty spotty, too.

  5. I have no internet issues because I'm assuming I live in the middle of a giant INTERNET HUB. I have a few friends in Brooklyn who lose their internet all the time (one girl right when she had to turn in a paper on Dropbox; my heart woulda stopped).

    Anyway, you know how I love TEH VAMPS, so I think this one is gorgeous. Looks great on you.

    You should talk to my fiance about films. He was a film major in college (isn't that cute!?) and he loves to talk about movies and pop culture.

    1. OH GOD. I would have had a meltdown for sure. I stayed at a Brooklyn hostel in Feb. with pretty decent wifi, which was great for my phone.

      Thanks and I SHOULD. And as if we needed any more proof that he's perfect for you!

  6. I am a vampy hoarder but then again I don't have the problem that most people have where they all just look black because I am SO FREAKIN' PASTY that you can always tell it's not just black.

    Comcast blooooooooooooows. The internet at the old place used to cut out all the time and it was such a pain in the butt to set it up in the new apartment! But they are the only option!

    1. Sometimes I get lucky and you can see the purple tones. I think I was wearing OPI Siberian Nights and my sister's boyfriend just about died laughing asking me if I was wearing black nail polish. *eyeroll*

      I. CANNOT. with Comcast and they're the only option here as well, so I completely understand your pain/rage. ;____; >___<


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