Thursday, December 20, 2012

They serve pancakes in hell: Nicole by OPI Faux Fir

It turned out the second time was the charm, because Morgan e-mailed me on Tuesday with her contact info. Yay! I ordered her DVD and I shipped her prizes yesterday. Thanks for reading my blog, Morgan! Enjoy your goodies. :)

It's also my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, so snaps to them. This year is a little sad because my mother is still out of the country, and we can't celebrate together, but my dad and I were able to Skype with her last night. I have no strong desire to get married and have children, but if I do, I hope I am as patient with my kids as my parents have been with me for the past three years.

Now let's kick off this VERY late nail post with a confession: I love buddy movies.

But not, shall we say, the Vince Vaughn or "Hangover" type movies that are so prevalent these days. No. No, fuck that shit. Hells, no. From this day forward, let it be known that Stuff stans for Harold & Kumar. "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" is one of my favorite movies, so after being underwhelmed by "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" -- seriously, I think laughed five times -- I tried not to get my hopes up for last year's latest addition to the franchise, "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas."

You know what, though? That movie was AWESOME. I loved the throwbacks to "White Castle," the Christmas claymation, the NPH song-and-Christmas dance number, Wafflebot, the return of Rosenberg & Goldstein, and especially Danny Trejo in a Christmas sweater. Yup.

I think I could do an entire week of blog posts on this movie alone. For the purposes of this blog, however, there was no other choice except this lovely NOPI from three Christmases ago.

Three coats with SV. Sorry some of them aren't focused properly, but you can see how rich this color is.

Faux Fir reminds me an awful lot of two polishes: one of my all-time favorites, Nicole by OPI Fell from the Tree, and butter LONDON British Racing Green. However, I don't think Faux Fir is a dupe for either of them. Fell from the Tree is more vibrant and less blue. Sadly, I don't have British Racing Green with me so I cannot make a better analysis for you right now, but it did strike me as pretty close.

Since this is an older NOPI, the brush is skinny. (Yay!) The polish in  my bottle had started to separate, so I had to roll it around for a minute. It was fine after that. The formula was on the thin side, but it covered well enough after two coats, but I would recommend three to get the true richness of this green. Dry time was fast with SV, and I wore this for five days with minimal tip wear. I only had one chip, and that was on the nail that broke a couple of weeks ago.

This shade is discontinued, but I found my bottle a couple of years ago on AveYou for $8. I think you still might be able to get it there if you really want it.

Faux Fir really is the perfect polish to go with "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas." There's a bit where Carlos, Harold's father-in-law (Danny Trejo in a Christmas sweater) arrives at Harold's house on Christmas Eve, sees Harold's Christmas tree, and asks if it's a fake tree. No, says Harold, it's faux, and then Carlos asks if he's planning to have a faux Christmas. Then he has some family members bring in a Fraser fir he grew himself.

This family-grown tree is tradition, so after Kumar ruins Carlos' tree (not really a spoiler, IMO. Think about Kumar. He WOULD), Harold takes it upon himself to find a last-minute replacement while his in-laws attend midnight Mass. After a few false starts, Harold and Kumar are mistaken for dancers in a holiday musical revue ... and cue the obligatory Neil Patrick Harris cameo. I really think this one of the best parts of the entire movie.

Fair warning: If your sense of humor is a little more highbrow, you might not appreciate what happens 40 seconds into this clip. When I saw this movie in 3D last year, my entire theater just about died laughing at that point.

I've never seen the unrated version of this movie, so I can't recommend that one over the regular version to you at this time. As it is, though, the regular version is great. I know he's pretty respected among the Broadway crowd, but I really think "White Castle" is what catapulted NPH back into the mainstream, which was released at least a year before "How I Met Your Mother" started, IIRC. (Does anyone remember "Stark Raving Mad" and how much THAT blew chunks? Because I do, and ... yeah.)

I guess what I'm saying is that if you love stoner comedies, buddy movies and NPH, then you need to see this movie. (And "White Castle." You can skip "Guantanamo.") I think it hits all the marks it was aiming for, especially with the idea of having a best friend you never talk to anymore. Most 20-somethings have at least one of those. I know I do. And for some bizarre reason, my parents enjoyed "White Castle." I do not understand this. Maybe it was the novelty of seeing a Korean actor and an Indian actor in the lead roles -- which I feel obliged to say SHOULD NOT be a novelty, but that's Hollywood for you. I don't know. But my dad got a little excited about knowing there was a Harold & Kumar Christmas movie, even though the humor probably escapes him.

I'm fresh out of what normally would be my usual attempt at a witty wrap-up. I'll just say I would love to read any comments you have to share with me about this NOPI, any of the Harold & Kumar movies, this clip, NPH, pancakes vs. waffles, recreational drug use in college, the representation of minorities in Hollywood (or lack thereof), whatever. SPILL! And thank you for reading!


  1. That green is gorgeous. Have not seen any of the movies you've mentioned here I mostly go for the horror types-I'm quite schooled in that genre

    1. Well, there you go. I haven't made as thorough of an exploration into horror as I would like.

  2. well, if it was you who mentioned series 'once upon a time', see you in hell on the crowd fighting for pancakes, can't get enough of it, and haven't been able to do much for the past two days - because "I wanna know what happens next", argh..

    i don't wanna be anonymous, but can't use my wordpress id for some weird reason...:/

    1. oh and now it works..:D

    2. Haha. I like pancakes, but it depends when, where, and who's cooking.

      I've only seen two episodes of the show and didn't care for it. But then "The 10th Kingdom" TV miniseries and the "Fables" comic have kind of ruined me for everything.

  3. 1. More Kal Penn in things, plz.

    2. I have not seen this. Or "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." Can we still be frans?

    3. Waffles are waaaaaaaaaaaay better than pancakes. Pancakes are too heavy. They sit in your stomach like a rock and the entire day after you eat pancakes for breakfast, you just sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Or that may just be me since I am incapable of eating breakfast foods in moderation.

    1. 1. YES. Incidentally, I have something else he could get into. (WHAT. HE COULD.)

      2. I wonder if you would enjoy it half as much as I do. But then again, I haven't seen "Better Off Dead"!!!!!! I think we definitely can be frans.

      3. Leslie Knope also enjoys waffles. But you're right, pancakes ARE heavy. I love pancakes AND waffles ... but it depends where I am, what time it is, who's making them, and if they're free. 'Cause free food is always better, as I'm sure you know.

  4. I loooooved this movie. I just watched it for the first time last week and I really wish I'd seen it in 3D in the theater. This is the perfect polish for the movie. XD And I totally agree with your opinions about the first two movies.

    The only thing I don't agree with you on is that I don't think it was really Kumar's fault about the tree. What happened was magic!

    Waffle-Bot was totally right about pancakes.

    1. I wish you'd seen it in 3D, too! You really got the full effect of all the 3D gags.

      Oh, WE know it's magic ... but he did kinda ruin the second tree ;) "It WAS a perfectly salvageable tree."

      LMAO, I want a Wafflebot so badly.


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