Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pink Wednesday, holiday edition: OPI You Only Live Twice

Real life hasn't left me much time to blog over the past few days. But here we are ... another day, another OPI Skyfall. I thought OPI You Only Live Twice was the less flaky-looking counterpart of OPI Meep-Meep-Meep from last year, and though I don't have OPI Let Me Entertain You, this strikes me as a deeper, richer shade.

Here, have some pictures. I had trouble picking out the usual 5-6 best ones, hence the TEN you're about to see.

It's not as red on me as it looks. I've seen this polish pull differently on different skin tones, so it can look anything from red with berry sparkle (warm) to berry with pink sparkle (cool). Also, You Only Live Twice is a BEAST to capture on camera because of that AND the glass fleck. I haven't seen a blogger capture it to its fullest yet. If you have this, then you know I didn't, either!

Three coats with SV. Apologies for the dry cuticles. I have no idea why they look like that, because I moisturized. Whuh?

If you love berry shades, glass flecks, and holiday OPI exclusives, you 100% need this polish. This is so beautiful. I put on three coats, but you could get by with two. I just think three really brings out the glass fleck. I had no formula or application issues, and I've been wearing this for two days, so whoohoo. Nothing groundbreaking to say on that front.

Now if it's "another day, another OPI Skyfall," then ... another day, another Criterion DVD. Today's selection is "Cronos," a 1993 Mexican vampire movie, director Guillermo del Toro's first feature film and completely a Rachel Christmas movie. In fact, I wanted to blog this movie last year, but I ran out of time and figured seven movies was a good enough number for the month.

I passed up OPI Die Another Day for leaning too orange, or I would have paired "Cronos" with that polish. As it is, though, I think You Only Live Twice will suffice nicely for a vampire horror film. I'm not huge on horror films (I just never got around to really making a thorough study of the genre) and admittedly I haven't watched too many Mexican films, but if there are more good ones like "Cronos," SIGN ME UP. It took me a couple of watches to catch on to the vampire thing, because it was actually really ... subtle. I find most movies tend to hit you over the head with the vampirism, or get too bogged down presenting their own twist on it, so kudos to GDT. Real horror fans might find the pacing and buildup too slow, but they worked for me.

Here, peep the trailer.

If you're not a GDT devotee or *that* into vampire horror movies, then at least watch this for Ron Perlman. Confession: I LOVE GDT's Hellboy movies -- sure, they were great visually, but Ron effing Perlman, you guys. Ugh. He's the best. Anyway, after the "Beauty and the Beast" TV show (the one with Linda Hamilton, and the one where he lived in the sewers) and long before he became Hellboy for GDT, he was Angel de la Guardia in "Cronos." NGL, his character is a dick, but also provides some of the humor and comic relief in what is otherwise a pretty honest and touching movie. With corpses. And subtitles. Oh, and some good old-fashioned thematic symolism: the main character's name is "Jesus Gris," and I just said Ron Perlman's character was named Angel de la Guardia. And did I mention this takes place between Christmas and New Year? --Good God, it's been nearly ten years, but IB English has done a number on me.

SO. Any thoughts on You Only Live Twice or why it's such a beast to photograph? Anyone else seen "Cronos" or think GDT needs to make JUST ONE MORE Hellboy movie before Ron Perlman gets too old? (JUST ONE MORE.) Who else agrees that "YOLO" is for kids who are too dumb for "carpe diem"? Sigh. Thanks for reading, and if you decide to rent "Cronos" on Netflix via DVD ... you're welcome. I forgot to add that even my father liked the movie, so there's that.

Just thought I'd plug my 2nd ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway again -- you've got just under three more days to enter!

Also, I just realized this OPI works for these purposes:

Time to do a skanky victory dance to "Jingle Bell Rock." Now THAT truly would be a holiday horror movie.


  1. How have I not seen this movie yet???

    1. How have I not bought this yet?!?! (Also: you should!!!)

  2. This is my fav shade from this collection hands it! It's a new update for my old fav that is really expensive to pick up now - OPI's Let Me Entertain You - this one is more berry and just a tish darker than LMEY - I can wear this great fuchsia/berry glass fleck all winter and not feel like I have pulled out one of my summer fuchsia shades.

    1. Not sure if it's my fave shade from OPI Skyfall, but it's in the running.

  3. Whenever I see YOLO, I say to myself, "NO. 007 would not approve. It clearly say YOLT".

    Also, that polish is gorgeous.

    1. 007 would just shoot those fuckers in the face. I'm certain of it.


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