Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dior NY 57th, ordinary time and a moral dilemma

When my date with NARS Night Flight more or less crash dived last Saturday, I didn't feel like wearing another a dark blue shimmer. No, apparently what I wanted was a gunmetal/charcoal grey metallic. I tend to reach for blues and greys a lot in January, but given last weekend's unexpected temps in the high 60s, I think I felt the need to summon the cold and grey. (Note: It rained nonstop on Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps I'm on to something here.)

There's also the tiiiiiiny little issue of me owning three gunmetal/charcoal grey polishes, and I need to test drive them before I make any final decisions as to which one can stay in my stash. So off I go with NY 57th from Dior's Les Gris City trio released in 2010.

I'm smacking myself for not trying this earlier. It's so lovely.

Three coats with SV. Two coats are enough, but I gotta tell you, that brush is the derp.

This may not be the most unique color, but I think every polish lover should own a gunmetal grey. I am partial to dark grey and vampy polishes for the same reason that I am partial to brown eyeliner, when I DO wear it: black just looks too harsh on me. However, I like the suggestion of color/definition. Dupe-wise, NY 57th garners the most comparisons to Chanel Steel, which I don't own; Zoya Freja appears to have more red shimmer particles in the bottle. I can't get over how much I LOVE the way this looks on the nail. It's so ... smooth. It reminds me of hematite, you know?

At the time, the Les Gris City collection was my first experience with Dior and their new brushes. Since this is a metallic finish, I should have taken extra care during application. The formula was okay, perhaps a little more thick than it needed to be, but not by much. My real problem was the broom/paddle brush. Usually, I'm okay with it, but I had the worst time trying to get the right amount of polish on it so I wouldn't put too much on the nail. As a result of that and not waiting enough time in between the two coats I used, I had some bald spots near my cuticle, hence the necessity of a third coat to cover that. Had I been more careful, I really could have gotten away with two coats. It wasn't terribly brushstrokey, which was nice. And although it dried quickly, I got light sheet marks on my left hand the next morning, but that didn't bother me enough to do anything. I wore this for four days with tip wear, though I wonder if that was because I did a bit of cooking and also because I wasn't wearing my usual base coat.

As I mentioned earlier, the Les Gris City polish trio was released for Fall 2010. These polishes, Bond Street, Gris Montaigne and NY 57th were named after the three most popular Dior boutiques in London, Paris and New York City. Bond Street is long gone and while I think Gris Montaigne may be in the Dior core line, NY 57th is available for $24 only on I bought mine through that site right before Christmas 2010, as I had some holiday cashish to spare, little dreaming that Dior would become my favorite high end polish brand. (I'm not in love with their Spring 2013 polishes, though -- money saved!)

We know what I think of this polish (looooooooove), so what do you have to say? Would you agree that every collector needs a gunmetal grey in her/his stash? What was your first high-end brand splurge? And what's the longest time it's taken you to wear a polish from your stash? You know I'm bad at it.

In other news, my father took the Christmas tree down on Sunday in accordance with the end of the Christmas season (if you were raised Catholic, then yeah, last Sunday was the end of that). I removed my decorations on Friday. As I packed them away, I couldn't help wondering where they'd hang in eleven months -- where WILL RachQ even be? I barely spend any time in my apartment, and I won't lie, it's getting a little depressing knowing that I'm not likely to get a different job any time soon. But you know what's the opposite of depressing? This here ornament, which I plan to take a better photograph of next Christmas, with a better camera.

What, your Captain Picard ornament isn't flanked by angels?

(Also, that little bear in the shoe to the left was from my first Christmas. Aww.)

I didn't get a chance to hang this next one you're about to see, because I chanced upon it last week in the Hallmark holiday clearance section while "helping" my mom buy a birthday card for her friend. I remembered freaking out over this ornament, but I wasn't paying upward of $30 for it. However, for $8 and change, there was no way I WASN'T taking this bitch home.

There's only one catch: I've been struggling with whether I should keep this, or give it to BF. He would LOVE it, even though he maintains that every other Hallmark keepsake ornament has nothing to do with Christmas. But ... *I* love it. (I even wrote a screenplay in college in which this cantina scene was part of the final denouement.) And I found it. BF didn't put up his Christmas tree because a certain Sterling Meowlory Archer would have destroyed it within minutes. Besides, I already gave him his "Star Wars" Christmas gift. So ... I should totally keep this. Right? OMG, I DON'T KNOW. Just ... ugh, you guys. What do I DO.


  1. This is a lovely reminds me a little of an older Chanel that many nail addicts really covet - I think it was called Black Pearl maybe? I don't own it but I sure did hear a lot about it. I do the same thing when there is a shade I really like and want to get just the right one - I will buy close copies of that range and play with them - one always seems to steal my heart over the others = sometimes right off it's clear cut decision on my part - other times it takes me a # of wears to decide. Where I have been really lax of late is getting the ones I don't use out of my stash - but I hope to change that when I get back home from surgery and the next round of chemo...I hope to get on a big purge job and also put all the dups I bought for some reason into a database so I can see what and how many I have of what and I do want to figure out a way to sell them off - some I will donate. I don't have a blog so blog sale is out but seems a great way to help clear out a whole lot of polishes that are great top brands but need new homes. MUA is not quite what I need as I don't want new incoming right now - I need to make some open space! Again this one is just lovely...I vote this one as a keeper!

  2. Oh to answer your ?'s - polish brand that is my high end polish in my stash is probably Chanel. I don't have many and thank goodness most of the time I find the ones I have or have tried don't wear well on me! And yes, everyone need not 1 but a couple of good gunmetals - there are several really great finishes I can think of that I would count among the needed ones in my stash in gunmetal. My first high end brand splurge? Hard to say - I have had various polish collections going on for years...but I think in the 80's I got into some of my first non drug-store brands though I might have bought a few Clarins and Clinique/Lancone ones in the late 70's. Since OPI came into it's own in the 90's, I would say that is my go to brand - but the blog world has helped me branch out more and more. I get kind of sad when I buy some low end $2 range polishes and they don't have great formulas. I hate the hit miss thing about many low ends and try not to be tempted to just toss out $ because I need a new polish fix! Fortunately or not where I live we don't tend to get new colors/collections of Sinful and I never get to a Wallmart but maybe once a yr so I don't follow Pure Ice which is only sold there. I would rather pay a middle of the line price and usually get a decent formula with good wear. Where I live OPI is sold still at $8/bottle. I think in my stash I have more OPI and China Glaze shades than any other brands.

    1. You can find Pure Ice at Walgreens, if you have one near you. That way you can skip the Walmart trip.

      I probably will keep this as soon as I can find where my bottle ran off to!

  3. I have A England Dorian Grey which is a gorgeous pewter grey-am wondering how this compares to that one? It's not always a color I reach for-but I do love that Dorian Grey.

    1. I don't have Dorian Gray, but based on swatches I've seen, the shimmer in that polish is more gold. Hope that helps!

  4. I think I only have one gunmetal, Revlon Steel Her Heart. Now I wanna wear it, but I just put on Sally Hansen Wholesome Earth. Curses.

    My first high-end brand splurge hasn't happened yet. The only high-end brand I own is Deborah Lippmann & I got all 4 of mine for less than $10.

    My solution for your ornament dilemma--give it to meeeeeeeee.

    1. Mmmmmm, Wholesome Earth. <333


  5. Keep it! You know you will cherish it! That's a selfish virgo talking but I say keep it. It was meant to be.

    1. Looks like selfish Virgo wins. :) Thanks, Jennifer! I think I will be keeping it.


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