Monday, January 14, 2013

NARS Night Flight (and noms from Elizabeth)

After foiling off Metallic 4 Life, I wanted to wear something blue. I put this on one hand and wore it for all of thirty minutes, if you can believe that. In related news, 2013 is the year I stop buying blackened shimmers because I just cannot wear them (this polish being the exception).

Don't get it twisted -- NARS Night Flight is a beaut. It's just not bright enough for me. Or I'm not pale enough for it. Whatever.

Three coats with SV. You only need two. Also, I need to throw out this clean up brush, fo reals.

This is one of those blackened shimmers with a murky, blackened base, which allows the blue shimmer? microglitters? to peek through on the nail. I find these blackened blues to be more like deep navies and especially like denim. It's a really nice look if you can make it work. Night Flight appears more blue on me in pictures than it really was, and tragically, I cannot make it work.

Considering how damn good the formula was on this polish, that is even sadder. I'll never understand the fascination with one-coaters, so I can't remember if this is opaque in one coat, but I know it was perfect in two. Three was just because. It dried to a smooth, velvety-looking finish, but top coat glosses it up in no time. I haven't worn SV with my NARS polishes for a full mani, so I can't tell you how it would wear, although it does dry fast.

I don't wear make-up (wayyyyyy too labor-intensive), so if I didn't read blogs, I would have had no idea that NARS' Night Series polishes were fashioned after the company's popular eyeshadow palettes. That's pretty cool, actually. The NARS site touts Night Flight and the other Night Series polishes as limited edition -- they were released for Fall 2011 -- so grab these while you can! Each polish retails for $18 USD, and you can place an order through NARS,, or Barneys New York. I bought my bottle directly from NARS when I made a major polish haul at the beginning of October. (Speaking of NARS regret, Lal FUCKING Mirchi, y'all. I missed ordering that betch THREE TIMES.)

What do you think of Night Flight and/or the Night Series polishes? If you don't have any of them, would you buy any? I actually ordered two others, but who knows how long it will take before they make an appearance on Stuff. Don't hold your breath, LOL.

Before I sign off, BONUS TANGENT!

My non-blogging life has been kind of a mess for the past couple of months, which is partly why I am so thankful to have a fun hobby that allows me to cultivate friendships with other lacquerheads. One such friend, Elizabeth, has this blog. You may have heard of it. I sent her a Christmas card last month, and she said she wanted to send me one as well.

This arrived in the mail on Boxing Day. I was on Day Three of the infamous Christmas flu, and I felt miserable. (Especially knowing that I was missing all the sweet post-Christmas DVD sales. UGH.)

When I saw the "Hong Kong Post" printed on the mailer, I croaked out loud, "Who the hell do I know in Hong Kong?!" Don't worry, I figured it out.

SNACKS! I love all of these, but they were in flavors that I hadn't tried before. I decided not to eat them until I could taste flavors and stomach food again, so I actually ate the shrooms over the weekend. They were DAMN tasty. I've only eaten them in chocolate, so grape was an interesting change of pace. I'm saving the pocky and the mochi (for what, I don't know), but I know they'll be awesome. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! <3

Don't I have awesome friends? :)


  1. Aw, Rach, you're too awesome! You are so very welcome (loved my card!!), and I'm really glad you liked the grape kinoko snacky things! I had no idea what flavour those were...chocolate? Grapey-chocolate? White chocolate with grape frosting? Whatever, mushroom playing a guitar snax, BOOM. And don't be shy about ripping into those Pocky and mochi--I'll be happy to send you more anytime! Because of your aforementioned awesomeness and stuff. ^_^

    I'm usually not into navy blues (was dressed in it all the dang time as a child, and thus I rebel. I'm such a badass ;p), but this one is stunning! Sorry you didn't like it on you, though. That shimmery finish is amazing!

    1. No girl, YOU'RE awesome. They were white chocolate with grape ... that was definitely something. BTW, I've eaten the custard mochi (OH. MY. GOD. I NEED MOAR) and the Panda pocky (cookies 'n cream!!!!). They were DELICIOUS, and such an unexpected treat. You could even say they were motivational flu recovery items. ;)

      Why were you dressed in navy blue all the time? Did you go to Catholic school or have a uniform or something??? I think you could rock this one.

  2. I actually wanted to buy most of that Nars collection but didn't want to spend the money-one coaters are good for stamping. If you don't want these, and the others you bought, I'd be glad to take them from you!

    1. Ah. I don't stamp, so that's why I don't think about one-coaters that way. I'm trying to see if this MUA swapper is still interested, but I'll definitely let you know!


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