Saturday, January 12, 2013

OPI Metallic 4 Life

Happy Saturday! I intended to post this polish Wednesday morning, just in time to remind you that ABC's "Nashville" is back on TV after its winter hiatus (because really, what epitomizes country music fashion more than glitter?). However, one computer, two users and two more houseguests don't exactly mix, so I'm posting this a few days late. I can rave about "Nashville" later.

But, GLITTAH. I KNOW. This is SO UNLIKE ME. And I can't stand Nicki Minaj. What was I THINKING? (Little kids singing "Super Bass"? Not cute, y'all.)

I never will understand why I wanted this polish. All I can say is that I'm really into it.

"I'm soooooooo into you."

Well, maybe not to THAT point. But I do like this polish very much.

Three coats with one coat of Gelous, and topped with one coat of SV. There was no sun the day I took photos, everything was gross and overcast.

Black jelly base, and three different sizes of silver glitters, including a hex glitter. Pretty basic, but pretty wonderful too. I don't have anything like this -- but that's expected from someone who is mostly a creme lover. I use thin coats when working with jelly bases, so the first coat was pretty sheer although it built up nicely after three coats. The glitter wasn't hard to control -- at least, not to me. I opted to top this with one coat of Gelous PLUS one coat of SV to get a smooth nail surface, and I was so surprised at how quickly that dried. Within twenty minutes, I was good to leave the house for dinner (om nom nom, Indian food!). I put this on Tuesday night and it only chipped on one finger on Friday; I probably will foil it off this weekend. Also, some people say that the formula in their bottles gets goopy after the first use, so it'd be a good idea to have some thinner on hand, just in case.

Metallic 4 Life was from last spring's OPI collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj. To quote Queen Mimi, "I didn't know she sang. I thought she rapped. Or whatever."


I bought my bottle at Ulta last year during an OPI B2G1, but the collection is still pretty ETF at some beauty supplies and online. It's been a year since its release, and if OPI does what it did last year when it rebranded and renamed its 2011 Katy Perry polishes, we may be seeing these Nicki shades again this summer. I also hear that Metallic 4 Life is a close dupe for Nicole by OPI Luke of the Draw, from the newly-released "Modern Family" tie-in collection. I've seen about 50/50 preferences between this OPI and the NOPI from bloggers; supposedly Luke of the Draw is a little more dense than Metallic 4 Life, but they're not different enough to own both. I think the glitters are bigger than those in NARS Night Breed (untried), and I don't own Illamasqua Creator, so I can't be certain about that. I'm rather content with this one.

Anyone own Metallic 4 Life, and do you/did you like it as much as I seem to? Do you think you may get NOPI Luke of the Draw instead? Do you like "Moment 4 Life," the Nicki Minaj/Drake song this polish was named for? (I'm a negative on that -- besides, Drake will always be Wheelchair Jimmy to me. That's pretty awful, isn't it?)

I'm actually most interested to know what you think of these OPI collaborations with musicians, since this is going into its third year. What do you think of the final products, or the marketing? ALSO, I'm a little put out by the fact that I'm not in love with the OPI Mariah Carey polishes. Little girls in the early '90s couldn't go without loving at least three of her songs, and I am no exception (though it took me longer than most because I was mildly sheltered). I love Mariah and as much as I would love to buy an OPI polish bearing her name, the only one that interests me is Sprung, and I'm not sure if I could werk that. I'm not crazy about the Liquid Sands or any kind of texture polishes, so those are out. And yet ... I own one polish from the Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj collections.

Such a case of the first world sads, am I right?


  1. It's so awesome to see you in a glitter, Rach! And it looks *great* on you!! Seriously, these are probably the best swatches of Metallic 4 Life that I've ever seen. I have a bottle myself but haven't used it yet--most of the swatches look a bit lumpy, but yours is all smooth and pretty (with fab cleanup for such a glitter-heavy polish too).

    I do have the other Minaj polishes, because I love bright colours, and I did get one of the Perry glitters. Didn't get 'em for the tie-ins, though. Have to agree I'm not that pumped about the Mariah collection either, but I am actually interested in the blue liquid sand because it looks all textured and sparkly with top coat over it (the chunky sand look itself? eh...maybe in person I'll like it?).

    Also, I'm sooooooo into Zoidberg. ^_^

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I have to tell you, though, there are so many pictures on the MUA nail board and online that would blow you away. If I ever get a DSLR, I'm going to reswatch half this blog, hahaha. But I'll be looking forward to seeing this polish on you, and OPI Got Your Number too!

      Yeah, if I got polishes for the tie-ins, all my NOPI Beebz and Kardashians and my $OPI Glee polishes would be GONE. Just ... UGH at all of them.

      That episode is one of my favorite "Futurama" episodes. "Good news! It's a suppository!"

  2. UGH I'm so jealous that you got this to look good!! Your pics look awesome. I tried layering it over black and had a hell of a time making it look halfway decent :/ I haven't been excited about any of these collaborations, to be blunt. I'm not a fan of anyone they've collaborated with at this point. A Supernatural collaboration would make no sense, but would totally appeal to my inner fangirl, haha.

    1. Aw, thanks, lady! You have no idea how much I wish I could get a macro of this. >__< I thought about layering it over black at first, but then I wanted to see what it would look like on its own. I guess I was lucky that the Gelous + SV combo didn't take forever.

      Girl, I don't even watch that show, but Misha Collins and his trolling give me LIFE.

  3. I just got the Mariah Carey polish Anti-Bleak because I saw some amazing swatches. When I saw the bottle, I almost didn't buy it, but I'm glad I did, it is a stunning color, a very unique berry, purple, fushia kind of mulberry. Application was amazing, it is so shiny, and no staining when I removed it today.

    1. I feel like I have so many similar polishes, especially OPI Casino Royale, which is just a bit darker. May I ask where those swatches came from? Not that I need an excuse to get Anti-Bleak or anything ...

  4. You and me both - I am not a big wearer of glitter even now with the PVC base coat - I get super tired of the look in less than 1 day and I want it off which is so not what glitter is about - it makes manis last and last and ugh we all know the it's just not really the right look for me 99% of the time - I am too classic. I have this polish and it's in my never worn. I swatched it on a piece of paper and then never wore it. Like you I also am not a Nicki Minaj fan either. I did buy Fly and the pink cream one in the NM collection. Not liking anything out of the Mariah Carey collection except possibly Anti-Bleak.

    1. Oh, I'll take a creme over a glitter most days. I guess I'm only starting to appreciate certain ones now. Removal isn't so bad with foil, so perhaps you should look into that if you haven't before!

  5. I am still SO MAD that OPI made a Mariah collection & there is no Always Be My Baby.

    I've been pretty underwhelmed by by the OPI celebrity collaborations. But if they ever did a Beyonce collab, I would be all over that.

    1. GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURL IKR?!!!!!?!!?!?!?! And no "Heartbreaker" or "We Belong Together." RIDICULOUS.

      Oh shit. Your comment reminds me of how much I really don't need Lippmann Single Ladies, but I DO.


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