Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Abi

I blame one of my dad's best friends for all the "Breaking Bad" I've been watching lately, which I guess means I also indirectly blame him for this mani.

Note: If you have any close Filipino friends, then you're probably familiar with the concepts of "balikbayan boxes" and "pasalubong." Well, this is more pasalubong (no box).

When my family traveled to the motherland in May, my father contacted one of his high school/medical school buddies and told him to bring his daughters so everyone could meet for dinner. Dinner ended up being kind of awkward turtle, and not just because I'm a picky eater -- I think it's a cultural thing, because the conversation was not exactly flowing on the kids' side of the table. The girls spoke English, so that wasn't the problem: we just had nothing to talk about. My sister and I were about to turn the awks up to maximum until my mother asked my dad's friend if he wanted anything in particular from the U.S. that they could bring back for him on their next trip. After he named his heart's desire, I was put in charge of fulfilling it. Better still, the conversation kept moving from there.

The thing my dad's friend wanted most from America? DVD box sets of American TV shows.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know I was on it like white on rice because I'm an aspiring DVD/TV show whisperer. My dad's friend said he favored dramatic series, and especially any show that involved science. In the cab that night, I told my dad we needed to get him some "Breaking Bad" on DVD, but we had to wait until the holidays because it would be super cheap.

I also wanted to make sure both my dad and I could vet any shows I was recommending, so I've been catching up on "Breaking Bad." I sort of dropped off halfway through Season 2 the last time I tried to play catch up, but I just finished it and HOLY SHIT. WALTER WHITE, YOU GREEDY-ASS FUCK. Anyway, in the process, I finally got to the Krysten Ritter episodes (love her), and wouldn't you know, there was talk of seeing an exhibition by a certain artist. Fun fact, "ABQ" was the name of the Season 2 finale (ABQ in reference to Albuquerque); the real name of this polish was the name of an episode late into Season 3 (it's a different place, a town less than an hour away from Santa Fe, where said artist lived).

A more fun fact: "Breaking Bad" series creator Vince Gilligan is a native of the Richmond, VA area. I didn't discover that until two years ago when local media publications apparently also discovered it, but knowing that he incorporates local names and places into the show is really fun for me. Can you imagine how badly I would derp if I ran into him at a local bbq place, or even walking around The Fan?!? I would just die.

But since you know I am more likely to die alone in an apartment full of dogs wearing knitted sweaters and named after TV characters, here're some damn pictures of RBL Abi already.

Three coats with SV.

The last two photos were taken on the third day of wear, when I finally was able to get shots in the sun. Not too shabby, methinks. (But, sorry about my cuticles. Yuck.)

And perhaps this yellow green not the most interesting color, but it's certainly unique to the RBL lineup. I bought this hoping it would be a contender for my perfect apple green shimmer; for one thing, it's more like a creme, and it's sort of a dustier green, but I dig it. I wore a lot of grey this week, so having a pop of green on my nails was nice. This one had the same formula as Faraway and Santa Fe, and the same kind of SUPER secret shimmer, except Abi's was silver. I think my brush was slightly less wonky than my brush for Faraway, so that helped. Yo, RBL. What's going on with that?!

This dried fairly quickly with SV. I know I have some friends who have trouble getting their RBLs to dry and stay on -- I used to, too. SV was the last top coat I thought to try. I think I mentioned it before here on Stuff, but I used to layer Poshe and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which was OKAY, but annoying enough for me to try SV in a fit of desperation. And it worked! Considering my wonky body chemistry with almost everything (Color Club, I'm talking to you), I was thrilled. What I'm really trying to say is ... don't give up on finding a compatible top coat. TRY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

As you know, Abi was one of the seven colors that make up RBL's GOMM collection, and you still can buy it for $20 at the RBL site. Actually, Abi may be my first GOMM win out of the two polishes I've tried so far from that collection -- Faraway didn't wow me, and I hated Santa Fe on me.

Bonus: I got a blog sale package from Jacqui a couple of days ago, and Abi matched the tissue paper she used.

How do you guys feel about Abi? I don't really see this polish as being one of THE GOMMs to get (for me, THE GOMM is Ghost), but if you really love green and RBL, you should go for it. Are you guys all caught up with "Breaking Bad"? What is the longest time it's taken you to catch up on a show? And when it comes to giving gifts, is there anything you're exceptionally good at gifting? (No secks jokes right now, seriously.)

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend! Are you doing anything cool? I'm going to watch the Met Opera's HD broadcast of "Maria Stuarda" this afternoon, and I can't wait. It's a new production of the Donizetti opera about Mary, Queen of Scots. I'm not half as excited for this as I am for "Rigoletto" next month, but I love Joyce DiDonato, who plays Maria Stuarda. She's fantastic.


  1. I lov how this shade looks - I would really like this one. I missed out on getting this last re-release of Aqua Lilly but I wanted to pick up a few RBLS to keep my spirits up with a little treat as I got for surg and 2nd round of chemo coming up and will be 500 miles from home for over 4 weeks. I think I will put this shade on my list.

    1. I think most people would skip Abi if they'd seen it in a drugstore or at a salon -- it's probably just the RBL appeal, haha. This was not what I thought it would be, but I like it as is.

  2. I wasn't sure I'd like Abi (hence why I waited so long to own it) and I LOVED it! It pulled more...split pea soup on me but it's the awesome.

    The brushes on this collection were JANK. I think Poppy is the only one I have with a decent brush! What the what. But I loooove Abi on you!

    1. Okay, I'm glad it's not just me, re: the brushes. WHAT GIVES. It's like how Dior can't make a proper $24 broom brush!

      Thanks, bb! I'd love to see your pics of this polish sometime ;)

  3. I love love the shimmer!!! I'm still not sold on greens though... Read: I still live under a rock LOL :))

    1. It's okay ... I'm going to hunt my stash for a green polish to guest post for you! ;)

  4. I got the whole set of this collection-but I'm an RBL junkie. I do love this color. But I find it hilarious that you would even know what vince looks like to derp over! I did watch some Breaking Bad-and loved it and not sure why I didn't continue to tivo it!

    1. I bought GOMM piecemeal -- I like RBL, but I can't continue to justify $20 per polish if the color doesn't wow me, you know? Haha, watch some DVD special features and get your Google-fu on. I like to know who I'm stalking. :)


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