Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Long Haul: January 2013

Remember my post about blogging goals for 2013? As promised, here is the total of polishes and nail care products I purchased during the month of January, along with the total spent for the month.

The rules: If I bought other items at one store along with polish, I won't include the tax, just the total amount I spent on polish. Additionally, anything I bought as a gift for someone else won't figure into this and does not count.

Notes: I don't have bottle shots for everything since I left a couple of purchases at my apartment and since some are still en route to me, but I will edit this post with pictures by February's installment.

JANUARY 2: Ulta clearance! - TOTAL: $9.98
  • Sally Hansen Wholesome Earth (new bottle, to be used as a backup) - $2.99
  • Layla Ceramic Effect 53 - $6.99

JANUARY 6: Walgreens stop - TOTAL: $1.99
  • Sinful Colors Beau Khaki - $1.99

JANUARY 6: Zoya 3 for $10 (plus free shipping) promo - TOTAL: $6.66
  • Ziv - $3.33
  • Carmen - $3.33
  • Gwin (gift for a friend) - $3.34

JANUARY 7: Zoya Bekka (discontinued) via eBay + shipping - TOTAL: $11.99

JANUARY 9: A-England two-year anniversary sale + free shipping - TOTAL: $37.92 (USD conversion)
  • Holy Grail (old version) - £5.00
  • Elaine - £6.00
  • Lady of the Lake (gift for a friend) - £6.00
  • Order of the Garter - £6.00
  • Beauty Never Fails - £6.00

JANUARY 12: The Scholarly Nail blog sale + shipping cost - TOTAL: $29.35
  • YSL Wintergreen (longtime lemming!) - $20
  • OPI Baby It's Coal Outside - $4

JANUARY 17: Illamasqua £5 sale, Paypal to J. for a group order - TOTAL: $77.00 (USD conversion)
  • Rampage - £5.00
  • Radium - £5.00
  • Taint (I HAD TO, DAMN IT) - £5.00
  • Scorch - £5.00
  • Velocity - £5.00
  • Caress - £5.00
  • Blow - £5.00
  • Hemlock - £12.15

JANUARY 18: butter LONDON 3 for $10 sale + shipping - TOTAL: $38.50
  • Scallywag - $10
  • Stag Do - $10
  • Thames - $10

JANUARY 29: Sally Beauty Supply with 15% off coupon - TOTAL: $12.65
  • Instant Artificials - $7.69
  • SV - $6.49
  • China Glaze White Cap (on clearance) - free with purchase of SV

2013 TOTAL: $226.04

That is ... less than ideal, but I knocked a LOT of lemmings out of the way this month with some extra Christmas cashish, so there's that. February looks to be a pretty dry month, seeing as most of Spring 2013 is a snooze, if PR images are any indication. :) My spending goal for February is to limit purchases to at least 1/3 of my January amount, which would be ~$75. I think I can do that.

I plan to keep track of this on a spreadsheet as well; I'll try to make that and link it back up here on Saturday. Also, if you found this breakdown was WAY more detailed than you needed it to be, let me know. If so, I'll blog the total amount of each purchase, and keep the details on the spreadsheet.

Do you think posting monthly haul totals is tacky or helpful? Did you spend more money on polish than I did this month?


  1. Omg I don't know if I want to know my damage per month. When I got to your total at the end I was shocked at how fast it adds up..Im waiting on the china glaze hologram collection to come out and I want all 12 bottles....Need I say more.. I think I like being in denial. However kudos to you and you inspire me to maybe try it down the

    1. LOL, I've been in denial since sometime in 2009. I encourage you to track your spending if you're really trying to carve out a budget. Keep me posted on your findings if you do!

  2. I don't think I would want to know this amount if I were to tally up my totals. If I did, I think I would quit blogging. I spend way too much and in your mind you're telling yourself, it's just $10 or it's on sale and then as you have shown, it becomes a crazy amount. I would rather not know MY total. But perhaps seeing yours will help me stop spending

    1. It really does add up to an astonishing amount. The main reason I'm tracking my spending here is so I have somewhere I can be held publicly accountable for it, and to offer support for anyone else who wants it!


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