Monday, January 21, 2013

Skinny Dipping (With Friends): Zoya Cho

After a holiday hiatus, Skinny Dipping (With Friends) is back for 2013! Welcome, welcome.

There have been endless Zoya swatches in the blogosphere lately due to their three for $10 polish promo earlier this month, so you may be slightly burned out on Zoya, and I'm sorry about that. But for the sake of variety (I didn't want to blog yet another Essie nude) and for the sake of trying my picks from last year's Zoya spring collection, here's Cho.

Three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. Please pardon the nick on my index finger and the hangnail on my ring finger. :(

I also keep my nails pretty short, so I don't wrap my tips. Sometimes that doesn't show and sometimes it does; with fussier polishes like this one, it definitely shows.

Oh, it looks fine, right? But wait ... 

I suck at describing colors, so let's go with the ~official~ description, which is "yellow-toned light soft peachy beige with a hint of ultra fine silver shimmer." That shimmer is ultra fine, all right.

I've had this polish on for about a day, and something about it strikes me as a bit ... off. In some lights, it pulls a little too yellow on me; in others, *I'm* too yellow for it, which is funny, as I bought it because I'd read reviews that said it would be better on warmer skin tones. Even the Zoya/Art of Beauty site says Cho is "especially nice for skin tones with olive or yellow undertones." But ... I have those! Why is this not working? *whimper*

Maybe it's just as well. The reviews I'd read about this polish warned it was a little streaky. They did not lie, but it wasn't the worst formula I've ever worked with. What I didn't expect was how long it took to dry. I polished before bed, but stayed up to fool with my new tablet (Google Nexus 7 ... what can I say? I love Android, haters gonna hate) and didn't sleep for another half hour. I thought my nails were dry, but I woke up with sheet marks on my left hand and I had to re-do it. If you see bubbles on any of my fingers, just know I'm halfway through this bottle of Wicked Fast. It's not Cho's fault.

Cho is from Zoya's True collection for last spring. It's $8 and in the core Zoya line, so it's quite easy to pick up, especially during a promo. I actually got my bottle straight from the Ulta clearance section last year, and while Ulta's Zoya clearance prices are a bit laughable ($5.99? Really?), they're still cheaper than having to pay for shipping if you just want ONE polish from an e-tailer.

Although I'm not in love with Cho, I can't hate on it too much -- sure, this particular color wasn't so good on my nails, but ... how do I put it? ... if this were on a shoe, I would buy it so fast. Have you tried this polish? Would you want to? (Because if you are stateside, you can have this bottle ... just e-mail me.) Any picks from Zoya's True and Lovely collections? Do I really need Jacqueline??? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Thanks for reading! We will be back next month with more nude polishes, but until then, don't forget to visit Anna's blog, Business Lady Polish, to see what she's got for us today. She takes some great photos! If you aren't following her, you ought to get on it. :)


  1. This actually reminds me of clotted cream, which is AWESOME.

    I like it on you!!

    1. You're so silly. And sweet. <3 you!

  2. This is maybe not my favorite ever on you.

    1. So we agree (!!!). This polish ... nagl for me.

  3. I like it on you...but perhaps it would be even better is you put a jelly on top like Essie Mademoiselle, Essie Kisses and Bises or OPI Calling me a Lyre?!

    1. Thank you! Ooh, the idea of layering it never occurred to me ... I'll have to try a nude jelly combo one of these days. Thanks for the suggestion!


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