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#sixseasonsandamovie and Essie Boxer Shorts

Between work, life, MAJOR APARTMENT DRAMZ and a renewed interest in knitting, I've been pressed for blogging time. This post is later than usual, but Happy October 19th!

(source: piercinald)

This "sexy" construction worker outfit is by far one of Dean Pelton's tamest ensembles, but it's still fairly outlandish, bless him. Anyway, the big news (for the two of you who haven't heard) is that "Community" returns tonight for a fourth season! I spent the last few weeks catching up on all the past episodes I've missed. At first I was beyond excited for the show to come back, but after reading some posts from my TV critic idols* yesterday, let's just say that the seeds of worry have been planted. :/

*(One, I trust these critics because I've been reading their work for eight years and their passion for the medium is obvious; two, I've been pleased to find that the programs they've championed are actually quite similar to the ones I love.)

From what I can gather, these worries stem from the new showrunners who were hired to replace "Community" creator Dan Harmon, who was fired in May. I'd like to actually watch up to five episodes before I start telling my friends how optimistic (or not) I am about the show's renewal; however, I do think the end of Season 3 was a nice way to go out, given what "Community" has been through with ratings, new showrunners, Chevy Chase's exit, etc. (You know, if it's true that Chevy Chase was an asshole of the highest degree, then I'm sad., but I actually really liked Pierce. It was Abed who I found grating ... although that may be because my sister says Abed is like me on steroids.)

Anyway, I knew I had to do a Greendale-centric post in celebration of tonight's season premiere. This occasion coincides with an unofficial top coat wear test I'm running for Anna, who also picked Essie Boxer Shorts over two other Essies I had.

For me, Boxer Shorts is a callback to a Season 1 episode "Physical Education," in which Jeff (Joel McHale's character) signs up for a billiards class and wears a leather jacket to make him look cool. This attempt backfires when Coach Bogner, the billiards instructor, says that his students have to wear gym shorts because billiards is seen as a phys ed class. This leads to Bogner accusing Jeff of being a hipster and thinking looking cool is more important than the game, Jeff challenging Bogner to a game of pool, and Bogner saying that he'll do it only if they both wear gym shorts. This also leads to them playing in their underwear and ultimately, dropping trou.


And now here's Boxer Shorts. Not quite gym shorts, but better.

Three coats with NYC Grand Central Station.

NGL, I've had a tendency to shy away from blogging polishes that are hard to capture, but Boxer Shorts photographed surprisingly well for me. Huh.

Is it weird that the first thing I thought after applying this polish was, "It's like Easter on my nails!"? Because IT IS, okay? This one can be a little bit of a chameleon. Sometimes it leans more on the purple side of periwinkle and sometimes it leans more blue, but when you place this next to, say Essie Lapis of Luxury or Essie Play Date, it's definitely periwinkle. I was pleasantly surprised for this color to make it into an Essie collection, as it's something I would have expected from a company like Illamasqua. I don't think this is a dupe for Orly Cashmere Cardigan or Revlon Modern Grace, but if you're missing those, this would be a great one to get; if you love those and need MOAR, then by all means, hunt this down.

No issues with formula or application here. You'll need at least two coats, though. The main reason I used three was because it looked uneven due to my dying bottle of Instant Artificials base coat -- dudes, base coat affects manis more than you think. I've used almost the entire bottle and it's gloopy af.

The real surprise was how well this polish wore with NYC Grand Central Station, a MUA nail board favorite and one of Madeline's. Grand Central Station has a thinner formula -- NOTHING like SV's -- so you don't need to load up your brush. The brush was great, too. It reminded me of the current Nicole by OPI brushes, not quite Pro-Wide, but it fans out to a good size. You can cover your nail bed with one, two good strokes. I'm still wearing this mani, so I'll let you know what happens. So far, I've had this on for two days with no chips or shower tip wear; this also dried fast enough for me to apply top coat and pick up a sandwich (Arby's super roast beef) and stuff my face with it three minutes later. Believe me, the ability to eat post-top coat is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

Boxer Shorts was unquestionably the star of last summer's Essie Yogaga collection. I bought this and two others up at Walgreens the minute I saw it, and ordered one more when I could never find it (you'll see them on the blog some time). I'm pretty sure this collection is retail-exclusive, because every bottle I saw had the Essie retail stickers on it. I can't even remember if this was at Ulta at all now! Oh, well. If you want Boxer Shorts, you can still grab it online (, Macy's, and Target all have it in stock), or try eBay. I know the nail blogosphere is really into glitters, but I've always loved cremes, and this collection with the exception of Marathin (WORST NAME EVER) was more appealing to me than the one with Bikini So Teeny.

Did you pick up Boxer Shorts or any of the other Yogagas? Who thinks Gym Dandy would have been a better choice for this post? Are you excited or scared for the "Community" premiere tonight? What's been your favorite moment of the show? Any favorite episodes? Who's your favorite character? Dean Pelton and Leonard are my favorite characters outside of the Greendale Seven. I think Troy might be my favorite right now probably because he's the most relatable to me. (Because, you know, I was a black male high school quarterback trying to find himself. I actually did have an incident during my last year of school, though it was FAR less violent than Annie's.)

Let's hope this season doesn't Britta itself! I'm sure NBC will do everything they can to help. And by that, I mean ... LOL NBC.


  1. Wow, Rach, this is gorgeous!! I love periwinkles, and this is so, so beautiful on you. I'm all kinds of nuts for glitters and sparkly things, but a pretty creme with a nice finish is hard to beat. I'll be on the lookout for this one!

    Given how much I've loved Happy Endings, imma definitely check out Community (at least the first 3 seasons of it ;p). Hope TEH DRAMAZ haven't been too stressful!

    1. YES. Elizabeth, you need this! I imagine it could be a really great base for nail art and glitter. You'd find a way. :)

      You may be interested to know that "Community's" new showrunners came straight from "Happy Endings." This is going to be VERY INTERESTING.

      The dramz were awful. I'll e-mail you about it later. <3

  2. This is my favourite thing of the day. And maybe week.

    Loving everything about it!

    Also, YAY COMMUNITY. I hope it'll survive a new show runner & Chevy's exit though... :\

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm looking forward to your review of Grand Central Station. :D

      Yeah, I just ... I don't know how to feel about this any more! Less than three hours till 8 p.m., though!!!!!!!!!!


    I'm so glad you like GCS. I also like it because when I use it, I can sing the Beyonce part from "Telephone." "Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Stationnnnnnnn."

    I'd like to talk about how the name Boxer Shorts is a really strange choice to be in a Yoga-themed collection because the leg holes in boxer shorts are way too big to be full-covereage when you're Downward Dogging.


      I really like it so far! I hope it makes nice with Revlon and Color Club, or those polishes will have to go away and it will be a DISASTUH.

      LMAO. For real.

    2. It plays nice with CC & Revlon for me!

  4. Aww. I thought it might be a close enough dupe of the Orly which I have been lemming for ages. They look similar in swatches, but I've yet to see a side by side comparison. thanks for mentioning it though, because as a I saw the post title that was my first thought. Do you think this leans more purple or more blue compared tot he Orly? Or is the difference more in one being lighter or darker than the other? Thanks for your help! :)

    1. Hi Gwendolyn! I want to say the Orly is a liiiiittle warmer (I don't have my bottle right now), but if you e-mail me, I can attempt to send you a bottle shot or report back to you with my findings.

      Thanks for reading this post! :)


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