Thursday, February 14, 2013

(Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear) Grey Area: The Rachel Story.

When I want to get wasted, PRONTO., I find that a Long Island iced tea is quite effective.

"Getting wasted" was my agenda the first time I hung out at a bar alone with the guy I'm currently with -- I WAS planning to get my drink on that night, just with a girlfriend. Well, I had four Long Island iced teas. (He paid for three of them.) While that may explain a few things, it certainly doesn't exactly explain why we've stayed together for so long. Before we officially started dating, we had a major fight, and I'm not talking about "Oh, PUH-LEEZE, 'First Blood' totally counts as a Christmas movie." (We have had that argument, sry2say.) To follow a metaphor from "Psych," he was beyond the doghouse -- try the pound. I surprised myself by (1) buying a fucking Adele CD IN FRONT OF A MALE FRIEND and (2) crying a lot. I have been known to cry over the weirdest things (the beginning of "Up," that time Anthony Edwards died on "ER" -- HOLY SHIT.), but over guys? ... ew. No.

One morning, during an errand at Wags, I happened upon the Winter 2010-2011 Xtreme Wear display. I grabby handsed Grey Area and Lacey Lilac, as there's no way of knowing whether limited edition Sally Hansens are going to become permanent in whatever SH line they're part of. When we got to the counter, he offered to pay for them. It was the first (and only) time he offered to pay for a polish, but I considered the gesture a decent start to reparations.

I've worn Lacey Lilac and loved it, but Grey Area mysteriously went untried. I figured I'd break it out for the holiday, since we're still on and "Grey Area" LIT-erallyTM Chris Traeger was our relationship for two years. It took a while, but we're good.

Also, I have no idea if we even have an anniversary because while a few significant dates come to mind, we have no way of knowing which one is THE one. I do know that the first time we hung out alone, the night of many Long Islands, was February 13, after work. I remember because I had to work with the other single ladies on my shift the next day.

~~Ah, memories.

Three coats with SV, after one day of wear.

Also, I will fix these pictures as soon as I can. Everything has been HAZMAT NO TIME lately, and rainy to boot.

I don't remember which was released first, SH Grey Area or Essie Smokin' Hot, but they're very close dupes, and were limited edition when they were released. I loved the Essie but wasn't able to find a back-up at the time as it was VERY sought after, so when B offered to pay for Grey Area, I let him go right ahead. Now that both seem to be core, it's just a matter of which brand you're willing to pay for.

The formula on this creme was lush and perfect, good in two coats. Dry time was fast. I had no tip wear or chipping with this mani and wore it for four days, which means Xtreme Wear cremes and I are back in love -- Lacey Lilac did not dry when I wore it, but that may be because I used a CND top coat I normally don't use (Air Dry? Super Shiney? I forget).

Grey Area was a limited edition release back in the fall of 2010/winter of 2011, but has been upgraded to the core SH Xtreme Wear line. You can pick it up almost anywhere that sells it, though I would wait until a drugstore has a good SH promo going, and then you'd be able to have it for almost nothing.

Do you have Grey Area, Smokin' Hot, or any other close dupes? I have one too many, but I adore the color, so it's not an issue for me. What's your favorite drink for wasty times? What are your Valentine's Day plans for you and your significant other?

I'm not going to see him (and my real Valentine, my darling Sterling Meowlory) until Saturday night, but his gift is on the way to his house. Last year, I thought about giving him this ...

... but it can wait until I find a better price/seller. Also, I forgot about it a couple of weekends ago when I was brainstorming. He's getting something else which I'll post later. I'm pretty sure he's giving me a heating pad, but WE'LL SEE.

Whomever you spend your Valentine's Day with, accidentally or not, I hope you have a great one. And remember ...

(source: OFFICIAL "Parks & Recreation" Pinterest!)

Donna Meagle continues to be my spirit guide.


  1. 1) I LOVE Gray (Grey) Area on you.

    I had it and put it in the swap bin due to my new found (and undying love) of Smokin' Hot.
    And also, Donna <3

    1. WTF, why did I spell it "gray" the whole time? Thank you, I fixed it! <3

      The story goes that Donna is my spirit guide. End of. <3

  2. SO PERFECT. I am pretty obsessed with purple-grey polishes and I have way too many and every time I go to Rite Aid I think about buying this one but I always put it back because the first step is admitting that I have a problem with this color and I don't need any more.

    I've never had a Long Island iced tea. My favorite alcoholic beverage is a gin and tonic because apparently green light at the end of the dock/cat lady foreva.

    My super romantic Valentine's Day plans are...going to the lady doctor and then probs taking Nate on a date to Taco Bell because we went to Taco Bell for Valentine's Day last year and it's sort of a thing now, I guess?

    I considered making SMA a Valentine but then I thought B might think it was weird that I was so obsessed with his cat. THOUGHTS? I have a massive supply of glitter glue and access to every color of construction paper imaginable. It's not too late, and I know how.

    1. When I really like a color, I usually buy close dupes, so I rarely -- if ever -- end up with back ups.

      I haven't had one in forever, but G&Ts are the I think I'm just into cocktails especially if they have a splash (or more) of Coke. :/

      Your Valentine's Day plans ftw! Going to e-mail you re: an SMA Valentine ... I am sure he would love one.

  3. OMG You seriously crack me up every time I read your posts. I so want to hang out with you! I mean who DIDN'T cry with Anthony Died????? Anywho, I love your posts-never change them...

    1. I wish I could say I was joking about the fact that I WAS SO EMOTIONALLY DESTROYED about Mark Greene's death for MONTHS. It was like a hole in my heart. And then I stopped watching that show for a while after that season. (I was 16.)


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