Friday, February 1, 2013

National Wear Red Day with Zoya Kimmy

Usually, I don't coordinate my nails with legit causes -- you know I love my TV posts -- but I can make an exception for National Wear Red Day. Heart disease is a very real thing on my mom's side of the family, and I know I don't take as much care of myself as I should (how ironic, considering what my parents' professions are), so it's good to be reminded of that every now and then, especially if said reminder involves me wearing something red and snazzy. I can do that.

I blogged a red polish for National Wear Red Day last year (those pictures, seriously. YUCK) and I wanted to do one again this year. I wasn't crazy about the polish I chose last year, Illamasqua Throb, and sadly I have to say I'm not crazy about this one, either. Kimmy is a great polish, but after you see my pictures, you'll see why I'm not digging it.

Three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Although I know darn well that the same polish will look different on everyone (and with different lighting/camera conditions), I still hoped Kimmy would look the way it did in ALU's swatch. So you can imagine my reaction when it didn't.

I blogged Cult Nails Annalicious last month, and if you're wondering whether Kimmy and Annalicious are dupes ... they are not. While Kimmy also is a warm-toned red-based polish with golden sparkle, it has larger foil particles than Annalicious and thus appears slightly more metallic. Since Kimmy's gold foil particles are larger, it gives off a warmer cast than I would have liked.

I had no issues with formula or dry time here. You can get this done EASILY with two coats, because this polish is quite pigmented, which is always nice for a foil. I didn't have any problems with staining when I removed this (I doubled up on base coat, just in case), but little foil particles did stick to my nail bed and skin after removal.

Kimmy is from Zoya's Sunshine collection for Summer 2011. It's still easy to pick up, especially with promotions, which is how I got this bottle -- in December of that year, Zoya ran a spectacular one: four polishes, an 8 oz. bottle of Remove (with the flipper) and FREE SHIPPING for $25. I remember thinking, "HELLS, YES" and being late to lunch with my parents because I was finalizing my order, LMAO. The other polishes I got were Shay, Tao and Ivanka, all of which I love, so all in all, not a bad impulse buy, right?

Tell me what you think about Kimmy, the best damn Zoya promo you've ever pounced on, or what you'll be doing (and wearing!) for National Wear Red Day. I haven't figured out how to post facts and statistics on this blog without sounding like a robot who copied and pasted a few things, so once again, here's the link:

By the time this post goes up, I'm probably slogging through two miles on the treadmill (I've been doing it every day I don't have to go to the office), and those two miles will help me log 5 miles for the week. I am working up to running a mile in under 20 minutes, something I haven't been able to do in years (my fastest time was somewhere between 7-9 minutes in middle school). A friend and I are challenging each other to lose 10 pounds by May and another 10 by the end of September -- I'm not doing so hot with that right now, especially since I plan on drinking a fair amount this weekend. Oddly enough, forcing myself to get on the treadmill is easier for me than dieting (gross) or counting calories (THE WORST.) ... but whatever works, right?

Sometimes, I think about this one guy from high school who was my friends' friend and how he lost a crapton of weight. I actually didn't recognize him one time when he showed up at someone's house because he was looking really good in the face and at first I thought he went to another school, LMAO. I was later informed that he'd DDRed his chunk away. Seriously. DDR. I was howling. He and another guy used to compete in tournaments and shit. I have no idea what happened to him, but I guess the point of that story is that if I pretend I'm having fun, then maybe 10 pounds won't be so hard to shed.


  1. I don't know what it is, but something about this color is just off to me. Like, I want to like it, but I don't, and I don't know why.

    1. OMG, we agree on more things. !!!


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