Monday, March 11, 2013

butter LONDON Shag

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a decent weekend, what with daylight saving time and all. (I am one of those people who goes APESHIT when I see people write "savings" instead of "saving." To quote a journo classmate, drop that ignorant and incorrect "s." I used to make that mistake, but I know better now. And now you do, too.)

As promised on Friday, here's butter LONDON Shag. If you are my age and don't know what Shag means, then clearly you didn't watch enough Austin Powers back in the day.

Mmmhmmmmmm ...

Tom Cruise as Austin Powers in "Goldmember" ... whyyyyyyyyy (but thank you)

That cameo was the best thing Tom Cruise did in my entire childhood. (I have never seen "Interview with the Vampire -- blasphemy! -- so I cannot comment on that.) God, those Austin Powers movies were so dumb, yet so great. IDK. For some reason I watch them every time they're on TV and nothing better is on. Admit it, you do the same damn thing. It's okay. ;) Frau is my favorite. And Basil.

The rusty tones of this polish also bring to mind the shag carpets every house had in the '70s.

Three coats with miracle topcoat NYC Grand Central Station.

Shag was released last year as part of the butter LONDON fall collection, and it's the only polish from that collection I had any interest in. Is it bronze? Is it copper? Whatever it is, it was fun to wear for a few days, and definitely a fall color one could rock year-round. It's very classic, and when you think about those carpets I mentioned, a little nostalgic as well.

Nothing groundbreaking to say about application and formula here, as this polish practically applied itself. It's opaque in two coats if you'd rather not use three. The real treat for me was the absence of shrinkage/tip wear with NYC Grand Central Station until Day Three, because as much as I enjoy butter LONDON, this brand shrinks awfully with every top coat I've tried. So three days? I can roll with that.

Since it's a fairly recent release, you shouldn't have a hard time finding Shag at department stores, and it has a spot in the butter LONDON display at Ulta. Although butter LONDON also increased their prices by $1, making their polishes $15 instead of $14, they run decent promotions on their official site and at Ulta (go with Ulta because you get free shipping and extra points). I bought this polish out of curiosity when Ulta had a butter LONDON buy one, get one free sale on my birthday last year -- I wanted Lillibet's Jubilee, but it was OOS at the time.

After wearing Shag for a few days, I don't think it's a shade I'd reach for (please see: skin tone, wackadoo), but it was fun to try. Besides, you know I have a metallics problem. I'd still recommend it if you love fall colors and bronzey/coppery shades, and if you are a pale, pale lady. It will look so good.

That's it for Shag, but not for my metallics obsession. What do you think? As Austin used to say ... is it groovy, baby? Or just not your bag? And lastly ... "Who does Number Two work for?"


  1. Wow. This is full-on gorgeous, Rach!

  2. Haha, I bought this polish for two reasons: one for the name and second for Austin Powers!! Yep, I know, they're dumb to me too.. But I love them!! Especially the Mini-Me.... Get in mah bellieh!!!

    1. Hahahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like this. :P Also, HOW DREAMY was Young No. 2 in the flashbacks??? (I died when I realized it was Evan Farmer from 2GE+HER/"While You Were Out" on TLC. DIED.)

  3. I have never seen Austin Powers. It's one of those things that came out when I was too young to see it and then by the time I was old enough to see it, everyone else had seen it 8 billion times and was tired of it.

    This is ver ver nice. Even with your wackadoo skintone which isn't really that wackadoo? (Wiggity-whack? No, just the regular kind.)

    BL wears like crap on me, too, but I haven't tried it with the "miracle topcoat" so maybe I'll give my sole BL, Victoriana, another try.

    1. Awwww bb, this comment made me laugh so hard. I'm older than you by enough to have gotten tired of it, LOL.

      Thank you! And yes, just regular kind.

      Dude, if the rest of my bLs play nice with GCS, the win may be too much for me to handle.

  4. This is pretty-I'd call it a bronze-and I think Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder was the best thing he's ever done-if you haven't seen his character in that-you are missing out!

    1. Eh, I saw "Tropic Thunder" but I remember it being pretty disappointing. The best part was probably Lance Bass.

  5. As a pale, pale, lady, it does looks sooo good! Looks fab on you.

    1. Thank you, T! Yeah, you can wear all kinds of things I can't.


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