Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fug Friday returns! ... on a Saturday

Fug Friday is a (relatively) new feature dreamed up on Twitter with gal pal Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail, who shares my penchant for '90s nostalgia, live tweeting TV shows and fugly polishes. Who will out-fug the other? How many Fridays can we possibly keep this going? More importantly, which one of us will break down and order BB Couture Anal Probe? Only one way to find out: keep reading!

Long time, no Fug Friday! Whatever my excuse is, it doesn't compare to Jacqui's (school and her latest project, The Scholarly Nail's Wax Blog -- if you love scented wax, give it a follow!). But we're back today, so please cross your fingers and hope it doesn't take us another five months to execute another one of these.

Let's get to it and address the question of whether MAC Dry Martini resembles a bodily secretion. Obviously, I think it does. It looks like the result of consuming any grocery store sugar cookie or cupcake topped with blue frosting -- gross in reality, great in polish and perfect for Fug Friday purposes.

Four coats with NYC Grand Central Station.

Dry Martini has a brown cast to it, but on me it built up to a deeper greenish color after four coats -- I'll get to the four coats part in a second. This was far more green indoors under artificial light than it was outside, where you really could see the brown. This doesn't seem especially martini-like to me. It's more like ... a hat. I don't know. I haven't had a martini in forever (mostly because they're overpriced).

Admittedly, the formula on this polish was a little weird. Because it's sorta old (from '09, I think), a small amount of polish had evaporated, although I don't think that's what made Dry Martini so confusing to work with. It would have been perfect if it hadn't been slightly watery! It was opaque at three coats but unfortunately, I still had bald patches, so I slapped on a fourth coat and that seemed to fix it. I'll give MAC the benefit of the doubt this time because this is an older release; every MAC polish I've used since 2010 has been quite pigmented. Dry time was great with Grand Central Station, and -- I was so thrilled about this -- it didn't shrink after one day. This was a huge deal to me because I usually get shrinkage after one day with SV. I wore this for five days with minor tip wear and chips.

Dry Martini is discontinued, as it was released in Fall 2009 for MAC's Nail Trend collection by Jin Soon. I lucked out either in 2010 or 2011 and nabbed this at the CCO up in Williamsburg, VA. Dude, I loved that CCO -- I found so much good shit there, like my back-ups of MAC Blue India (looooooove), MAC In the Buff and MAC Ming Blue (another Jin Soon hit). Speaking of Jin Soon, she released her own line of nail products and polishes, yay! Michelle at ALU reviewed her spring collection; you can check out Jin's other polishes on her site.

Is Dry Martini fug enough for ya? Don't forget to visit Jacqui's blog to see today's Fug Friday pick! And if you're feeling so inclined, we'd both love it if you left us comments telling us whose polish was fuglier. ;)

Thanks for reading, especially if you came over from The Scholarly Nail -- welcome! I hope you all enjoy the your Easter weekend, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.


  1. Really pretty polish. I think brown is so undervalued but to me it's so chic and natural.

    1. Thanks! I agree, you just have to find the right one. (Which, sadly, is the case for almost everything these days.)


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