Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pink Wednesday: HARE polish Rad Cloud

My affection for the odd pink polish is one thing, but pink indie glitter ... well. If you're thinking that's not something I would be into, you're right. No need to take my temperature or anything -- just check out Kristy's and elbee's swatches. They were all the convincing I needed to purchase a few HARE polishes last fall with some extra birthday cashish. So thanks for that, ladies.

Now you get to see my photos! Kristy and elbee opted to layer Rad Cloud over other polishes (Mode Gorg and China Glaze It's Poppin', respectively), but I wanted to see how opaque this could get on its own. The answer: pretty opaque.

Honestly, I could have taken pictures of this polish all day. There was only one thing I didn't like about it, which is enough for me to let this go. Can you guess what it was?

Without further ado, the many sides of HARE polish Rad Cloud ...

Three coats with SV. And I feel like I've been saying this all winter, but please forgive my jankity cuticles. Should I up my moisturizing regime?

Rad Cloud contains different sizes of hex and square purple, fuchsia orange and green glitters suspended in a milky pastel pink base. Surprisingly, I LOVED the pink base color. I thought it was very dainty. For the most part, I liked the combination of glitters, too. Except, that is, for the green square glitter (ding ding ding! That's the dealbreaker for me). I don't know what it is about that green, because I thought it complemented the pink, orange, purple and fuchsia, but on the nail, I just didn't like it on me. I'm weird like that. A good portion of the green glitter also sunk to the bottle of the bottle, although it's nothing a good roll wouldn't fix.

Now, I'm not accustomed to working with milky glitters, so I didn't know what to expect. Rad Cloud was very easy for me to use, albeit a tad goopy, although that's probably due to its milky pastel base. I had no problems with it, no drag or pull or anything, and it dried quickly with three coats for opacity. The polish pretty much goes where you put it, and I didn't do any clean-up with this, which was really nice.

The glitter doesn't dry gritty, but it's not glassy smooth, either. I was okay using SV alone as a top coat, but if you are obsessive about a glassy smooth surface, I'd recommend a layer of Gelous before your top coat. It wore really well with no chips and minimal tip wear for two days.

Rad Cloud was part of last spring's Cumulus Excellence duo, the other half being Magic Mist, which I want to have babies with. 

If you're interested in purchasing some HARE polishes, owner and creator Nikole has currently closed up shop to fill distributor orders and to do an Etsy restock. Additionally, the new spring collection, The Last Queen of France, should go on sale in two days (this Friday, March 15). I'm not sure how much they retail for, $11? (I bought mine last year for $10), but they're $11 on Llarowe. For more information about the new collection, Etsy restock dates, and other places you can buy HARE, visit the official HARE polish site.

Oh wait, I lied. There was something else I'm not crazy about, and it's the handwritten labels (the bunny label shape is adorable, though). But it's not super important, merely a personal preference. There are new labels now, which are more to my liking, and just as cute.

What do you think of Rad Cloud, or HARE in general? Have you bought anything because your friend's pictures looked so good? If I end up absolutely loving the other polishes I got, HARE just may become one of my favorite indie brands. Crazy bananas.


  1. Aw, pretty!! This is almost exactly what I wish Revlon Girly looked like, except for, yeah, the teal/green squares. Which is something I'd normally be all over! It just doesn't quite blend with the other bits. It's still a super cute polish, though, and I love seeing an indie glitter on you! ;o)

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I think it works, but I can't make myself like it. Womp womp. I've got more HAREs ... you'll see them eventually! ;)

  2. I really love this on you! But I can totally see how the green squares would drive you batty.

    I'm looking to score Rococo Grandeur on Friday!

    1. LOL, you know me too well. ;)

      Payday purchase? Hells, yeah!!

  3. Oh my. :O I didn't like this before, but you make it look so good! I have 3 HAREs, and love them all. They're so awesome. Which other ones did you get?

    1. Aww, thanks, Naz! Yeah, you made me lemm King of Carat Flowers :P

      I have Magic Mist, Dog Day Dream, Midsummer's Midnight, Why So Igneous and Afterglow. You'll see Midsummer's Midnight one of these days!

  4. I am not feeling the green glitter either, but other than that small issue, this color is pretty great!

    1. SO GLAD it's not just me! You get me. For that, I love you.


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