Sunday, March 31, 2013

MY WATCH BEGINS: Rescue Beauty Lounge Ghost

Oh, does it EVER.

Also, Happy Easter! In case you've been living under a rock (not Casterly Rock, hee hee), the third season of "Game of Thrones" kicks off tonight on HBO. I don't get HBO at temporary RachQ, but B does, so I'll try to be there tonight. My mom was a little taken aback when I said, "OMG, Easter is on Game of Thrones Premiere Day?" and tried to correct me by telling me, "No, Game of Thrones Premiere Day is on Easter." That's my mom for you.

Also, a local bar is tapping this tonight, so I kiiiiind of have to be there. As I told B, I don't care if this tastes bad, I need it in me, and that's what she said.

Last year, I blogged American Apparel Summer Peach for the second season premiere and it was hysterical fun. This year, I'm afraid I'm just indulging myself. Ghost was not this polish's original name, as we know, but that's okay. Anything to tie it into GOT, right?

Jon Snow is not exactly my favorite character in the books. On the TV show, he's not exactly in the running for my favorite character, either -- you know I'm not feeling someone when THE HOUND gets a higher Rach ranking (... yarp). The wonderful thing about Jon, though, is that he is ripe for internet hilarity. Take, for example, this .gif.

(source: Jon Ho)

And this one:
(source: Tumblr -- if this is your .gif, 

And then take a moment to collect yourself.

I nearly died laughing when I saw this. If you're not laughing, you're broken. The puppet is Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy in the series, the Alfie Allen who is Lily Allen's brother and the guy she's singing about in "Alfie." That puppet was her representation of her brother in the music video. BOOM.

Okay, RBL Ghost. I have to warn you that these swatches are kind of sad, but (1) I came home from work later than I expected to and I was losing light, so (2) I will try to re-do them if you would like me to do that.

Three coats with SV.

I HATE starting off using the original color description (it's like beginning an essay or speech with the dreaded "Webster's Dictionary defines ..."), but the "nebulous glow" of adobe in twilight sounds about right. Ugh, that glow is so gorgeous. I think I would like it a little more on me if it were less warm and more of a neutral brown.

The formula on this one was classic RBL. You have to work quickly with most metallic finishes, so I liked that I could take my time with Ghost a little bit. It wasn't brushstrokey, either. I would suggest waiting longer than I did in between coats to avoid bald spots and dragging -- like I said, I was losing light, so I was in a big damn hurry. Two coats will get this opaque, but as a compulsive three-coater, two just feels wrong to me.

So far, Ghost is my favorite polish from the RBL GOMM collection released last summer. It's still available on the RBL site for $20 and if you really don't want your bottle, I'll be happy to give it a loving home. I need another backup of this, it's so good. I have Bella, Poppy and Jack left to try, and you may see Bella next month if I can find it.

RBL Ghost: Like it? Love it? Missed it and need it NOW? What or whom are you most excited to see in Season 3? I never got around to reading the book because I can't seem to read any more -- maybe that's lies and deceit soup because I finished Mindy Kaling's book last night -- but I know the changes D&D made to the show. I can't say I approve of some of them (*cough* the Catelyn/Robb dynamic *cough*), but I'm ready. Give me the Reeds. And the Queen of Thorns. And Mance Rayder. Just give me everything.

All right. I have to hop in the shower, like, 20 minutes ago, so I'm out. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and a wonderful premiere day!


  1. Um OKAY. Ghost is errrythang on you.

    The end.

    I may consider retiring my bottle with you.

    1. I liked it on you, but I don't see you wearing it again, you know?


  2. Call me out of it but I am so no into Game of Thones - not a Hunger Games gal either. Just not my genera. I am more of a Masterpiece Theater type, though season 3 of Downtown Abbey I had to re-watch on a marathon airing because first pass I was multi-tasking so much I did not get the details to even really know what happened other than the car accident at the end. I hate so many things hit on Sunday night now. What happened to must watch Thurs nights and for a time seems Wen was a big TV night - now it's all about Sunday. I am ready to look at satalite TV over my cable only so I can have a DVR bigger hard drive and one that will tape more than 2 shows at same time or at least let you watch a 3rd one while 2 are tapping.

    This is a pretty shade. Agree - it will work for tons of things, seasons and also is one of those polishes you will find you wear years from now's rare I find a polish in the brown family (not including taupe as lots of good taupes out there) that I know will look good on me like this one. Also know you are huge over RBL - I used to be but their price point keep getting up and up there to the point I had to really love it. I was so not fast enough to get on the last blogger shades (even the re-release of a couple of em) that I missed out totally...but I spent too long gulping over the price tag and looking at my huge stash with 99% I don't wear much despite most are not dogs, that I have trouble forking out a ton more $ until I figure out what to do with at least the massive dups I ended up buying a # of yrs I thought I would go through a full bottle of X and never find another one?

    Enjoy your Sunday night - I already am freaked out again - too many things on and I don't get a ton of them where I am going to have to stay for the next 5-6 weeks for post op time. I think when you pay for cable you should be able to see most of it on computer - it's a multi tool world now - we only get a couple things on line now - stupid Charter - even more stupid place I stay post op that barely gets anything on TV and it's in the middle of a modo huge metro area where they have their choice of tons of cable cos to choose from - sure they are on the cheapest of all they could get away with...oh and my surg is same day as the NBAA final game - I am sure I will be zonked and out of it in my hospital room that night. Not good planning.

    1. I feel like Masterpiece has been slacking lately. They could be adapting more lesser-known works from authors instead of the constant new productions of Austen, Dickens, etc. And I think I've made my feelings about "Downton" pretty clear, so that does nothing for me.

      I could care less about "The Hunger Games," but WHAT. "Game of Thrones" is so bombass!!!!

  3. Gorgeous color!

    I can't wait for this season of GoT to come out on blue-ray as we don't have HBO at our house. My guy doesn't read so he has no idea whats coming this season. He was shocked with Ned Stark's death, so he has no idea! I just can't wait! Book three is where I fell in love with The Hound. I can't help but love his weird chivalry.

    Brienne is one of my favorite characters, but I find her robotic walking so distracting! Someone does not feel comfortable wearing armor! lol

    1. Ahhhh yeah, I had to wait for the Blu-rays to come out to catch up on Season 2. My friend says HBO had it on On Demand, but I never made it over to her house, so ... whoops.

      LOL, I think the internet has decided that GRRM is Regina George. He's making us all crazy with who he decides to kill off.

      P.S. I love Brienne/Gwendoline Christie, too! Perhaps she'll move a little more naturally this season -- admittedly, her height of 6'3" PLUS the clunky armor cannot make for the most graceful movements. ;)


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