Friday, March 1, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Made in Jade

I burn out on things alarmingly quickly, which is really frustrating for someone who would benefit from order and routine. In college, I ate yogurt every day in the morning and usually for my midday snack. After I graduated, I couldn't eat it for a long time. I've gotten to the point where I can again, but not every day. I mean, I'm not Michael Westen or anything.

This "fatigue" is true of polish, too. In March 2011, I tried wearing green polishes for an entire month. Now you know I love green polish, but damn. (The next month, I tried wearing ONLY American Apparel polishes. It too was a doozy.) So if you can wear and/or blog only one color/brand/finish for an entire month, my hat's off to you.

Having said this, I have no idea what's with all the Sally Hansen I've been wearing and blogging lately. But hey, why not?

Three coats with SV, two days of wear, and really groce cuticles.

It occasionally will give off a blue tint in certain lights. Observe:

Someone tell me: Does ANYONE like these new Hard as Nails polishes? I just ... I dunno. This is the third one I've tried from the revamped line, and you know what, the line could use another revamp. The existing core colors are okay, but the formulas are garbage. They remind me of old, pre-B3F polishes without the smell. Made in Jade was thin, which would not have bothered me if it had not also been watery and a little hard to work with.

And the finish! It didn't look super frosty in the bottle, but on the nail it was somewhere between frost and true metallic shimmer (ex: China Glaze Frostbite, Essie Sexy Divide). Like, the color is balls-out awesome. Green teals look amazing on everyone. But the finish, man. I would be more willing to forgive that if it hadn't been so thin and watery. I waited a long time in between coats (easy to do when you're entranced by "Game of Thrones" DVDs) and used SV, and it hung on pretty well for two days. It didn't dry crazy slow, nor was it insanely brushstroke-y, so there's that.

I picked this bottle up for cents last March along with Hard Cash from a limited edition St. Patrick's Day display. In all honesty, I usually don't even bother with the Hard as Nails line at drugstores, but ... clearance prices! If you want this bottle, LET ME KNOW. Shoot me an e-mail and you can have it (as long as you're in the contiguous U.S., of course).

Made in Jade, or heck, the current SH Hard as Nails line: good in concept, poor in execution? (Story of my life.) Seriously, just buy Xtreme Wears or the new CSM polishes. I'll happily endorse those.

Have you ever tried wearing one color family or brand for an entire month? Was it excruciatingly awful or completely awesome? Do you get burned out on things easily? Do you like "Burn Notice"? (My parents love it so much they're more caught up than I am, but that's another post.)

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great weekend -- my plans include a Friday night TV and dinner roommate date, another Met Opera Live in HD screening ("Parsifal") on Saturday, napping with Sterling Meowlory Archer (who also loves yogurt), and Sunday lunch with a nail blogger friend who'll be in the area. Awesome possum.

P.S. This is a really crappy picture from October-ish, but it is hilarious proof that Sterling Meowlory is indeed a little yogurt ninja. (Don't worry, we only let him lick the spoon when we're done with the cup.)


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Burn Notice! Although this last season wasn't nearly as yogurt-y as it could have been.

    USA has the best shows <3

    1. I don't even know what this "Graceland" show with Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit is, but idcurr, I WANT IT ON MY TV NOWWWWWWWWWW.

  2. Date with my roommate! :) Can't wait!

  3. I typed out my usually novella of a comment but my internet crashed so I will abbreviate it.

    This = no thank you.
    Hard As Nails = no thank you.
    Xtreme Wear = yes plz.
    Yogurt = only the drinkable kind.

  4. I honestly didn't even know Hard as Nails was still around, it feels very 90s! I've never tried to wear only one color but I also get burnt out on things, so I'm trying little self-challenges like right now i'm attempting to use all my untrieds before buying anything new. (I've been more successful than I thought, but still not 100%, obviously.)

    1. Oh yeah, it's still kicking! But they might as well stop because what I've tried of the line is pretty lackluster.

      That's great that you're doing well with your untried challenge! Almost everything on this blog is an untried. O_________O

  5. I'm funny in that I won't buy drugstore brands. As nice as it would be to save the money-I just think the crappy formula and like you giving it away is a waste-i'd rather pay a little more and know I'm getting a good formula that I like. i have never tried to do all one brand or color for a month-I just know I couldn't do it so I dont' try

    1. I used to not buy drugstore brands, thinking I'd get what I paid for, though there were times I was very, VERY wrong. I love Sally Hansen (it's my favorite drugstore brand), but I think I'll just stick to the Xtreme Wear and Complete Salon lines.


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