Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sinful Colors Show Me the Way

This was going to be next Friday's post until I realized it wasn't quite what I was going for and I could do better. What's going down on Friday? You'll have to come back and see. ;) For now, this is what you get. Enjoy.

Three? four? coats with NYC Grand Central Station. I'm sorry, I forgot!

In terms of color, Show Me the Way is a pinch more brown than SH Hard as Nails Hard Cash, which I blogged last year, but not as swampy as Confetti My Favorite Martian. It contains faintly visible glitter specks. That glitter doesn't really add anything to it, so I would have left it out. Not a bad color, but I was looking for something a little brighter; it's not something I'd wear again, either.

This polish went on sheer-ish and needed a little bit of build up before it started looking opaque. I derped and I can't remember whether this required three or four coats, but I want to say three. As far as I can recall, I didn't have any drying issues with this. I took it off after getting these photos because it, like "Pitch Perfect," was a solid eh. --Not even eh+ or eh-, just eh.

Sinful Colors just redid their core line, but I'm pretty sure this one is still a core polish. You can pick it up for $1.99 at Walmart, RiteAid and Walgreens -- my favorite place to go for Sinfuls is Wags, since they run some baller promos from time to time. I never would have picked up Show Me the Way on my own, so I'm glad I received this as a swap extra.

What do you think of Show Me the Way? Interesting? Boring? Worth picking up during the next Sinful promo? What was the last thing that was just "meh" for you? I'll probably discuss "Pitch Perfect" in another post, but I'll just say I wasn't feeling it AT ALL. At least I was able to rent it for next to nothing, thanks to B's Redbox rental code!



    I haven't worn Show Me the Way in aaaaaaages. It was my jam when I was a sophomore in college but it's sort of fallen by the wayside now that there are so many other uggo greens on the market. I think I'll pull it out again soon and see if I still love it or if it is meh.

    1. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally. I wouldn't have guessed that. If you end up still liking it, I guess that means the Madeline/Rachel curse continues.


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