Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rach Redux, Zoya Mimi edition

Last January, I borrowed Zoya Mimi from my friend Courtney in a stash swap and posted some truly hideous pictures of it. If you indulged me by doing so much as looking at that post, I AM SO SORRY because those pictures were SO BAD.

I liked Mimi so much that I bought my own bottle last summer. I took the next few photos last month, intended for the April 1 megapost that never happened. So they are more recent, sure. But are they better? To that, I say HELLS YES. It's amazing what you can learn to do with a camera in a year. (That's what she said.)

I can't remember whether this was 3 or 4 coats. Oop @ me. Sorry! Top coat was Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch mo' better.

I did my spiel about Mimi last year, but here are the basics again:

  • This purple glass fleck awesomeness needs at least 3 coats to build up, since the base is sheer.
  • It dries super quick, but take a couple of minutes in between coats anyway.
  • It's from the Sparkle collection of Summer 2010 with Charla, Ivanka, Gilda, etc.
  • If you love glass flecks and purples, you probably need this.

Seriously, if you don't have this already, add this to your Zoya cart NOW.

This is probably one of the shortest posts I've ever written (if not the shortest), BUT! This afternoon, I'm heading up to NoVa to see a Josh Rouse show. His new album is solid (you can listen to it on his site), and I can't wait to hear tunes old and new. Although I'm still dealing with my allergies, I'm just planning to bring my inhaler, drink LOTS of water and stand near a hallway, bathroom or someplace I can make a quick exit if I have a coughing fit because this guy hasn't done a srs U.S. tour in at least two? three? years and he lives in SPAIN now, so I HAVE to see him. Nineteen-year-old priorities ftw. I'll have the dish on Friday, so come back for that!


  1. This is gorgeous! It's on my Zoya wishlist. I really need to get it eventually.

  2. I looove when bloggers put up a polish I have but haven't used in forever (because I own an ungodly amount of polishes) that reminds me how awesome it is. Def gonna pull out this one this weekend!

    1. ME TOO -- Mimi is, IMO, more interesting than this summer's crop of Zoya polishes. And yay!


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