Monday, April 22, 2013

Zoya Adina (this is for you, Ashley!)

When I asked you to help me choose between Zoya Adina and Jo, the nearly unanimous vote favored Jo, which I posted on Friday. Today, I've got Adina for Ashley, the lone dissenter. I hope you enjoy, Ashley!

I wore this all weekend, and I could not quit staring at my hands. I had lunch with my aunt yesterday, and she was pretty into this, too.

Four coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast. You can stop at two, but I was curious to see if additional coats would give this color more depth. I had some bald spots after a third coat, but a fourth took care of that.

I've always been intrigued by Adina, but I didn't want to take the plunge and buy it in case it turned out to be a massive fail. However, when I got a chance to swap for it last fall, I jumped on it. Try new things, right? I'm glad I did.

As soon as I put it on, you could say I was mesmerized by how it sometimes goes from looking like this:

To this:

That's pretty nuts, isn't it? Okay, MAYBE it isn't, but this is the first real duochrome I've ever worn, so cut me some slack for being so into it. ;) At first, I thought the mauve/lavender base color would not jive with my complexion and I wanted it to be darker, maybe even RBL Scrangie-ish, but now I actually think a darker base color would stop this polish from evoking such a dreamy, ethereal feel. I've read some posts in which some bloggers say they didn't really see too much of the green on the nail -- in my case, I see quite a bit of green. And this purple base pulls pretty mauve on me, not as purple as it looks in some other bloggers' photos.

The formula for this polish was fine. I explained the whole four coats thing earlier, but again, you could stop at two or three. I think this would have dried faster if my bottle of Wicked Fast hadn't been beginning to die its slow death; I wore it for three days with minimal tip wear and no chips. Booyah.

Adina was part of Zoya's Reverie collection for Spring 2010, and if you want to add it to your Zoya cart, you totally should DO IT NOW. God, it's so funny to think that in early 2010, I had no access to Zoya, and that I was losing my mind (and dollars) over OPI Hong Kong, which I still think was a totally baller collection. Scrangie's post on the Reverie collection informed me that this polish was named after the blogger Adina of Krasey Beauty. I wanted to confirm that, so HERE is Adina's post on the matter.

I didn't know about Adina or Krasey Beauty until I read Scrangie's post, so this is who I thought of immediately because I'm a classy lady:

I never saw all of "Sorority Boys," and although the parts I HAVE seen are pretty dumb, I keep the TV on whatever channel is airing it. In my defense, I was going through a slight "Smallville" thing when this movie came out, and Michael Rosenbaum, dear God, YES. *sparkly HTML hearts*

Any thoughts on Adina, "Sorority Boys" or Reverie? (Ashley, what say you?) Do you think you might maybe possibly add her to your Zoya cart? I'm going to hang on to her for now. Allegedly, Duri Divas Only is a very close dupe, but I don't have that, so I can't tell you one way or the other.

Before I sign off, I just want to say thank you to those of you who left some sweet comments on Friday's post. I wasn't crazy about sharing my loser feels on this blog, but it happened anyway. I promise to keep that kind of word vomit to a minimum. And if you are having similar feelings, please feel free to e-mail me to vent if you think that will help. The twenties are hard. We gotta stick together.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on Wednesday.

P.S. My steak was awesome (but free food always is). I ate THE WHOLE FRICKING THING by myself. No regrets.

P.P.S. Other Adinas I now know of include Adina, creator of a-england polishes, and Adina, the heroine of Donizetti's "L'Elisir d'Amore."


  1. I have this color and I bought it because I have a friend named Adina. I didn't really like it when I tried wearing it. Maybe that was partly because I only did 2 coats so it was sort of sheer. I might have to pull it out and try again with more coats. This looks really nice on you.

    1. Aw! Try it again with 3 coats and report back to me.

      And thank you!

  2. This is my absolute favorite Zoya! It is so freaking gorgeous, I just can't stand it! I actually thought it was kinda ugly in the bottle, but on the nail?!? Stunning! I've worn it probably 3 or 4 times...which we all know is a lot for a nail polish addict.

    1. I did not know that! Iiiiiiiiiinteresting. This is probably up in my Top 5 Zoyas, for sure.

      LOL, 3-4 times is a lot by our standards!

  3. Yayyyy Adina! I lent this to my friend ages ago and now I need to get it back because I forgot how awesome it is. The only Adinas I know are the a-England creator and Idina Menzel, the Broadway chick (maybe it's not pronounced the same way but that's how I say it).

    Thanks for posting!

    1. You're super welcome! :) And yes, you need to get it back!!!!


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