Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zoya Tallulah + weekend wrap-up

Usually, I post my monthly haul spendage and my STYLE column at the end of the month, but this here polish was so darn pretty it DEMANDED to be squeezed in before May, and who am I to protest a blue like this?

Get ready to experience what Steff refers to as a full-on nail polish boner, in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Three coats with Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

I love this polish so much I want to move to Vermont and marry it.

No lie, I could show you pictures of this one all day. WOULD YOU BELIEVE I've had this in my stash for about two years without truly wearing it? -- swatched on a couple of fingers, yes, but never as a full mani? To quote Jacobim Mugatu, I feel like I'm on crazy pills. Tallulah became my NOTWeekend when Tara picked it out for me after I arranged her Helmers by color because I can't make decisions. To be fair, my other choices included my new Chanels (Bel-Argus and Azuré), China Glaze Igniting Love, Illamasqua Nomad and Essie Using My Maiden Name, so you can see why I was having such a hard time. Thanks, T. <3

Everything about this polish is amazing (HOW RICH AND SATURATED IS THAT COLOR OMG), including its formula. My Zoyas have a tendency to be a little gummy, but this wasn't. It dried in record time with Wicked Fast, and wore well with barely visible tip wear and no chips. I haven't tried removing it, but I wore my double base coat combo, so I'm not worried about stains.

Tallulah was part of the Ooh-La-La collection from Summer '09; you can buy it for $8 on the Art of Beauty site and I bet you could find it in person (I found my bottle two years ago at a beauty supply in Potomac Mills). That collection makes no sense to me -- they're all gorgeous, but the color palette and the different finishes weren't exactly cohesive. I blogged Midori last year, and picked up Ginessa and Goldie in last year's Zoya Exchange. I'm going to tell you right now: Goldie is FANTASTIC, and you should get it if you love golds.

In closing, Tallu will be in HEAVY rotation on my tips this summer and if it did not give you a full-on NPBTM Steff, then I'm going to guess you hate blues.

My boyfriend, who loves anything blue, was really into it. I think he laughed at me a little on Saturday when I couldn't stop staring at my nails during the intermissions of the Met's final Live in HD broadcast of the season. I dragged him with me to this movie theater at a high-end mall that serves food and is a halfway point between my apartment and his house, so that was nice. That transmission was Handel's "Giulio Cesare," and while it was fun, I felt it ran JUST A BIT longer than I wanted it to because it was such a nice day outside and I wanted to look at puppies (this mall is also dog-friendly. I MEAN, if you're going to drop $$$ at Saks, you may as well be able to bring your favorite furry friend -- which reminds me, the only Tallulah I know is my friend's sweet pittie).

Later that night on Facebook, this is what B had to say about the opera:

"I don't know much about opera, but I'm pretty sure the one I just watched told the classic story of how Julius Caesar marched into Egypt with his British troops (commanded by a Scotsman) to drive out the Indians and Moroccans.

"However, he was defeated by the evil brother of Cleopatra and left for dead by the seaside. Somehow survived and returned to Egypt with an army of now-undead British soldiers (still commanded by a Scotsman, but I don't think he was a zombie. At least, unlike the others, I never actually SAW him dead) and a formidable force consisting of dirigibles (or possibly zeppelins. Hell, they might have all been Hindenburgs for all I know) and battleships.

"With his zombie army and future weapons he defeated Cleopatra's evil Moroccan brother and his henchman, transformed Cleopatra into Marie Antoinette, and married her in a Victorian wedding that was so awesome that all of the surviving Moroccans and Indians from across Egypt showed up.

"So did the dead evil brother.

"And his dead henchman.

"It felt as if all of this was being portrayed in real time (approximately 3 years) but I am assured it was, in fact, a mere 4 hours and 35 minutes."

Now admittedly, the production was ALL OVER THE PLACE in terms of location and period, and that wedding was not a Victorian wedding, although Cornelia would not have looked out of place at one. NO T, NO SHADE.

But all nitpicking aside, yup ... I'm hitting that.

I am going to end this post with what happens when you go to Costco during Shark Week:

After watching the oh-so-timely "Bitchin' Kitchen" PMScapades episode, I had delusions of baking Nadia's goat cheese brownies. But when I saw this at Costco, I decided it was less effort and told B to stop laughing. I still want to try the goat cheese brownies, though. Let me know if you do.

I was gone all weekend and came home on Sunday to find my mom had whipped out my childhood Easter tablecloth, despite Easter being almost a month ago. But it was nice to see that tablecloth again after so many years, because BUNNIES!


  1. Tallulah is total boner time!! Since you might not know what boner time means the story is that last year we went to my cousin's wedding at Lake Tahoe my guy is good friends with one of my cousin's bf's (seeing as they're one of the only white guys in the family) they play the Xbox all the time. When we flew back to Seattle and got home my guy waited for days for Tyler to get home (they were driving back to Calgary AB), so when he was on the Xbox and Tyler's name popped up, the look of joy on my guys face was hilarious. And out of my mouth popped the infamous "boner time". Now we say it all the time when one of us gets giddy for some stupid reason. Anyways....


    She is such a heavenly color! I LOVE this color! It reminds me a bit of a-England Order of the Garter and Orly Royal Navy, but much better. I loved wearing this color, I should bust it out again!

    And I about died at zombie army and future weapons....so funny!

    1. LMAO, I'm going to have to integrate "boner time" into my lexicon. That's some funny shit.

      Yes! I would say a little more cyan than Order of the Garter, but I totally get it.

  2. Hahahaha, NPB. I crack myself up.

  3. Your photos of this one are amazing - I have heard (and seen) about this one since I discovered Zoya around 09...but I never ordered this one. I got it mixed up in my mind with one that is more lighter blue and no frost in it at all - I found 'that' shade on my 1 and only ever trip that had me close enough to go to an ULTA and they had very little in the store but they had this other Zoya blue that I keep thinking in my mind is Tallulah. That shade when I held it up to my hand looked horrible. Now I know I had Tallulah filed in my mind as this other shade it's not. This is one stunner of a shade I would wear spring and summer - bet it's a great toe shade too!

    1. Thank you! I wonder which one you saw ... Robyn? Breezi?

  4. I own tallulah and am in total agreement!


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