Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NEW: Revlon Coast is Clear

Last Saturday, I bought the first two Revlons I've purchased in over a year, the main reason being that Poshe was the only top coat that I knew played well with the brand. If you've tried Poshe, then you know just how annoyingly stringy, gloopy and uncooperative it is when you're halfway through a bottle. Well, I'm done with Poshe. I needed to find a new Revlon-compatible top coat, but I didn't feel like experimenting with the Revlons I already had.

Then I stopped into a Wags last weekend looking for the new Sinful Shine display (SUCCESS!) and also found a new Revlon summer display containing this little beauty. I'm pretty sure I exclaimed, "OH, SHIT" out loud. (Richmonders, if you too are on the hunt for the Sinful Shines, this Wags is the one on Parham and Three Chopt.)

Four coats with NYC Grand Central Station.

Every time I see a color like this, I have a hard time resisting it because it screams summertime and vacation to me. This polish is gorgeous, which is a good thing, considering that (1) it was sort of streaky and (2) the shimmer didn't pop up as much as I'd hoped it would -- granted, it's been rainy since I've worn this. The shimmer was like a less insane Zoya Lovely shimmer, and also reminded me of two Revlon Summer Romantic polishes from 2011, Sunshine Sparkle and Blue Lagoon. (Which I own, and have yet to try. Oops.)

But yeah. It wasn't exactly a streaky MESS, but although I worked slowly, waited for each coat to dry and used thin coats, it pooled near the cuticle on a few fingers. Hence the four coats -- had it not pooled, three would have been okay. The good news, though, is that it dried with NYC GCS. Sure, it dried sloooooooowly (I sat through one episode of "Breaking Bad" before I felt okay with it), but it's held up amazingly well for over a day now -- minimal tip wear, and it wouldn't have chipped if I hadn't messed with a super stuck container lid.

Coast is Clear is a limited edition Revlon from the Haute Tropics collection (here's a link on Nouveau Cheap, one of my fave blogs!) and it's $4.99. This was my only must-have from Haute Tropics, although Belize, Please almost sucked me in because GASP, THAT PINK.

Anyone else digging this, or hoping another company comes out with a less fussy dupe? I'll probably wear it again, because I'm a glutton for punishment. I went out yesterday to buy a printer cable for work, and the cashier was IN LOVE with this polish, so there's that. I've also been wearing purple for the past couple days, and this looks SO GOOD with purple.

I probably won't see you guys until Friday at the earliest, or, failing that, on Tuesday. HOWEVER, I'm going to see "Iron Man 3" on Thursday night with my parents (hashtag: whatismylife) ... and I will report back to you. I'm glad I get to keep my own tradition of seeing the "Iron Man" movies on Thursday nights. The showing we're going to is at 9, not midnight (I couldn't find a midnight showing in my area), but I know one day I won't be able to go to these things, so I might as well do it and have the greatest fucking time ever, right? Yes.



    I might have to stop at Wags on my way home for this. *drool*

    so good on you!

  2. This is really pretty! I haven't seen it yet in person but I am loving that gorgeous shimmer.

  3. I was going to say this reminds me of Nouvelle Vague, but I think this one must be greener. It looks really lovely on your skintone.

    1. You're probably right -- this looks greener. Thank you!

  4. I've seen this new Revlon collection multiple times, but have yet to pick up something. I love the subtle shimmer in a few of these, but they haven't been enough to draw me in. I think my collection is just getting too big, that I'm getting too picky. It could also be the fact that I hate these old, dated Revlon bottles. Why don't they use the new Revlon Colorstay bottles? Those are more modern looking than these ones.

    With that said, this looks lovely on you! But 4 coats?!? No way! I don't get you and your three coat ritual. That's crazy, girl!

    I didn't realize Iron Man 3 was almost out (I actually don't watch a lot of TV, mostly just Netflix and no commercials!). Now I feel like an idiot! I wouldn't mind seeing it, I've liked the other Iron Man movies.

    And yes, totally take advantage of being young enough to go out and see late movies! I can't do that anymore! We don't even go out to movies past like, 5:00! Me and my guy are a bunch of old farts! We did go out to see Oblivion last night at like 5-ish (it was great by the way), and were both so tired when we got home. So go out and live it up while ya can! :)

    1. My collection IS too big, but my resistance is pathetically low. And yeah, the Revlon bottles are not my favorite, but dear lord, I will take them over the new Orly bottles. Yuck!!!

      The life of a compulsive three-coater is not for the faint of heart. ;)

      Did you see it yet? Oh god, I used to only go to matinees. Now I'm trying to do that again. However, there's something to be said for seeing a movie like "Iron Man 3" at midnight -- the crowd is just much more fun.

  5. Forgo for some reason I thought you were in Virginia beach or Norfolk? Then I see a Richmond shout out? I may have to make a special trip to that wags because the one time I went looking for sinful for someone it was the one near Virginia commons mall and their sinful collection sucked ass! Those new sinful look awesome though!

    1. Oh God no, I couldn't deal with VABeach/Norfolk/Bad Newz/Hampton. Hells, no.

      I realize this is an insanely late reply, but I think those Sinful displays are popping up everywhere now!


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