Friday, May 31, 2013

A tale of hipster heaven and hell + Orly Halley's Comet

I detest posting after noon (I feel like no one reads my blog in the afternoon/evening), but I got home from work way too late last night to finish this post properly, so here we are.

You ever know how it feels when you FINALLY get the opportunity to do something, but then you're a little scared that it might not meet your expectations? This past Monday definitely was a twofer for me -- I wore Halley's Comet to see The Shins in concert. Yeah, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but work with me here.

Let me start with The Shins (or as my mother calls them, The Tibias. *faceFUCKINpalm* Without even knowing my parents, you KNOW I'm their kid). When I first heard "New Slang" on the first season of "Scrubs" back in 2001, I was into it, but didn't think about them again until the first "Scrubs" soundtrack came out the next year -- apparently, 2002 was a formative year for my music preferences. At that point, I decided their debut album, "Oh, Inverted World," was the tits, as was their follow-up, "Chutes Too Narrow."

And then the movie "Garden State" came out in 2004 and this happened, and I was all, "SONUVABITCH."

(source: Le Cinema Paradiso ... in all seriousness, it's a cute Tumblr.)

Let's just admit the MPDG trope is getting kind of tired -- I wouldn't mind so much if it were done well, but it's usually not.

ANYWAY. My point is, I pretty much had to act like I didn't like the band after the movie came out in case people thought I liked them because of the movie. Either way, thanks for that, Zach Braff. (Really, when was the last time the logic of an 18-year-old made sense?) I've continued listening to the band over the years, but I'd kept that on the DL to the point that when I found out they were coming to Richmond, I had second thoughts about buying concert tickets because going meant HIPSTERS.

For those of you who don't know anything about Richmond, it's the hipster mecca of, shall we say, the lower Mid-Atlantic. It was a little annoying when I went to college in 2005, but I can't imagine what it's like now. The idea of being surrounded by hipsters and BABY HIPSTERS was enough to make me decide I'd buy tickets later.

Of course, when I finally decided I wanted a ticket, those fuckers were sold out. So I turned to Craigslist, and a lovely lady was nice enough to sell one to me.

The show was a lot of fun! Yes, hipsters and baby hipsters abounded. (Don't worry, I didn't catch anything.) Strangely, the crowd skewed younger than I thought it would -- I supposed more people my age and older would be in attendance; if they were, they were nowhere near me! I was sandwiched between a bunch of kids WHO WEREN'T EVEN 21 YET, and one of these kids became my concert buddy that night. She was very sweet. I had a good time, though, and it would have been even better if not for, well, Shark Week. (Sorry, truth bomb.)

Know Your Onion!

New Slang

I'm sure you've noticed I like to match my nails to a polish that is loosely lyrically-appropriate. I had a crap ton of options -- first, I thought of wearing Orly Sea Gurl again, but decided it wasn't fabulous enough. Then I put on Orly Spark, and that STILL wasn't fabulous enough, and after texting Madeline and Anna, I changed it to Halley's Comet half an hour before driving down to the venue. Yeah, I guess I'm THAT girl now.

But, I'll take it if it means I'm not a hipster?

Three coats with NYC Grand Central Station, one day of wear.

Have a shload of pictures because I've barely posted all week and this polish deserves a shload of pictures.

I'd say Halley's Comet is pretty fabulous, wouldn't you? (TY, Madeline and Anna!) I don't know why I put off trying it (or buying it) for so long!

Halley's Comet was released in Fall 2010 as part of Orly's Cosmic FX line, and it's a core shade at Ulta. It's super easy to find online, too. It became popular as one of 2010's barrage of Zoya Charla dupes, and although I don't own Charla, I also have Wet n Wild FastDry Teal of Fortune as well as Essence Choose Me! I asked the great KarenD last year about her favorite Charla dupe, and she said she would be least likely to give up Halley's Comet. Clearly, that answer was enough for me to buy it last August, so a belated thanks goes out to you, Karen! :)

Among all the Charla dupes, I think Halley's Comet is said to contain the most green/gold glitter/glass fleck particles, and warms up the teal base color rather significantly on me. When I had a delicious barbecue lunch with B the next day, he actually classified this polish as green. (I love him very much, but I think he might be even worse than I am at classifying colors.) I didn't have any issues applying this; the formula was perfect and it was opaque after two coats, but three gives the most satisfying coverage. I wore this for a day, removed it and reapplied it to take better pictures, when I found (1) SV shrinks something awful with this polish, but it is glassy af and (2) it didn't stain my nails after one day, nor did the glitter particles stick to my skin. Total win. By the time this post goes up, I'll have had it on since Tuesday night with no chips and minimal tip wear. I'll most likely remove this today.

I've done my bit, so I'd love to hear from you about Halley's Comet, Cosmic FX (I regret not getting Lunar Eclipse ... I really want it!), or your favorite Charla dupe. I also hope you enjoyed my sad month of Orly polishes -- you'll see more of them intermittently in the coming weeks, though.

Any Shins fans in the house? How did you come about them? I'm laughing so hard as I'm typing this, but ... do you struggle with hipster problems? While I have a weird affection for Richmond's, I would so not survive in Brooklyn. --I mean, I've known some really lovely hipsters in my time, but man ... I can only take them in small doses.

Bless you, Max Blum. RIP, "Happy Endings."

Oh, and believe me, the irony of my whole "this is how I knew it first and then I almost ragequit" hipster spiel is not lost on me. I can't win.


  1. FUCKING HIPSTERS! This happened to my guy and I last year when we went to go see City and Colour. They were everywhere! And they were so young, they couldn't have been old enough to have heard Dallas' first album in '05. Totally annoying, but whatev, it was still awesome.

    Oh Halley's Comet, such a beautiful polish! I've almost picked up Charla on multiple occasions cause it's just so pretty (and damn Zoya bottles make every polish look pretty).

    1. I have never listened to City and Colour, but they're coming to town. LOL, I think Passion Pit added an extra night because one night sold out. (Depending on my mood, Passion Pit goes from being legit to OMFG NO.)

      I know, I think I love Zoya as much as you do! I have 3 other polishes from that Zoya collex, but I'm too happy with Halley's Comet to even think about Charla right now. Maybe if it gets discontinued, haha.

    2. OMG, you've never listened to City and Colour?!? Dallas Green sings life changing music. I.SHIT.YOU.NOT. I've never listened to music that sings to my soul, but Dallas Green does....he writes AMAZING lyrics! If I had my real computer, I would burn you all his CD's, that's how much I think you need his music in your life.....seriously.....I'm so jealous he's coming to your area! I want to see him again....amazing live!

      Anywhoo (I'm a little obsessed, can't you tell? I want his babies)....Zoya....yeah, my favorite brand! I could totally see myself picking up Charla if was discontinued, lol. Just to have it.

    3. Nope. You should burn me a CD of your favorite songs and send it to me. ;) ;) ;) I drive a lot and have a 6-disc CD changer in my car, so I'm always in favor of new music.

    4. I now feel like I need to get you to listen to changing! (oh, I already said that, but it's true!). I'm using my mom's Acer computer, which I'm pretty convinced is just a tablet with a keyboard, so it doesn't even have a disk drive. But she apparently has one somewhere, so if she can find it, I'm totally burning you a few CD's!

  2. I hate that movie based on the fact that my three of my favorite bands (The Shins, Thievery Corporation, and Zero 7) all of a sudden BECAME FAMOUS after that movie came out. UGH AND THAT STUPID FROU FROU SONG which is dumb to dislike her because um her voice is incredible. Oh and that Iron and Wine cover of Such Great Heights which is so endearing but ASDFJKL;

    I think half the soundtrack featured artists I really liked. And Garden State had to come along and mess it all up.

    I remember hearing Know Your Onion on an episode of Gilmore Girls, and Resolution on an episode of Smallville. This was pre-Garden State SO THERE.

    Funnily enough, when I saw The Postal Service live, the audience was around my age and they were bringing their kids along to the show. THEIR KIDS. It was bizarre.


    1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU'RE RIGHT IT WAS *THAT* YEAR. I know, Imogen Heap has a gorgeous voice, but if I have to hear ~*~there's beauty in the breakdown~*~ ONE MORE F*CKING TIME ... I swear. That also pretty much killed any interest I had in The Postal Service, never again.

      That's where I heard "Resolution"! HAHAHA, "Smallville" is also how I discovered Zero 7. OMG STILL LAUGHING.

      Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. One guy brought his TODDLER to Jens Lekman last October; when I went to see Josh Rouse in April, there was a family who brought their middle school-aged kids. IDK, when I was their age, I was still listening to Disney and my mom's ironing music (classic country, '70s stuffs, show tunes, Henry Mancini, Anne Murray, etc.).



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