Sunday, May 26, 2013

Orly Heat Wave + Sterling Meowlory Archer: One year in the danger zone.

I usually don't post on Sundays, but today is VERY IMPORTANT because it marks one year since B adopted a little grey tabby cat and brought him home. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I can't imagine my life before my precious Sterling Meowlory Archer, but I maaaaaaaay have made B agree to let me take ownership of him in the event of B's untimely death because I don't think anyone else will love him as much as we love him.

Look at this face. How can you not?

Someone's first night home. It doesn't feel like a year ago!

Before I post cat spam, nails! I wanted to wear Orly Beach Cruiser since summertime kicks my general neon pink craze way, way up. However, given how problematic finding blogging time has been this week, I figured I'd better pick another polish that would be easy to photograph if I had a spare 10 minutes. Sorry, Arlyn!

Enter Orly Heat Wave, which is perfect, because the first time I posted about Sterling Meowlory Archer, I was trying to choose between several untried orange polishes.

Three coats with SV. If you guys HATE these pictures, I'll try to re-do them on my next major day off. LET A GIRL KNOW.

This polish may not be a neon, but ... I still like it, even if my hands can get a little too red for it sometimes. I loved that the shimmer was more apparent than the shimmer in Revlon Tangerine, my other contestant in the race for Rach's Perfect Candy Corn Orange Shimmer. (I'm not even going to link you to my post, those pictures were JANK.) It sparkles in low light -- if the particles were larger, it would remind me of Zoya Kimber's -- and I bet this would look amazing with a topper like China Glaze White Cap or even a flakie like Essie Shine of the Times. Hmm. White Cap. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

No lie, the formula for this polish was much better than I thought it would be. It's thin, and I thought it would be watery and runny -- not so. It goes on the nail and spreads more evenly than most polishes this thin do. If you stop after two thin coats, you'll probably have a little streaking, so I'd recommend three for full opacity. Dry time was good with SV; I was half asleep while polishing and used NYC Grand Central Station on my right hand, which was a total mistake. I didn't have sheet marks the next morning, but apparently I scratched myself in my sleep and the GCS on two didn't survive those dents.

Heat Wave was from Orly's High Voltage collection from Summer 2008. I think this all happened a few months before I really got into nails, so I vaguely remember seeing it around. I do remember Charged Up becoming a permanent fixture at Sally's, and I know I ran into Hot Shot quite a few times at CVS. I got my bottle in a swap a couple of summers ago, which is lucky -- it seems to be discontinued as well as a little htf right now. Crazy.

I don't see too many swatches of Heat Wave out there, so I'd like to know what you think.

And now for what you really came for ... cat spam.

B and I don't have fancy cameras, so everything you're going to see came off our phones (every nail picture I posted to this blog comes from a phone). Some of these shots are blurry and terrible quality, but they're some of my favorites.

A visit to ISIS ... how meta! (You're not going to get this unless you watch "Archer." Also, if this cat is Archer, B is Woodhouse, which would make me ... not Dicky, DAMN IT CYRIL.)

When you get a cat a tunnel that lights up, but he'd rather play in this:

And this ...

His "I sell kitty Chanel" face:

One day, B was cleaning and left his chairs up on the table like this. Of course, it is the perfect size to be claimed as a new cat bed.

Kitty, this just can't be comfortable:

(I was 80% asleep and only became aware of this photo because B started laughing. 
Then he dropped his phone.)

A terrible photo of him in one of the bow ties Madeline sent last Christmas:

You might not believe me when I tell you I didn't warm up to this little guy right away, mostly because I am not a cat person. The night Sterling came home, he wanted to jump in my lap, but I wouldn't let him. (I think my exact words were, "Not on this dress, kitty!") I don't live with B, so it took me a little longer -- two weeks? -- to become completely smitten.

We drove to New Jersey for a day last June, and spent the night not far from Atlantic City. This trip was the longest we'd been out of the house since B adopted SMA, and I relished the chance to sleep in a bed with my boyfriend without a cat attacking our feet. The next morning, we headed home, exhausted and sweaty (it was a REALLY hot weekend -- B almost passed out on the way to NJ). I think we skipped dinner to sleep. We crawled into bed, and I remember backing up into B so I could be the little spoon while he attempted to watch "The A-Team" movie. I remember being too hot, so I inched away from him and flung my arms out.

That was when Sterling, elated to see his humans (after dipping into some fresh water and wet food, of course), jumped on the bed and snuggled into the crook of my arm.

"B," I hissed. "This is really cute, but THERE'S A CAT HERE." Instead of helping get the cat off me, B just laughed. I figured Sterling would be over it after a few minutes, so I let him stay. He stayed for a long time, happily purring and purring into the crook of my arm.

And then the darnedest thing happened: As I watched that striped ball of fuzz purr himself to sleep, my heart suddenly swelled a size or two bigger, a size usually reserved for "FNL" episodes or especially moving installments of "This American Life." I'm not sure if it was because I was insanely tired from driving, but I started to feel a fraction of what new moms feel, what pet owners feel for their fur babies. So although he isn't technically my pet, Sterling Meowlory Archer became my fur baby that night.

Naturally, I had second thoughts the next morning when he attacked my feet. But he is my kittybaby.

Being really adorable about stealing my quilt last summer:


Keeping me company while I was sick last November? beginning of December?:

I can't watch "Sherlock" without my little 13-pound heating pad:

The first of many "Selfies with Sterling." My brows were a hot fucking mess that week, SORRY.

When B gets home from work, this cat will run to the door and JUMP UP ON HIS HIND LEGS to rub his face all over B's face. I have no photographic evidence of this particular act, but trust me -- Sterling loves B so much, it's disgusting. (And adorable.)

All this, because one year ago, a friendly, playful boy cat "chose" B by booping him in the nose with his paw.

I'm so glad he did. I love him so much.

P.S. I still don't like cats! In fact, I'm hoping to get a dog within the next year -- SMA is the only cat I WILL EVER LOVE.


  1. YOU LOVE HIM. YOU LOVE HIM SO MUCH. P.S. If you happen to die in an untimely accident as well, I get SMA, right?

    1. "I love him. I love him so much." Wait ... who said it better, me or KStew?

      I will have to get back to you on that. I know SMA will let you love him, though.

  2. First of all.....ugg, love the Archer references. Second, SMA reminds me sooooo much of my tabby boy! There is something about male tabby's that give them such personality. I sleep on my side, and my boy snuggles into my shoulder with his face snuggled into the space between my face and my shoulder. Adorable right?!? Its very obvious in your pics that your boy has lots of personality. Ugg, I love him!! Then again, I'm a cat person! :)

    Anyways, where's the neon pink?!? I would wear neon pink all summer if it was work appropriate. This orange is lovely though. Orange sure is a hard color to pull off. I love the color orange, but I find its a hard one for me to wear, kinda like greens. This one works well with your skintone!

    1. LOL he's not a perfect angel, but his name IS SMA for a reason! Ahhhhh, that's pretty adorable. :) SMA snuggled with B that same way when B came back from spending the night at his dad's. It was the cutest thing.

      We've got all summer for neon pink party times! :D

  3. Aaah, that incredible shimmer! I die.

    Sterling Meowlory Archer remains the greatest cat name of all time--I can't believe y'all have had him for a year now! Such an adorable little face, and I love how he rocks the bow tie (bow ties are cool).

    By the way, super crazy about the elevator pretending it's a dryer.


      Bow ties are cool! Especially on kitties! :) Thanks, Elizabeth.

      He is my best kitty friend and I love him so much. ;__________;

  4. He's adorable. You are both lucky. And you saved TWO lives because when you adopted him, you freed up space for another kitty in need of a home.

    Love the polish, too. I am becoming obsessed with orange polishes.

    1. I'd never thought of it that way. That definitely gives me some perspective. I'm just so happy he's a sweet cat (a big deal because I'm a dog lover).

      Thank you for your comment -- it made my day! :) And if you need any orange suggestions, let me know.

  5. HAHA! Face it you're now a cat person! I totally love that picture of Sterling sleeping in that weird position! One of my cats does this thing with her backleg-puts it straight up near her face and just sits. I call it her yoga pose. I am loving this orange polish!I'ts gorgeous!

    1. No, still not a cat person. This isn't very nice, but if a stranger or someone I didn't like tried to show me cat pictures, I'd probably subtly tell them to f*** off. In all honesty, if B got a dog, I would have tried to move in with him, haha.


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