Friday, May 24, 2013

Orly Sweet Peacock

Oh my God. So much to cover today because I am SO BEHIND ON ALL THE BLOG THINGS. Work was just busy busy this week, which is why I didn't have any time for anything I wanted to do that wasn't collapsing in bed and watching "Dexter" or "Hannibal." (I seem to be in deep with the serial killers these days, heh.)

I'm not sure if I have any readers out in Oklahoma, but seeing the news earlier this week about the devastation caused by the tornado was just awful. I can't imagine going through something like that and wondering if your family is all right. I hope everyone finds a safe place to stay, and a way to move forward with their loved ones.

Second, and this is totally 1st world problems-y, can we talk about new Flickr for a minute? On top of all the advertising issues, pro account issues, Yahoo! issues and general adjustment pains ... I HATE the new layout. I hate the photograph clusters, and I hate the black background. I wish there was an option to switch back to classic view! That would make life so much easier. I've been using Flickr exclusively for blogging purposes for the past two years -- and, before blogging, for NOTDs and personal photos -- so I don't want to find another host gallery service. I'm pretty attached. I know nothing in tech ever stays the same and there's always a learning curve, so I guess all I'm asking is for the white background to come back ... I can learn to deal with the clusters and the rearrangement of the photo notes and tags, but this fucking background. So clunky.

Third, I saw "Star Trek Into Darkness" last Friday and I think I hate it just about as much as I hate new Flickr. There were certain things I was willing to overlook, and right when I was beginning to enjoy it ... NOPE. I'm not going to spoil anything for anybody; I'll just say that considering how much I loved the 2009 movie, I'm very disappointed.

Fourth, SWEET MUTHAF-ING PEACOCK, Y'ALL. It took me forevs to get these photos not just because work was busy, but also because it rained on photo day. And did I mention new f-ing Flickr blows?

Three coats with NYC Grand Central Station.

This is a whole lotta foil. You can see the particles that got stuck to my skin and cuticle after I tried to clean up! But this teal peacock shade is certainly worth it. Depending on your light, it's going to lean either teal-azure or a true teal (see Scrangie's swatch); KleanColor Metallic Aqua appears to be more green than Sweet Peacock, and contains smaller foil particles than Sweet Peacock.

Now. I hadn't used my bottle since I bought it (I know), so it had gotten a little watery during the interim. My roommate remembers her bottle having a thick formula; after rolling mine around, it was good to go. I needed two coats to get this opaque, but I went for that third coat and a couple minutes later, T and I were on our way for some Qdoba (which is so weird when you've been eating Chipotle since 2008, and even weirder when you think about eating Qdoba all through college, 2005-2007). I had this polish on for maybe three days before it chipped on one of my chip-prone fingers, but I kept it on for five days total with minimal tip wear. For some reason, it didn't wear like iron the way KleanColor Metallic Green did, but I'm not complaining.

As you know, Sweet Peacock is one of the epic shades from the epic Birds of a Feather collection. This is a core polish at Sally's, and it's not htf online, so you can venture there. I have Lucky Duck and Nite Owl left ... but I think I'll wear some other Orlys before the end of the month first. ;)

Okay. Any thoughts on Sweet Peacock, new Flickr (ugh), "Star Trek Into Darkness" (punch me in the face)? Do you have any plans for this long Memorial Day weekend? I think I might have to work, but on Monday, I'm going to see The Shins in concert, something I have been dying to do since 2002. I know -- I'm such a closet hipster sometimes. Please don't throw any kombucha at me. I would appreciate it.


  1. This color is so fucking epic, its one of the colors I keep forgetting to wear again. So amazing!

    1. YES! If I had to grab 10 polishes to take with me for a few months, this would be one of them. I think.

  2. Ok pretend I'm smarter than this question-WTF is Flickr? See how old school I am? I have no freakin clue. Anywho, am LOVING this Orly. And I don't watch Star Trek except the originals with The Shat

    1. Flickr is an image hosting site that's been acquired by Yahoo! since 2005. Unlike other image hosting sites such as Photobucket, Flickr has a more community-type feel, and until recently, was a favorite among professional photographers sharing each other's work.


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