Thursday, June 13, 2013

White Cap ALL THE THINGS! (Chanel June photobomb edition)

Basically, this is my credo for summertime nails. Or nails in general. (At this point, I feel like White Cap deserves its own tag on the blog, Y/N?)

This post originally was going to be Chanel June solo, but there were just too many problems with that, the biggest ones being (1) HAZMAT NO TIME and (2) the fact that I went to sleep after slapping on top coat, so I woke up with sheet marks on my left hand. I didn't have time to re-do my nails, hence the emergency White Cap.

Now that I think about it, Emergency White Cap would make a great band name ...

One coat of China Glaze White Cap + NYC Grand Central Station over four coats of Chanel June and NYC GCS. I only would have needed three coats if I hadn't been polishing at OH GOD I SHOULD BE ASLEEP o'clock.

I'm sorry these photos are so washed out, but I had to do it that way to get the color right. :/ While it's fun to look at IRL, it's so merpy to capture.

The only photo that was the most color-accurate:

Purdy. But as you can see, also a photo fail. It was bound to happen after a several-entry streak, haha.

June looks really orange, though. The frustrating thing about it actually wasn't the formula, but the color, which is meant to be a soft orange-y peach. However, once you add top coat, it gets a little more yellow and more in the cantaloupe neighborhood. (I found that Seche Vite turns June into a straight up yellow-leaning orange.) For Chanel prices, I would've thought they'd find a way for this not to happen, but I guess not.

I'm going to attempt to swatch Chanel June on its own one day when I have more time (and sun) to do it properly, but don't hold your breath. In the meantime, let's hope my next mani isn't a total photobomb!

I also have two more manis in my June/July line-up that I know will be getting the White Cap treatment, so check back for them! --Yes, there is a line-up. (See also: Virgo.)

What was your last photobomb? And seriously, does White Cap deserve its own tag?


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