Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fannibal party nails! China Glaze Tart-y for the Party + CrowsToes Purple People Eater

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but then I got home from work late Sunday night (again) and Monday was just ... Monday. So, Tuesday. Hi.

On Saturday, I felt compelled to text Madeline about a revelation I'd had earlier that morning because unless it has to do with my dislike of James Taylor, grits and children, she understands me.

Me (11:39 a.m.): NOTweekend: ChG Tart-y for the Party + a failtacular glitter gradient of CrowsToes Purple People Eater. Officially going too hard on my Hannibal episode viewing

Madeline (11:41 a.m.): I'm watching it right now.

Me (11:41 a.m.): NICE

Madeline (11:42 a.m.): NOTD, a thematically-appropriate Sinful Colors Bleeding Heart.

Me (11:43 a.m.): High five, we win. I almost put on ChG Foie Gras but I wanted pastel.

And that, you guys, is proof we've been going too hard on "Hannibal." Madeline, too. It was 8:40-ish in the morning, her time, when this conversation took place.

But ... how do you not? I haven't been so excited about a new TV show since "The Mindy Project" started, but this! -- this seemed fully realized right out of the gate (I wonder if that's a Bryan Fuller thing, though. His work tends to lean that way). This particular depiction of Dr. Lecter is pretty darn fancy and great, except for the whole "people, nom nom nom" thing. Plus, the guest stars are ON POINT. Eddie Izzard? QUEEN GILLIAN ANDERSON? Bryan Fuller alums Ellen Muth and Chelan Simmons? I die. And if Laurence Fishburne does not get an Emmy nom for best supporting actor, I will get stabby. (But not, like, serial killer stabby.)

And! DID YOU KNOW David Tennant nearly got the role of Hannibal? He only lost out because Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are frans IRL, which makes my fangirlish heart pretty happy, ngl. (The friends thing, I mean.) Sorry I'm not sorry, but when it comes to creeping, Barty Crouch, Jr. < Le Chiffre.

Anyway, until I texted Madeline, I hadn't thought once about the hilarity of these polish names. See, my most confusing "Hannibal" viewing habit is eating while I'm watching the show. Ever since the first episode aired, I've noticed that I always seem to be stuffing my face while the fancy cannibal is doing his thing. 'Sup, subconscious?

I know it's practically summertime, but I'm still behind on wearing my spring collection polishes. Here's China Glaze Tart-y for the Party, a gorgeous pastel lavender creme from the Avant Garden collection (which, IMHO, was WAY more interesting than OPI Euro Centrale).

In "Hannibal," I swear to you, even the BEER is people. (EVERYTHING IS PEOPLE) Now, (1) Hannibal probably would be offended that I don't have an especially sophisticated palate and probably would kill me on those grounds alone, but (2) I really, REALLY enjoyed this orange blossom business. I wish I'd taken more from B's fridge. (I think he bought this back when when he went to Total Wine looking for "Game of Thrones" beer for me, couldn't find it, and got this instead. He's nice like that.)

Anyway, this is three coats of Tart-y for the Party with SV. Sorry for the scratchy top coat, it's an SV hazard. :(

These OttLite pics are the most accurate:

Altered ...

... altered ...

... altered ...


PRETTY GREAT, HUH. I didn't have an easy time applying this, but I suspect it's because my brush was jank, as in it was missing bristles and didn't fan out properly. Other than that, I had no problems until I tried photographing it, because all purples are blogger nightmares. Tart-y for the Party dried QUICKLY with SV, and didn't shrink drastically until maybe Day 3. This polish is actually more unique than I thought (check out this bottle shot comparison at The Polishaholic); it also looks good on everyone! Dudes, if I can find another bottle with a less jankity brush, I'm totally buying it. This polish is 2013 Top 20 material, for sure.

Moving on, here's the icky glitter gradient with CrowsToes Purple People Eater, plus one coat of NYC Grand Central Station. If I wear teh glitters, I prefer them to be a bit chunkier, like HARE Why So Igneous? (A similarly-colored glitter, although I believe that one doesn't have a clear base, and PPE does.) PPE's particles are smaller, hence why I ended up doing the gradient thing.

I was too tired to color enhance the purple glitters -- they're a touch redder -- and the ChG in these photos, but you just saw it. Unlike Hannibal's victims, you'll live.

Apologies for whatever the hell is going on with my cuticles.

Okay. I said last week that I regretted buying Purple People Eater, but I'm rethinking that because this actually doesn't look too awful, although the gradation is more apparent in person. I just don't know that I should've dropped $9 on a polish I don't see myself picking up too often is all. :/ Since I DO have this, though, I'll try to come up with some other layering ideas.

All things considered, PPE is a great glitter, a perfect fit for last year's Halloween CrowsToes collection. Application and dry time were great for microglitter, although I may need some thinner when I use it next. As you can see, the smaller emerald green and royal purple glitters are suspended in a clear base, so you can layer this over pretty much anything anything. (For further exploration, here it is on other bloggers who layered it over Revlon Royal, Misa Dirty Sexy Money and Zoya Caitlin, and Essie Boxer Shorts.) Like I said, I bought my bottle at Llarowe, but it's sold out there. I'm not sure where you'd be able to snag one for yourself. :/ You can check Llarowe's estimated shipment arrival date page, or on Llarowe's PPE item page (according to that, it might be back in stock on between June 4-7, but I'd ask Leah Ann anyway).

*flops over* *puffs cigarette* God, I talk too much. This blog is so TL;DR. If you've read this post, keep going for your reward.

What do you guys think of this layering combination? Tart-y for the Party? (Thanks to ONTD, I'm aware of the Kim Zolciak connection -- you know people are really pushing their 15 minutes of fame when I have no interest in them and I STILL know how to spell their names.) Do you have any layering suggestions for my next go-round with Purple People Eater?

More importantly, is anyone else loving "Hannibal" as much as I am? Dudes, I'm so glad it'll be around for another season -- if it hadn't gotten renewed, my one consolation was that at least the DVD set would've been bitchin'. (I bet it still will be.)

If you enjoy recaps and commentary, my favorite "Hannibal" recaps are Cleolinda's -- the same Cleolinda of the classic "Movies in 15 Minutes" parodies -- you can find them on her LiveJournal. Spoilers ahoy, but they are THE BEST HANNIBAL RECAPS EVER. Also, if you're on Twitter, make sure to follow Winston the Dog and the Dire Ravenstag for lols galore.

Here's a hilarious (albeit grainy) picture of Hannibal Lecter in the Best Office Ever to make you giggle on this Monday morning, because what Monday morning couldn't use one?


(source: Fanpop)


COME JOIN THE PARTY and catch up with "Hannibal" on NBC.com, Hulu, or iTunes. Totally worth it, even if I have to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" just to see Hugh Dancy smile again.


  1. 1) I just noticed this beer was Buffalo Bill's Brewery. LAUGHING SO HARD.

    2) I love this polish. Totes have to buy.

    3) My Hannibal love starts and ends with William Peterson in Manhunter/Red Dragon. BUT I will have to start watching it. After I marathon through all the Star Trek.

    1. 1) YES
      2) YES
      3a) That movie was all right, but I don't remember too much about it.
      3b) YES

  2. "Unlike Hannibal's victims, you'll live."

    Marry me.

  3. LOVING HANNIBAL SO MUCH. Yes. Also love when you do TV manicures, it fills me with joy. The beer is so hilariously appropriate.

    My favorite Hannibal recaps are over at Hey Don't Judge Me - they cause me to weep with laughter. I'm excited to check out the ones you linked! Also fangirling over the David Tennant tidbit, if he ends up on this show at all I will fall over dead.

    1. Aw, thanks! This is just how my brain works and I'm always thrilled when someone else enjoys it. :)

      Eeeeeeeexcellent. Thanks for the link! I love reading recaps, so I'm definitely going to look at that site now. I think David Tennant can be kind of a ham sometimes and that would be TOO MUCH for a weekly show like "Hannibal," but as a guest star, I would enjoy him immensely. Right now I just want them to find a way to bring on Lee Pace, Beth Grant and Kristin Chenoweth. ;)

  4. First off, I wish I understood your references, lol....but I fail! They sound so funny, even though I don't understand them...lol.

    Mmmm...that beer is numers!

    Damn you! I REALLY don't need to pick this one up, but it really is lovely! I know this collection went on clearance at Sally's so if I see it, I will most likely pick it up.

    1. I forgot to add that your gradient looks good! Not icky at all!

    2. Start watching the show!! ;) ;) ;)

      Have you ever had this one? I had a Shock Top raspberry wheat the other night ... wasn't too crazy about it. I enjoy lambic beers, but that was just TOO raspberry for me!

      YES, GET THIS. YOU WILL LOVE IT. But damn you for mentioning Sally's clearance to me! *iz avoiding* Thanks, Angie <3

    3. Unfortunately I don't have Showtime, or HBO, or Stars, or whatever channel its on. We usually just watch Netflix shows (or when shows finally come out on DVD, I buy them (GoT, Sparticus, Dexter)). We actually almost never watch TV, it's usually Netflix or OnDemand.

      I *LOVE* beer. I'm really not picky when it comes to beer and drink almost anything, and when I say that, I basically drink everything, but don't enjoy drinking IPA's : ). BUT, I DO love a good cream beer.....and a good dark, espresso stout.....mmmm....beer.....

      Yup....I think I'm going to stop by one of the different Sally's to see if they have his available on clearance (and I'm kinda hoping they have the new ChG neon's....even though they look so "done" before....I'm seeing more and more swatches, and I now have my picks), cause yeah....I need this. *rolls eyes* thanks Rach! : )

    4. Brief comment because I'm off to bed, but ... it's on NBC and Hulu! You also can go the iTunes route or you can stream it somewhere. You'd have to iTunes/streaming route to watch the 4th episode anyway, since it wasn't aired in the U.S. and was re-cut as a webisode. The webisode was OK, but didn't have the same gravitas as the episode.

      I don't like stouts. IPAs are ... I'm working on them. I'm not super picky -- especially if it's freeeeeeee. And cold.

      I take full responsibility for this addition to your stash. ;)

    5. Oh really?!? I feel like an idiot! lol! Shows you how much we actually watch cable. Good to know, we will have to add it to our list, right now we're working our way through Fringe. Not sure how we didn't pick the show up way earlier! We love it. One of the reason we love watching shows on Netflix is we can watch an entire season in a week. We've been watching like 3 episodes of Fringe every night.

    6. LOL it's OK. TV is my number one hobby, not my nails, which is pretty crazy. ;)

      I haven't watched "Fringe," but I'm saving it for the inevitable period during which I will be so sick I'll be quarantined and forced to be put on bed rest. I have so many shows like that, hahaha.

  5. OK I'm not hip like you younguns, but TL;DR? Not getting the slang on that one! I do love this purple and you aren't kidding about photographing it. My camera makes them all blue, go figure.

    1. Too long; don't read. And helpful hint, Urban Dictionary is your best friend. ;)

  6. Never seen Hannibal but since I have Hulu I guess I'll have to check it out!! Along with the beer :)

    1. Yes! If you have Hulu Plus, you can catch up! :D :D :D I really loved the beer. I'm so glad you're back, Gosia!


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