Sunday, June 30, 2013

Milani Sail Away ... "Dexter," it's been killer

My Twitter/ONTD buddy Chelsea is staying with me for several glorious days, and in a couple of hours, we'll be getting ready to go to drag brunch with some of my gurlfrans. (There will be a massive post about this visit, don't worry. Maybe even a two-parter, I don't know.)

Tonight is also the final season premiere of "Dexter," which has been kicking it for eight seasons. EIGHT. The show definitely has fluctuated in quality and I really don't care about some characters (sorry, Quinn), but I have a weird soft spot for it. A lot of that has to do with marathon watching that show like it was my job back in the fall of 2009, while I was funemployed. My roommate at the time was really into "Dexter," and she wanted me to start it so we could watch Season 4 together. Well, I caught up, and Season 4 was AMAZING. It's been really hard to top, to be honest, and MCH was sick right before? during? Season 5, so I feel like there was a reasonable dip in quality around that period. I do think the show's cancellation was timely, but at least it enabled the creative team to lay the groundwork for Dexter's final denouement. It seems promising, and I don't like it when shows end unsatisfyingly (LOOKIN @ U, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA + BIG LOVE). As someone once said, "Now we don't have to watch this creepy fucker have breakfast any more." (LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO)

I was thinking about subjecting you to my godawful pictures of RBL Killa Red, which I wanted to do for my TV week last October, but they're really terrible, so then I thought ... what about Ice Truck Killer nails? And then I rewatched Season One during an epic crafting marathon last week, and rediscovered this moment:


Without further ado, Milani Sail Away:

Three coats with NYC Grand Central Station.



All I have to say about the color is this: (A) this is a good enough slate blue-slash-navy foil, but it would have made a baller glass fleck, (B) this would have been right at home with Zoya's Surf collection, and (C) in the sunshine, it reminds of the ocean; in low light, it reminds me of denim.

The formula on this polish runs thick, like most foils do, but it's really easy to work with. Dry time was fast. I wore this for two days without chipping or tip wear. Color me IMPRESSED.

I grabbed Sail Away on clearance at CVS last month for a dollar and change, so I'm not sure whether this is an issue of this shade being permanently discontinued, or CVS not carrying it any more. Check your CVS for this polish, or try your luck online -- I found it when I hit the Google Shopping tab, so don't forget to look there, too.

Any thoughts on this Milani? I have three others from this brand, but it's not really one I hunt for often. As I said, I only got this because (1) clearance, and (2) nautical names make me happy. I don't wear makeup, but Milani seems to be a more sought-after drugstore brand when it comes to blush and lipstick; nail polish, not quite as much.

Anyone care to share any comments about "Dexter"? Tell me about your favorite moments, your favorite season, your favorite character (DOAKES, MOTHERFUCKER), worst guest star, lamest plot line (*cough* Season 5 in general *cough*), best kill ... anything! Rewatching the first season, I've been laughing my ass off over how many times Dexter name-dropped Hefty bags. I counted three mentions, but they weren't exactly subtle. I wonder if Hefty ever sponsored the show. Like I've said, it's gotten pretty ridiculous over the years (also, Dexter Morgan, could you be any more sloppy or overly melodramatic??), but I truly will miss it.

Are you doing anything special for the premiere tonight? I'm watching it at my friend's house, and I'm bringing donuts. Totally Dexter-appropriate, yes? I'm so stoked to see Queen Charlotte Rampling on the show. She better slay.

P.S. You have GOT to check out Manicurity's "Dexter"-inspired nail art. SO GOOD!

P.P.S. Please enjoy this article about how Dexter's kill clothes are supposed to be sexy. I've always thought that was the point, ever since MCH turned it OUT during the first season.

P.P.P.S. The Ice Truck Killer was totally into NYC (New York Color) polishes. Watch Season 1 and report back to me. It's cool, I'll wait.


  1. Buahahaha I love the txt!!!! I've never seen Dexter, I heard its pretty good but I don't have HBO! I'll just wait til they put it on Netflix or Hulu or something. Love the polish!

    1. Gosia, it's a Showtime program ... but still, premium cable! I know it's on Netflix as a DVD rental -- I don't have a streaming account, so I couldn't tell you. But those first and fourth seasons are definitely worth it. :)

  2. I was going to say "I think I remember liking this polish", but turns out, I don't have it! *facepalm*, I actually own Beach Front....which is great. I actually really like Milani polishes, the one coat glitters? Great! And they brought greats like Orchidia (OMG, such a great polish!) and Deep Thoughts (such a great vamp!).

    Now Dexter. I love it....but the last two season's have been "meh" for me. I use to be so gripped on the edge of my seat while watching it, but the last two season's didn't have my attention as much (except for OMFG Laguerta!, wow, that was a shock!). We'll have to wait till to watch it as we don't have Showtime, so no spoilers Rach!

    1. Bwahaha, I do this all the time. I have three older Milani polishes, and Sail Away is the only one of the newer polishes I own. I guess when you own one Helmer plus overflow, you just get pickier about what you decide to buy, and Milani never was of "must have" status for me.

      Seasons Five and Six were EXTREMELY Not My Favorites, despite Jonny Lee Miller's best efforts. I'm so excited for this last one, though -- it's off to a promising start!

      And no spoilers, I promise. As much as I love them, I would never do that to anyone!


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