Friday, July 12, 2013

Dior Ultra Violet + Funky Fingers Up All Night

All this talk of wanting "SUMMERTIME ON THE NAILS," yet here I am with ... more purple?

Exhibit A: Dior Ultra Violet, from last year's spring collaboration with German artist Anselm Reyle. Not a unique color by any means, but for the price, the formula is to die for. This makes me happy, because not all purple cremes are created equal and because my stash, circa 2011, was where purple cremes went to die.

Three coats with SV. SO PERFECT.

Last photo doctored just a smidge because, well, purple.

Purple is a horrible, uncooperative color to photograph, so I may have taken a buttload of pictures out of excitement at how good these photos are. I would consider taking this polish with me if I were out of town and needed to do a quick purple mani -- it's that good.

Since Ultra Violet and the other Anselm Reyle Dior polishes were a limited edition release, I'm not sure why the Dior site continues to feature them, only to show "this product is momentarily unavailable." I'll be honest, as much as I love Dior polish, the Dior site itself is BALLS. Bottom line: I have no idea where you'd find this if you wanted it now. Blog sales, I guess?

Funny story about this manicure. I had a spare half hour before drag brunch, and I thought I'd do my nails because Katie was going to meet us there. Look, there was JUST. NO. WAY. I was going to meet 1/2 of The Daily Varnish with nekkid nails! Chelsea chose Ultra Violet out of a bunch of polishes sitting on my desk, I slapped it on, and was grabbing my purse to run out the door when I got a phone call from Katie that went like something like this:

Katie: "Rachel? This is Katie, hi!"
Me: "Hiiiiiiiii! I'm on my way out the door right now. What's up?"
Katie: "I know you said you needed a fifth person for brunch, but THE WEST END BEAR is in my mom's yard right now and she's really freaked out so I'm going over there."

The West End Bear -- or as he was briefly known in some circles, Ron Beargundy -- was a black bear that had been roaming around a few far West End neighborhoods of Henrico County, or heading west out of the city of Richmond. This bear had been poking around a few yards looking for honey food, and found plenty of bird and pet food in several neighborhoods, which was a HUGE deal because bears are highly uncommon in the West End. The bear was safely let back into the wilds of southeast VA last week.

BUT LOOK AT THIS BEAR. I still can't believe it. --Katie was sweet enough to let me share some of these photos with you (thanks, Katie!). I believe she snapped them off her iPhone, and obviously while she was inside the house. Isn't this bananas?

source: both photos courtesy of Katie, via Facebook/text

Look at him going for that feeder! He knew what was up.

So that's the bear, and this is what she missed at drag brunch.

This guy at the table next to us got WAY into it, and it was hilarious.

Ugh, so much fun. Katie, we'll have to go another time! :)

As beautiful as Ultra Violet is on its own, I admit it was a little too plain for drag brunch. Little did I know that I would find the perfect topper for it when I took Chelsea to visit a Five Below a few days later (there aren't any Five Belows in Nashville, I guess). Against my better judgment, I scooped up three new Funky Fingers because I cannot resist a 3 for $5 deal. Nor can I resist things that remind me of those iridescent glitters that floated in the clear plastic dolphin necklaces you would have begged your parents to buy you at the beach:

I realize that was weirdly specific, but COME ON. Any '90s girl knows what I'm talking about! (This is Exhibit B of the purple domination in today's post.)

Shown above is two thin coats. I *think* Five Below also had this in green, blue and pink, but I only had eyes for this purple. Bonus points to Up All Night
for the round glitter (I really love round glitter right now) and for drying quickly and smoothly. NOTE: I do love round glitter, but this is in fact a hex glitter so tiny, it appears round. I only had this on for an afternoon, but I already want to layer this over a medium purple next, or a dark blue. I die.

And to close this post, here are some pretty pictures from Chelsea's visit to Maymont Park on July 1st, after we'd gotten back from Monticello. We got rained on several times that day. It was gross. But we got a LOT done.

Not Maymont, but a mama duck and her four babies at my apartment complex. Awww.

This parking lot trash can squirrel found a french fry. We thought it was funny.

The Italian Garden and Terrace

That's all for today. If everything goes OK this weekend, I'll have a Skinny Dipping post on Monday, and then one last NOTD catch-up post for you sometime next week. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

P.S. I'm dead serious about the glitter dolphin necklace thing. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?!


  1. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about vis-a-vis the dolphin necklace thing. I had one on a macrame hemp choker because it was 1997 and I was in California. I bet it's still lurking somewhere in my parents' house.

    1. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA I used to make hemp/macrame necklaces! Oh my God, I was a Klutz Press hoor.

  2. That Dior! Ughhh.

    I know exactly what you mean! Although, the first thing I thought of were those plastic sleeve things filled with glitter and other shit...I think they were called water wieners? LMAO.

    1. SO GOOD. I regret nothing.

      I remember those, too! I miss you, '90s.

  3. I have NO idea what you're talking about when it comes to those plastic idea at all! lol! Do you remember those plastic chain necklaces that came with the plastic charms you could collect? They were, I wanna say neon plastic. I absolutely LOVED those!

    This is a lovely purple....reminds me of Zoya is it Mira? Or the purple from the Shrek OPI collection.


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