Friday, July 5, 2013

GUEST POST: Reverse glitter gradient by Angie @ Glitter and Unicorns

I hope all my American readers had a wonderful Fourth of July yesterday. Mine was filled with kitty snuggles, which, you know ... not bad.

The second (and final) guest post of the week comes from my friend Angie at Glitter and Unicorns. Angie and I didn't get to know each other until a couple of months ago, but she's like a long-lost nerdy soul sister ... a soul sister who is waaaaaaaaaay more into glitter, video games and beer than I am, which is totally OK, because she can give me legit recs for all those things. It doesn't matter whether they're RL friends or Internet friends -- true friends are the ones you can trust when you want to get drunk, amirite? I'll tell you right now: If Angie's summer beer "recipe" is as good as her glitter gradient guest post ... I'm in so much trouble.

* * * * * * *

Hi guys!  My name is Angie, and my blog is Glitter and Unicorns.  I know, it's a great name, no need to tell me! : )

First off I have to say how much I LOVE Rach's blog.  I may have a slight obsession with it, and have found myself reading old posts for hours ...  I feel like she's my kindred spirit.  She writes her blog how I talk IRL.  I can totally hear her voice through her blog.  I love how us bloggers can create these friendships!

Anyway, I racked my brain as to what to show.  If you follow my blog at all, you know I'm not a nail art person.  I have a short attention span, not a lot of patience, and well, frankly, no talent for it! lol.  But I love me some glitter gradients.  And it's about the only "nail art" I'm ok at!

So what I have for you guys today is a reverse gradient using two of my favorite polishes.  As the base I used Orly's Decades of Dysfunction which might just be my favorite neutral polish ever.  For the gradient I used Sally Hansen's Big Money (I just wanna call it Sexy Money!) which is a fine gold glitter with lavender hexes.  Ugg, so great!

While not the greatest gradient I've done, I love the combo!  The funny thing, is I wore this to work (I don't usually wear anything flashy, cause I always feel awkward when clients comment), and got a bunch of comments (cue the awkwardness!), and a couple people asked me how I did it.  I always think that's kinda funny!  It's not like it was stamping or watermarbling!

I hope you guys like what I created, and thanks for reading!

* * * * * * *

Well, that's GORGEOUS. I LOVE IT. And I'm totally laughing at "Sexy Money." Thank you so much, Angie! (P.S. If you guys are looking for Orly Decades of Dysfunction, it's the same thing as Orly Pure Porcelain.)

And also, Angie's summer beer "recipe," as shared with me in a comment on my Zoya Amy post last month:

Someone try this and please tell us how drunk you got! (As always, please be responsible.)

For all this and more, go visit Angie's blog and give it a follow:

Yay! Thanks again to Naz and Angie for filling in for me and sharing their nails and photos this week -- you ladies are BEYOND rad, and I owe you both a post. :)

Barring any work-related ridiculousness, regular posts should resume next week. Enjoy your weekends, and I'll check back in with you soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this! Great idea on pairing this glitter polish with a nude. I can see a bride wearing this :)

    1. Angie picked some good polishes, right? And didn't think about the bridal angle, but good call.

  2. I will definitely be trying this summer beer recipe.

    1. YES, DO IT. I want to try it before summer's over.


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