Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Pink Wednesday with NARS Anardana + paper crafts


The whirlwind that was my friend Krysi's bridal shower came and went, and sadly I don't have any pictures to show for it. Chalk it up to one of these things:

  1. We were already running behind at around 9-10 a.m. on Saturday morning
  2. The post office is stupid (more on this another day)
  3. Five people were staggering shower times (see #5)
  4. The power went out for 30-40 minutes while we were trying to set up
  5. A couple of guests arrived HALF AN HOUR early while I was running around barefoot and bra-less (don't worry, I was clothed)
  6. We ran out of towels 20 minutes before the party, so I had to wait for Krysi to come back to the house and grab me a towel from the master bedroom before I could shower (her man had gotten back from work and was sleeping, and I didn't want to wake him up)

By the time I was clean and clothed, most of the guests had arrived and I'd missed the window to take pictures of the house, pre-party. I won't lie, that was disappointing, but the important thing is that we brought our A-game and Krysi had a lovely party.

Our matron of honor picked the theme: Southern tea party, but I think we went full-on floral with it -- not that that was a problem for me, since I got saddled with decorations. The maid of honor ordered invites from Etsy. We voted on our favorite designs, and this was our favorite one:

Invites by Silhouette Design, link to this one HERE

We based most of our color motif off that invitation, and because the bride loves pink and polka dots, it was super easy to find a good blend of decorations. Before I show you crappy pictures of my masterpieces, let me show you my NOTWeekend.

If you read this blog last summer, then you know I was jonesing for NARS Anardana pretty badly. I was pinching pennies at the time in anticipation of moving to the apartment I share with Tara, so I tried my hardest not to buy it. One day last August, however, I was feeling incredibly frustrated and went to buy my feelings in high-end polish. I stopped at Dillard's to pick up butter LONDON Scouse, then went to Nordstrom for Dior Shadow (they were out, so I got Poison instead) and noticed there was one remaining bottle of Anardana. Since I'm not someone who needs the polish gods to tell me anything twice, I bought it. I've been "saving" it for a special occasion ever since.

The bridal shower for one of your best friends? TOTALLY a special occasion.

Three coats with SV.

All the polishes from this collection were named for and inspired by Indian spice markets. I'm dumb and didn't know anardana = dried pomegranate seeds. I have THE SIMPLEST palate on earth, and my people don't really use too much of them -- we fry shit -- so thanks, Google.

For most people, the color of this polish might not seem special, but everything else I saw was too warm, too pink, or not opaque enough. IIRC, Essie Watermelon is too red. I think NARS prices have gone up a bit since last year, so I didn't pay $19 for it, but if you love pink, high-end polish and the inspiration for this collection, it's $19 well spent. It's so gorgeous. It even got a compliment from the matron of honor's mom at breakfast!

Anardana had the perfect creme formula -- two thin coats will give you creamy, rich coverage, but as a compulsive three-coater, I couldn't stop there. Yes, the square brush cap is kinda huge, but it's actually easier to work with than you think. It dried super quickly with SV, and I went to bed one episode of "Girls" after applying SV. The only bad thing I have to say about Anardana is that I had two small chips less than 12 hours later, but in all fairness, my hands were going through a LOT. I was cutting things, gluing things, taping things, hanging things ... and let's not forget that my bottle of SV was dying. Otherwise, the wear has been fine. I tend not to wear high-end polishes for several days at a time, but for weekends, they're perfect.

Anardana was part of last summer's Thakoon for Nars limited edition set, but it's still available on the NARS site. (I guess that makes it core now?) I have three more I can blog if you're interested, so let me know.

And now on to the part of the post I'm most excited to share with you ... the part in which I attempt to channel Martha Stewart. I wish I'd gotten better pictures of everything, but with only a month of planning, my priority was MAKING stuff, not trying to style photos of them. FWIW, I do regret not making the time now.

I've been really into paper crafts, but I haven't had a reason to make any. This bridal shower was the perfect opportunity for me to try out a couple of them! Crepe paper kissing balls/pomanders/topiaries are pretty much the perfect craft -- it took me two unsuccessful attempts (and one VERY painful, disgusting glue gun burn) to streamline the process. I can cover a 4-inch styrofoam ball in an evening, or between three episodes of a 40-ish minute TV show.

I spray-painted a vase from the Dollar Store. I thought I'd spray paint more cheap vases, but when I realized I was running out of time, I just picked up small gift pails to put them on. Krysi's mom even stuck the smaller 4-inch balls on wine glasses with ribbon tied on the stem.

If you're interested, I can share a tutorial next month, but I followed the one from Heart Hands Home

Sorry about the mess. Real life, yo.

I'm a little worried about the fact that I know the yardage of crepe paper streamer rolls from different stores, but if I end up having to make more of these for the wedding, that may not be a bad thing. Anyway, the flower balls were huge hits -- every single one of the 9 I made were spoken for. :)

The other thing I wanted to do was to make a banner that Krysi could bring out again for a birthday, dental school graduation ;) , a promotion ... basically, something she could use for any occasion. I decided the phrase "Cheers to Krysi" would be cute, but I had no idea what the hell kind of design I wanted to try.

And then I saw this banner, and said out loud, "She has got to be f-ing kidding if she's charging that much per pinwheel and letter." I mean, I get it. I really do. But for someone on a time crunch and an even smaller budget, I knew I could make it myself.

So I bought fifteen sheets of cardstock (three sheets per color) at A.C. Moore, plus a few more sheets in light pink and white polka dots. I found an amazing tutorial at I'm Lexie and You Know It, and this happened:

Part of the reason I love that particular tutorial so much is because of the helpful tips about measuring and scoring your paper. I made some modifications to the directions (I cut the paper in half after accordion folding it to make a smaller wheel, then used scalloped scissors to cut out circles I'd traced on the polka-dotted paper) and bought some banner lettering, then punched holes in the wheels and strung it together with twine. With enough focus, I got this banner done in an evening. (Scoring the cardstock was a PITA until I realized I needed to do it with a ruler, not measuring tape.)

I got two nasty paper cuts and told Krysi she was not allowed to take that banner down for another week. Here's a shitacular picture of it in her house:

I made a few other things, but those were the only ones I got photos of and the only ones I wanted to share. I hoped you enjoyed this peek at them! If I end up having to make more flower balls for the wedding, I'll definitely share more about the process here -- not that my instructions will be radically different from the ones already out there, but ... why not, right?

Okay, I'm out. The next couple of days are gonna be bananas (Loretta Lynn on Friday!!!!!), so I won't have a chance to post again until next week. While I wait, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Anardana, bridal showers you've been a part of, your favorite paper crafts, and whether you'd like to see Lal Mirchi, Amchoor or Koliary before the end of the summer. I can make one of those happen. :)

Take care and have a good rest of your week, y'all.

P.S. After the craziness died down, B and I had a double-feature movie date on Sunday. We saw "Red 2" and "Pacific Rim" (in IMAX 3D!), and while I think I liked "Red 2" more (not sure who's the MVP, Malkovich or Mirren), "Pacific Rim" is growing on me. If you don't like Mako Mori, Pentecost Stacker and Herc Hansen ... we can't be friends.


  1. We do like to fry shit, don't we! : )

    First off, this color is gorgeous! Love a good pink like this. Looks great with your skintone.

    Look at you all crafty and shit! I'm not crafty at all (though I would love to pinterest would be full of fun stuff if I was). Your balls look great! : )

    I didn't really care for Mako....I dunno what it was, but, just, yeah...sorry! But I was really surprised I actually really liked the movie....I thought it looks kinda lame from the previews.

    And what the eff is happening to my comments?!? I've commented on a couple of your posts, and I know I posted them....and next thing I know, they aren't there. So weird! I

    1. I knew I forgot something, so did you try the summer beer? If you haven't you NEED to before the summer is out!

    2. I tried really hard to think of the foods I actually do like ... and they're all fried. LOL.

      Thank you! I hate Pinterest so I end up bookmarking a crap ton of blogs and Etsy pages, but I do have my moments. :)

      LOL, Mako is 1 out of 3. I'll take it. Remind me to e-mail you this weekend and tell you what I liked best about her role in the movie. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if I weren't delirious from lack of sleep, haha.

      I'm not sure what's going on with the comments, but it's happening to me too. >:( Come on, Blogger!

      P.S. We didn't have time to make summer beer, but we figured with a bunch of older ladies around, it was probably for the best. Another weekend!

  2. You make Anardana look way too tempting. There has to be a similar polish out there somewhere! But it's so shiny and pretty. I love collections with good themes.

    Wow with that banner - how long did it freaking take you to do all those folds?

    I agree with Angie, I didn't like Mako either. I also didn't appreciate that they had Charlie Hunnam shirtless multiple times and didn't even throw us an Idris Elba bone ONCE (although his butt looked good in that suit)!

    1. Aww, thanks! I know. It's stupid gorgeous.

      The folds had to be marked and scored before I could actually fold them. Let's just say that after I did the first three, the remaining 12 didn't take long at all. I did time myself on a pinwheel because I'm insane ... my best time was ~17 minutes. Haaaaa.

      I've wanted to make out with Charlie Hunnam since I was in high school, but with Idris Elba in the mix, I suddenly forgot about those feelings. Now that you mention this, I'm kind of pissed off. LOL. His butt DID look good in that suit!


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