Friday, August 2, 2013

Guest post on Business Lady Polish!

You might know my friend Anna as my enabler and Skinny Dipping partner from our monthly nude polish posts.

She also did a guest post for me last year, so while I'm technically returning the favor, I was still excited that she asked me to write one for her! Visit her blog, give her a follow and check out the post -- it went up on Wednesday, and it's my foray into a brand I've never shared on Stuff before. :)

Have a good weekend, and I'll be back Tuesday? Wednesday? sometime next week.

[NOTE] Anna ended up having to post from her phone, so unfortunately the formatting I'd done in Notepad kind of went out the window. She'll probably fix it later, but until then, just enjoy the pictures! You can click on the photo to get to the post, as well as on the link below.

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