Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Illamasqua Nomad

On Saturday, one of my favorite aunts had her 80th birthday party at my cousin's house in New Jersey, so that was where I found myself after hemming and hawing over the pros and cons of being an unaccomplished young lady in her mid-twenties. I spent most of last week agonizing terribly about whether I should even go (my family is cool -- that side of it, anyway -- but *I* am a hot mess. I look forward to the day when I can see my relatives and ACTUALLY HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? ;____; ).

In the process, Madeline and I had a discussion about power colors. It turns out my power color is ALL THE COLORS, but I had her choose between this Illamasqua and Essie In the Cabana.

It also turns out that I had an okay time up north. The trip was much too short for my liking and Shark Week had me looking like a "melted candle" (my dad's words), but my aunt was delighted with her party, I got to see my cousins and their babies, and I only cried once in front of my aunties, so ... gold star for me.

Pictures first, and then I will tell you why I'd give this polish a silver star instead of a gold one.

Three coats with SV.

Lovely color, no? On that alone, it'd get a gold star. This green is bright and saturated without becoming a neon, and walks the line between mint and jade (depending on your lighting, it could go either way).

Other reasons Illamasqua Nomad would get a gold star:
  1. I got SO MANY compliments on this mani, oh my God.
  2. I wore this for four days with no chips, only minimal tip wear. This hasn't happened to me with an Illamasqua, ever -- I usually get a chip by Day Three.
  3. That color, though!

Reasons Nomad gets a silver star instead:
  1. It might be something about the pigment, but it dries to a near-matte finish, so the formula is a little thick and you have to work a little quickly with it, meaning you don't have too much time to cover up mistakes.
  2. As a result, it didn't level too well, before *or* after SV. (Keep in mind, I was polishing at nearly 1 a.m.)
  3. LOOK AT THAT MESS near my free edges! This is typical of pastels, but SV can work only so many miracles, apparently.
  4. It took a tad bit longer to dry completely than it should've.
  5. I've heard Essie First Timer is supposed to be a close dupe with an even better formula. I don't have a bottle, but I might get one the next time I have money to blow on polish.

But really, I like the color too much to be bothered by a silver star ranking. Nomad was released late last spring/early summer as part of Illamasqua's Human Fundamentalism collection. You can pick it up at Sephora for $17 ... or you can grab Essie First Timer if you'd rather save nine bucks. Up to you, dudes.

So that was my power color for the weekend, out of which two other great things came: My sister and I got made fun of by a cousin for drinking PBR at a party (RVA, represent). The other thing was that we discovered an adorable Canadian magazine my aunt had taken down to NY with her, Chatelaine. Maybe it was the lack of sleep and my predisposition to say "we can't have nice things in 'Murica," but ... I kind of want a subscription now. My aunt lives in Montreal and she is who I want to be when I am older and fabulous and very, very eligible.

Sorry this post was like, 5x the TMI than the usual, but ... have I mentioned I'm a hot mess? (Or that I have to be at work in 20 minutes?) I'd love to hear about your power colors, though, so tell me what they are!

Over and out.


  1. To pick just one as a power color, that's tough. Generally it's the near black red/blue/purple cremes. Although every time I wear a classic red even though it's not my favorite, I do think red feels powerful. And just the magazine website looks like a lot of fun. Too many existing subscriptions to add another one though!

    1. Right? I couldn't even pick one myself! I hear you on the classic reds thing, but the one power color that's really underrated, IMO, is taupe. It's classy, but also kind of unexpected, you know?

      Thanks for sharing your faves with me! :)

  2. I feel you so hard on the getting-it-together front, as you know! My power colors are my Chanel vampies. I think my favorite is Diabolic. I just feel like a powerful bitch when I'm wearing it! Nomad looks awesome on you - I think I'm gonna go for the Essie though because although I love Illamasqua, it drives me crazy how the overcaps don't line back up nicely. And I can't with subscriptions - I used to love getting magazines and catalogs in the mail, but now it's just added clutter and stress in my out-of-control life! Whaaaa! (This paragraph is clearly a mess.) But you've got fab nails, a job, and a great boyfriend, right? So you're not doing half bad!

    1. Oooooooh, I had to look up pictures of Diabolic, but that's a really good one! Vampies are so great -- they're actually the first colors I collected (thank you, OPI Russia), so I totally get it. Taupe is another one of my favorites, though ... it's classy but unexpected, as I said in the comment above. :)

      Aw, thanks, boo! I've been thinking about you, so expect a huge email sometime next week. <3

  3. Mid-twenties?? Aren't you my age?

    And all my cousins have their shit together...except me of course. I feel like such a loser! :P

    I feel like I got this color in the Illamasqua sale I told you about, but then again, maybe I didn't. This would look great with Orly's Sparkling Garbage I found at Sally's for 50% off red tag *wink wink*. I happen to be wearing it now....and I love it! There wasn't much to find at Sally's clearance....lots of ChG textures, no thanks!

    1. I'm gonna be 27 in a month. Is that still mid-twenties? SHOOT ME IN THE FACE, PLEASE.

      I'd feel even more like a loser, except that my sister and I are the youngest cousins in our generation (on my dad's side), so we're the only ones who have to deal with this whole arrested development/recession thing as far as career-hunting goes.

      Nice score! I'm with you, ChG textures = meh. I haven't set foot in a Sally's since maybe March? April? but I really need to buy new bottles of Gelous + Instant Artificials soon, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    2. Jeez, I thought you were 29....now I feel bad! : ) I think I considered 27 late-twenties. Definitely closer to late than mid-twenties....lol!

    3. Nope, just 26 for a few more weeks. If I were 29, I think I would be on psych watch ...


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