Monday, August 19, 2013

One year of Skinny Dipping (With Friends)!!! + OPI Care to Danse?

First of all, thank you to all of you who shared your fainting stories in the comments last Thursday! You have some good stories, some even more traumatic and funnier than mine! I'll respond individually later tonight. Passing out = the worst, but you guys = the best. You do know that, right? I truly mean it.

Luckily, nothing crazy dramatic happened over the weekend. --I mean, I *did* notice on Friday afternoon that I couldn't find my driver's license, so I had to renew it online. SIGH. The last time I actually saw it was last Saturday night, an hour before I fainted. With my luck, I'll probably find it tomorrow or as soon as my replacement gets here, but ughhhhhhh. I can't believe I didn't notice it wasn't in its usual spot (my wallet), and I've been driving around the damn state all week.

ALSO ALSO ALSO. I just realized today's Skinny Dipping post marks ONE YEAR since Anna and I began this joint series!!! I'm so thrilled. Despite my Virgo nature, keeping up with *anything* is not my strong suit, so having a blogger friend to partner with once a month has been helpful. I couldn't ask for a better partner than my Anna. :) If you missed some Skinny Dipping posts or would like to relive them, feel free to browse the Skinny Dipping (With Friends) tag [HERE], at the bottom of this post, or on Stuff's sidebar.

Without further ado, Care to Danse?, the first OPI NYC Ballet I'm sharing on Stuff because OPI NYC Ballet milky sheers 4evah.

This is four coats with SV. Really, you only need three. I'm just special, but you know that.

WAHHHHH, SO GOOD. I picked up Care to Danse? back in March right before Ulta temporarily stopped letting us use coupons on OPI, and figured that if I hated it, it would be an easy swap. Except, well, I'm never getting rid of it.

This is touted as a pale lilac? lavender? sheer, which I certainly can see in the bottle. And on some people, it definitely pulls that way. On me, though? This shit is PINK., therefore, I don't have the dreaded zombie hands I always get with pale purples. \o/

The formula, application and dry time, of course, were flawless. Three coats will get it opaque. I had a bald spot because I was working too quickly, so I added a fourth coat. You don't need to wait copiously in between coats with these NYC Ballets the way you would with most sheer polishes, but at least give yourself two minutes. It makes for an even more flawfree experience, just sayin'.

I believe Care to Danse? and My Pointe Exactly are core; if they're not core OPIs, they're definitely core at Ulta and super ETF online. After I fell in love with Barre My Soul, I didn't think I would want these two, but damn it, NYC Ballet is two for five right now! (I'm not counting Pirouette My Whistle.)

Soooooooo, do you guys care for Care to Danse? (Sorry, I had to.) And Krysi, because I KNOW you're reading this ... would this pass muster as a potential bridal party polish? God, this collection is the tits. I need to save myself the grief and get a bottle of Don't Touch My Tutu! and You Callin' Me a Lyre? already.

Thanks for reading, and especially if you've been following Skinny Dipping for the past year! Here's to another great one ahead. :) I'll get back with you ... uhhhhh ... sometime this week. Work has been a little crazy because last week was the first week of school, and one staff member just went on maternity leave, so ... I guess what I'm saying is: don't be surprised if I'm gone for more than a few days at a time.

P.S. Anna blogged Care to Danse? and Pirouette My Whistle back in March. They look boss on her! And don't forget to visit Business Lady Polish to see the nude polish she's posting today.

K, I'm out.


  1. Mmm.....I love a good jelly sheer! Mmmmmm.....nothing better than the OPI Soft Shades. I know a lot of people hate them, and there's always complaining that they are so "light" and "sheer", but I'm sorry, nothing beats an OPI Soft Shades collection!

    1. That particular collection knocked it out of the PARK. UGH. MORE, PLEASE, OPI!

  2. Ugh. So good. Someone give me a job so I can get all of these.

    1. Give me 9 months to pop out a half-Asian baby and you can nanny for me. BAM.

  3. LOVE IT BB <3

    More More More!


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